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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2016-11-29 19:28
    Appreciate it and hopefully. In lighter news I finally ordered my new PC, once it gets up and running my posts will hopefully be a lot more frequent.

    Pretty much, plus they don't have to deal with the headache and costs of retail logistics and advertisement for an older model game. That's my plan as well, in fact it'll be the first game I get on my new gaming PC once that's installed in December hopefully. Not a bad idea but take you're time enjoying all the various story elements and collectible reading material as some of that ties into CS later on. Yeah, still I'm a bit tentative about CSIII specifically on whether it'll carry the save files from the previous games on all platforms, especially if there's no Vita version, all I'll say is that I CSII had a couple of decisions I hope to see play out in III, plus I hope they continue with the same protagonists unlike what 3rd did with Sky FC and SC as CSII left off with quite a few story elements with that group still needing to be wrapped up that I don't want to delay with a whole new main character. No doubt, but I don't think there's a need to rush too much, make progress and a schedule of completion yes but not to rush, given we're still likely a year away with no firm release date just yet.

    Kay, let me know in your next post what you're thoughts are so we can finally start diving deep into what's going on in RWBY. Hah, I remember doing that exact same thing last year, reminds me I have to finally finish Kabenari among some other series actually.

    Well FFXV is finally out so I guess we'll know all that soon enough though it'd be a shame in Ravus' case given he had some interesting build up until now, and yeah I'd heard it was Ifrit as well though no idea if he's someone else's summon or if he's acting on his own. Maybe you're right but I hope they do indeed have a plan/vision for Blizzard's future going forward since they won't have Metzen to rely on anymore for that, we'll have to see depending on what new story material they come out for the various franchises to get a better sense of that.

    Yeah, if it'd been a full tutorial or a way to give you a taste of Noctis at full power it would have been far more useful, so we'll have to see how the full scene plays out near the end of the game. Personally I hope not and they strike an even balance between the two storylines while merging them both together at times. My thoughts as well unfortunately and why I lament still that they wasted so much time and resources with making a damn trilogy for FFXIII instead. I get that, my regret is we lost out on Stella's unique concept as a heroine and the fresh air she'd have brought to the FF franchise as a whole. Suppose we just have to move on though. And good to hear about the Japanese dub being included, I do hope more games make that an option in general going forward.

    EDIT: Ah, you're uploading FFXV to your channel? Appreciate that, and don't worry about the length of time honestly, like you said this and Last Guardian are the only foreseeable big releases until February. Just let me know when they're up.

    Yeah, though it's early in season 2 and right now there seems to be a lot of tension/build up so who knows how it'll all turn out by the end. Well Loum's something to look forward to anyway, and I mean to finish off Origin by the end of this week hopefully. Still curious as to what new Gundam series Sunrise has in store for us next year.

    Speaking of Sunrise I'm both glad and apprehensive about this Season 3 announcement after all these years, glad that we finally confirmed Lelouch lives even if it did take 8 bloody years, apprehensive as to where they'll take the story and how I'm still not the biggest fan of the Akito CG Knightmares and how that'll translate into Season 3. Just have to wait and see.

    Yeah, but again got to resolve the issues of the present in AoT first and foremost. Still given his intial reaction to all these revelations Eren seems to be having a crisis of faith so we'll just have to see how he comes out of it once the backstory is finished next chapter hopefully. Got it, though not like it matters now that she's dead too other then how it'll shape Eren going forward. And a boring story so I'm fully expecting an all out military clash, at least for now and depending on how the citizens of the Wall deal with the Titan infestation on the island before they can even think of taking the offensive.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2016-11-22 23:32
    Very true, again hopefully Eren manages to tap in to those memories and gives us some closure on that matter. Exactly, so for now let's just consider what the next course of action should be and we'll worry about the ancient past when it's relevant to do so. I think so as well though I do hope it doesn't hamper Eren's resolve to keep doing what's necessary in order to end this. Ah, no I meant Grisha's first wife, didn't remember her name and didn't know what to call her in relation to Eren, sorry for the confusion. Pretty much if the attitude of that fat officer that killed Grisha's sister is indicative of all those Marley mainlanders which based on their government policy toward the Eldian seems to be the case, so it's kill or be killed, or at least inflict a serious enough defeat on the Marley that they'd actually contemplate a real peace settlement on equal and liveable terms.

    Haven't read any of those yet, though I do want to get around to Mistborn eventually, though isn't Wax and Wayne that sequel way in the future of when the first story ends and appears more side story detective-ish? Kay, looking forward to what you think and how well you find the comic format works with White Sand.

    Essentially, and I look forward to seeing Thrawn's plan in action soon hopefully, and makes the wait for Zahn's novel all the more enticing. Hmm, I've never used the file sites before, though mega has always given me less problems with ads and viruses compared to others so it shouldn't be too bad... need to convert the file into a rar though since I got it direct download from a torrent.

    Yup. And cool, do let me know what you think once you get to read the whole thing. In the game, no, from the demo (which was a mix between Fire Emblem and that Darkest Dungeon game party based tactical rpg style) that I saw your character is a totally customizable original or another newly arrived dead soul. The Shard character seems like she'll be part of their other media material as they progress with the main story, though I'm quite intrigued on how that all plays out.

    As with most Persona MC's, still good on him for landing the role regardless. Hmm, I only have the Japanese release listed in February while it says only 2017 for everywhere else so you might have more time with Horizon than you think (speaking of you seen those PS4 live commercial ads recently, is it just me or are they using a few too many games that haven't come out yet to promote themselves? ) Sweet, it'll be cool to hear Jun Fukuyma as well in that case Kay, just thought it was interesting to hear/get more info on the other areas Aloey will be seeing beyond the ones in the game play trailers. Is that so? Do you mean you can do hybrid classes or change in and out between classes mid-game in ME:A? If so then sweet, I always found it annoying you had to be certain classes to get a specific scene or something. Yeah, but it makes sense, it's scary to think about but again all things like how first trilogy ended this was probably be the only thing they could do so no contradictions arised. It's mostly that I can't see Takumi and Megumi (however good they are) managing to take any seats given the destruction of their other fellow rebels like Ryo and Alice so I'm thinking Soma will how to rely on getting the ex-elite ten members like Isshiki and Kuga back into power instead. About what I expected, sad they put Mads behind the eight ball with a limited role like that in the first place but I'm sure between him and Cumberbatch I'll enjoy it nonetheless, plus I plan to watch that new Disney movie Mona with my sister around the same time as well so it'll be a fun way to send off 2016 next month.
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2016-11-22 23:31
    Thanks, it's not much but it's something at least, also enrolled into a job placement program that should kick in once my seasonal position is over so hopefully I find something permanent soon. Eh, that I was generally expecting, but again he can't just do whatever he wants so if they're that bad hopefully they screw up and we have an easier time pushing him out for it, again just got to bunker down for now. Moving on.

    Hmm, you are right but I don't see much point in getting that version it if they didn't also do a Vita version for the 1st game as well and leave that one a PSP only copy, despite the backwards compatibility so I'm sticking with the PC version no matter what now. Still, I suppose this mean's there's hope that the Vita version for 3rd will come out at some point, though it'd be better if XSEED released all three of the HD Remake versions for Vita that Japan did recently and who knows if that'll ever happen. In other news a leaked image and recent comments on Cold Steel III have come out today and put the CSIII tentatively on a late summer/early fall of 2017 release, given it's done so well for them and my own understanding from forum discussions XSEED will likely jump on this immediately and I'm hopefully we'll get the English release sometime in early 2018 at the latest. I hope you catch up with the series a bit sooner than that though, specifically the CS games, so we have something to talk about, I'll try to do that same when I get my new PC finally and play the Sky ones as well.

    Let me know what you think, as I said this 4th episode was very interesting in terms of new context for the RWBY series.

    Yeah, though it was just a rehash of their first artwork poster in a portrait version rather than landscape, here's a link. He does seem to be shaping up to be that though where that leaves the Emperor and Luna's brother is still a mystery, plus the fire god the aged Noctis and co. were fighting in the first scene of the demo. Indeed, well all I can do is sit tight and see what Blizzard has in store for us, a bit worried since Metzen retired but I'm hopeful with Starcraft and Zahn's new novel at least plus all those new online/unlockable comics that Starcraft will get something more story wise after Covert Ops, and Diablo should be fine I imagine, there's no way a sequel and/or expansion isn't in the cards eventually given where Reaper of Souls left off.

    Eh, just one of those brief foreshadowing scenes to hook players as to how we arrive at that point in the game I imagine. The mystical side of the plot has been rather obscure though compared to all the political aspects. Well I don't know what that protocol is for FFXV in this case but I do see a few youtube posters who somehow scored the game early from friends or something so I expect it was the case here, aside from all the early press-release copies Square might have sent out as well. *Sigh* Well I guess it was too much to hope it'd be a smooth transition once they switched out Nomura and went a full makeover into FFXV, at the very least I wish they'd kept him on the story board and stuck with his original vision cause dammit I still miss Stella... ah well, at least the impressions are good overall so it should be fun to see once it's finally released.

    Okay, not a bad strategy, honestly I don't blame you because apparently the director had to pull the writer back from going too dark in IBO's first season ending because he wanted it to be relatively happy, no idea if those gloves will stay on for the second season though so we'll see, I'll keep you posted in any event. And hey, Gundam Origin 4 came out so that's something to look forward to, let me know your thoughts when you get a chance to watch, I'll do the same on my end hopefully by the end of this week once thanksgiving passes. Loum Arc is set for Fall of next year, and will cover 2 volumes worth of material, ending in 2018 apparently.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2016-11-21 13:28
    That's neat, and it shouldn't be that difficult to adapt given how closed off/self-contained his works are within his universe, that's actually what made White Sand such an easy read actually, and I wish him the best. Let me know what you think once you get a chance to check the comic out btw

    To be fair it's mostly been build-up but in terms of Lars' portrayal of Thrawn so far it's been spot-on and something you should check out eventually. Well, before I start talking more about the books did we ever address the issue of getting you Warcraft Chronicle? I admit it's more difficult now that kickass torrents went down and I'm still running into the same trouble of sending the file I do have to you given it's rather large size.

    Cool, let me know when you do, a lot of interesting things to discuss once you do get a chance to read Court of the Dead, which will provide the necessary context hopefully for a lot of their supplementary material. It seems like an interesting world so I hope it receives as much support as possible to keep going.

    Well that's cool, though how much difference shouting attacks or doing battle cries is still to be determined. Yeeaahh, don't think that's happen as fun as that might be, I mean we can only push they whole English speakers in Japan so far I think Sad about the delay but at least it'll give you some time with Horizon now. Oh cool, they have Japanese audio options with English subs? Well there's been a few new trailers for Horizon actually, one with a behind the scenes description about the other environments in the game aside from the jungle/plains that we've seen so far. Yeah, haven't checked out Gameinformer on ME:A either, will probably do that after I finally finish watching Dishonored 2 or something, looks interesting so far based on the trailers even though it's surreal it'll take place hundreds of years after the original trilogy ended, they'll truly be on their own in Andromeda which is a bit frightening, like that they finally showed the default male MC btw. Yup, though as of the latest chapter the stakes got raised pretty high with all those expulsions, wonder if Soma's plan to reverse that will work out exactly as he plans, personally I feel he needs to start enlisting the former E10 members like Kuga to have a realistic shot of pulling it off. No not yet unfortunately, hopefully I will be able to in early December though, can you at least tell me if Mads did well with what he was given as a one off villain?
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2016-11-21 13:26
    Sorry about the delay, ended up getting a seasonal job for the holiday so I've been out the last few weeks learning my trade. In regards to the election and they stuff they'll pull like climate change, I'm worried as well but at the same time again they don't have a super majority so they can't just ram everything through, all we can do is hunker down for the next two years and try to take back Congress by then, and in 4 years kick Trump out. But beyond that I think it's better for us to just focus on our own situations and not think about it too hard. Protests were fine, heated but in control for the most part, I saw them as I was visiting Union Square actually. Moving on anyway.

    Nothing for it unfortunately, the PSP version for TSFC just bombed too much and the Steam rerelease simply did too well for XSEED not to go this route with 3rd, I mean maybe if we're lucky they might rerelease the whole series with that new Vita version (how difficult of a recode would that be btw?) but I'd think the main focus would be to get the Crossbell games over first before they'd even consider it given how much work they had to do the first time to import from scratch. I mean this isn't exactly the same thing but Arksystem kiboshed the idea of bringing Falcom's Tokyo Xandu's recent PS4 version over alongside their English Vita version in 2017 so who knows if XSEED will ever think it's worthwhile with TS, at least in this early stage anyway. Just have to take what we can get right now. Well if they decide to keep the save import feature in CS3 at all then I think it should be fine, since the Vita versions were cross save compatible with the PS3 ones and I believe they can do it with other PS4 games as well if need be.

    Cool, still seem to be doing that as of episode 4 but that was a very interesting/enlightening conversation at the end which cleared up certain mystery's from two volumes ago at least. Still curious about farm boy/Oscar btw.

    Yup, it was pretty sweet along with their VIZ media poster at the end of their panel so all in all a good day and something I can look forward to signing hopefully at next comic con. Yup, and he was in fact pretty cool since he was technically visiting the con with his wife yet still took the time to talk and take a picture with me on the floor after he finished a spontaneous interview, I can see why he stayed on for Kingsglaive while everyone else got replaced with big name actors. Pretty much, enjoyed his Evolution novel for the most part though it left me wondering what direction Starcraft will be going, but regardless I have a sweet signed Thrawn poster and am looking forward to his upcoming novel in March now.

    He should be fine in that case, we saw him in his older version at the beginning of that game/demo (they showed off that specific one you mentioned at comic-con though you could only play for 15 minutes but I'm familiar with it in any event). I'm sure we'll see soon enough if/when Noctis and co go to retrieve the Crystal from the Nilfheim, I imagine it's also part of the reason Regius sent Noctis out along with foreseeing Insomnia's fall. Btw that episode 6 of brotherhood is on youtube, was super short and not all that informative to be honest. Not surprised at the early arrivals, retail stores often do that with big games to ensure proper amounts of stock, and it's not uncommon for them to leak.

    Aww, I found its straight-forward manner and its stark differences from past Gundam series rather charming, and so far as of Season 2 I have no reason to complain visually or story wise, and this is still the same team from last season so I'm feeling confident they can get the job done anyway.

    Well the only way we'll ever get an authentic telling of the true history is if Eren somehow manages to tap in to the First King's memory at some point. Regardless the ancient past doesn't matter anymore, only the present and how the people in the wall correct this ongoing genocide which will be interesting to learn. Yeah it's screwed up but both Eren's mom and stepmom are dead now, there's nothing left but to avenge them. I suppose though I can't imagine the shifters will ever receive equal treatment no matter how much they collaborate, they're just enslaving themselves in the end and that can only ever end one way if they no longer prove useful which the rapidly changing technology of the other countries is pushing them towards.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2016-11-09 23:39
    Again, I think you hit the nail on the head about anti-establishment and change being the primary driving force and if and when Trump falls flat on his face in his ability to do that I'm more optimistic people WILL see that, and I second the Obama thing as well, I'm hopeful since he's out of office that he'll be able to refocus the party and build a more solid platform to encourage the Democratic base to take back the government, they lost this primarily because there simply wasn't enough support coming in from their. My hope is that Trump is flubs this up enough and pisses off enough people that he winds up in the same deadlock everyone was clamoring for him to change, we eventually gets in a decent congress and his butt out of office in 4 years, but that's all we can do about that, best focus on our own situations and lives in the meantime and come back in 2-4 years to try again.

    Okay, moving on from that nonsense because I'm sure we'll have plenty of opportunity to complain about that as will the rest of the country.

    Regarding Trails, I'm inclined to pick up Trails in the Sky, SC, and the 3rd when it comes out in 2017, all on steam once I get my new gaming PC in finally at the end of the year. Based on what I've seen though Cold Steel is definitely still my favorite arc of the Trails series so far though, and not simply because it's my first introduction to the franchise. I'm tempted to buy a Vita just to play CS1 and CS2 though I'm inclined to wait until word on what's going on with CS3, whether we'll be able to import saves, particularly Vita saves, can be used or if they'll come out with a Vita version themselves, again just have to wait and see...

    Yeah, I'm okay with the progress in RWBY so far, just touching base with all the characters, you up to date on episode 3 as well btw?

    Comic-con was great, got into almost all the panels I wanted, saw all the previews etc. including RWBY though just the intro and a clip of episode 1 was shown. No sign of Kara so I didn't get my posters signed despite getting a new one, too long a line and not worth it in my mind. Only thing I regret was not being able to get into the demo for FFXV there, but I discovered that late, though I personally met and got a picture with the VA of Nilfheim's chancellor for the game and Kingsglaive movie which was cool, and I got a signed poster and talked with Timothy Zahn as well which was a highlight let me tell you.

    Regarding FFXV and the Omen trailer in particular I think that one just reinforces the need for Noctis' friends to keep him grounded, since he was alone throughout that trailer and it seems like a vision Regius is trying to prevent at the end, curious as to the nature of the Crystal though since apparently it can talk...

    Enjoying Gundam Orphans Season 2 myself personally, visually I think they've even gotten better. If it was a 13 episode thing I understand but it's supposed to be 26 so I wonder if it's wise of you to put it off that much personally. Anyway, got Origin 4 coming up around the 19th so something else to look forward to.

    Yeah, messed up situation all around especially the latest chapter of Shingeki, wasn't expecting the outside world to be that advanced btw and really wondering what Eren and co are supposed to do with all this knowledge now moving forward.

    It's fine, those stories are mostly still updating so it wouldn't hurt to hold off a little longer, I do hope you get to read Brandon Sanderson's White Sands comic like I commented on before, good series and I hope it gets a lot of sales to keep its follow-up comics coming.

    Really? Thought you would have followed Rebels at least if just for how glorious Thrawn's performance is. Looking forward to the wrap up of Starcraft Nova Covert Ops. the new comics coming for the series, oh and all those new patches for the Legion expansion for Blizzard (yea Illidan!). Also just got Starcraft: Evolution today and can't wait to dive into it and the Warcraft Traveler book not too long ago.

    Oh, oh, if you're interested in a new story world I'd recommend this guide book called "Court of the Dead" which you can learn more about here, it's a new franchise that's trying for a bunch of spin-offs including that book and a game they were trying to Kickstart which they did a demo for at Comic-con, among other things. Technically takes place in our reality with a very interesting twist on the origin of the universe along with the nature of Heaven and Hell, and what the Realm of the Dead is like, etc. Think you'll be very interested if you can find/read it along with all the other spin-offs about that world.

    Thanks for the P5 cast info btw, love it that a machinima star got the lead role even if the protag probably won't speak much, looking forward to it nonetheless though. Anything else you wanted to comment on like the new stuff on Horizon and ME:Andromeda. Or Shokugeki and Dr. Strange etc.?
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2016-11-09 20:56
    Hey Dann,

    Again, sorry I've been offline for so long. Partially it was due to the arrival of new mobile devices I've been quite frankly abusing, another was my frustration by my slow laptop, and lastly just sloth/laziness on my part with some weak excuses to my self about waiting until things like Comic-con or the debut of RWBY arrived for me to report on. But I'm back now and ready to talk if you need it.

    About the Election, I'm frustrated and disappointed as all hell, but at the same time I'm not going to overract as if it's the end of the world either. We've still got a constitution, a checks and balanced government with despite control of both branches of Congress does not command a super majority the GOP can just ram Trumps crazier agendas through if they even wanted too given how alienated he's become from their party leadership, not to mention the Supreme Court, and the minor hope that the mantle of leadership will actually curb Trumps more outlandish actions. Or that he messes up enough that Americans wake up, vote in a Democratic congress in two years to balance said nonsense out and we kick him out in 4 years. Regardless it's out of our hands now so let's just focus on what we can do for our own lives and wait and see. We've survived potentially bad President's before, Bush and Nixon coming to mind, and we'll get through this one because America is about more then any one person in the end and I have faith our democracy is resilient enough to endure.

    Now I do want to get into more cheerful recreational topics, my gushing review of Trails of Cold Steel alongside my interest to check out Trails in the Sky now, RWBY Volume 4, the upcoming FFXV, my time at Comic-con, Gundam Orphans Season 2, the revelations from Shingeki (which is giving me Claymore deja vu btw), whether or not you've had a chance to read some of the manga series I recommended way back when, various Blizzard and Star Wars topics, and anything else you might particularly care to broach. Let me know what you might also be interested in discussing and I'll incorporate that in my full report/response tomorrow afternoon.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2016-09-18 22:19
    Thanks for the updates, sorry I haven't gotten out any responses the past few weeks, been massively distracted by my sudden discovery of the Trails of Cold Steel series, will hopefully get to everything this week now that I've gone through all of the 2nd game that came out in the states this month.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2016-09-02 23:23
    Alright, finally going to finish this one, apologies once again for the delay. In regards to Sunrise hopefully something interesting will come from Code Geass though they really did box themselves in with that story/universe after Lelouch's death I think so I don't see much in the way of expansion after Akito. On more relevant news I edited in some new trailers for the second season of IBO and Origin IV in my second/gundam post, check them out and let me know your thoughts.

    Kay, Masamune is cool I guess, but keep me posted if you find anything in regards to what we'll be getting, I'm still hopeful it'll be the buster sword, gunblade, or Zidane's daggers. So yeah, I managed to catch Kingsglaive as well, enjoyed it for the most part, the plot itself wasn't anything really mind blowing but the movie visually looked great, characters were okay but didn't have a lot of time to elaborate on them as the plot moved forward fairly fast, and unlike a lot of the idiot reviewers I knew what I was getting into and my understanding of the mythos/story elements of FF and background of XV already made the story easy enough to follow for me. Well thanks to the Gamescon demo we know one cameo from Brotherhood is appearing in the form of Gladio's sister Iris, so there's hope for others like Ignis baking or Prompto and Pyrna, Noct's poor diet's already accounted for anyway Also, did not catch that old advisor guy who fought back to back with Regis before getting killed by Glauca was her and Gladio's sister. Speaking of Glauca any idea if he's alive/will make a return in XV, Kingsglaive left his fate rather ambiguous but I hear conflicting reports a character that looks like him has been seen in the XV preview stuff. Also, might need to scratch that about Cor and Noct's father, I just realized they haven't resolved the fight on the highway with the serpent lady demon that crippled Noct as a kid, so I expect episode 5 of brotherhood to eat up that portion mainly. Agreed on Ignis' backstory getting skimped on though at least it provided good insight into his character as the team mom, hopefully each of their solo campaigns along with the game proper can build on them ever more.

    Meh, I think the lip syncing still needs work, along with some of the NPC side character voices but in regards to the main supporting cast like Cindy and Ignis I'm fine, their voices capture the image I had of them, with an outspoken tomboy on the one hand and an intelligent, serious attendant on the other.

    In regards to the push date, yeah, it's disappointing but ultimately one I said I agree with and I'm sticking by that, if it wasn't polished enough yet then it's better to push it back, you can get more time to finish but you can't get the game back once it ends up on the shelves, so it's a small price to pay to ensure all the remaining issues are smoothed out.

    Anyway, on to the gameplay stuff. All the bonus DLC stuff looks cool, glad each part member is getting their own campaign which will be pretty interesting to see, you getting the season pass then? I'm glad to see my fears about party control through the command and combo system are alleviated, and that potential co-op option would be cool, if I ever manage to save up enough for a console and the game etc. let's play together Oh yeah definitely not the full thing, they're I can already tell various bits of cutscenes, dungeons etc etc are completely cut up so no worries there in terms of the games flow being that choppy at least.

    Anyway, thanks for all the info/links really appreciate it and hopefully this delay won't happen again. There are some new things I'm hoping we can get to in the next round after all, like new info on BlazBlue CF that I'm looking forward to.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2016-08-30 23:17
    Hopefully these will be the last one for this session, apologies again for the tardiness. Also, be sure to recheck my first two posts again before pushing send on those responses you've been preparing then, I added in some edits as new info/releases came out.

    Meh, that still doesn't change the fact they've still only got a year, at most, till the projected release date so some kind of marketing needs to show off/assure fans about ME:A.

    Just have to wait for more news on what they'll do with this new Prey then. Oh, that's pretty cool, he certainly sounds like he fits in the setting at least. I doubt it really matters but she likely at least suspected if she didn't know for sure based on the picture. Speaking of family relations, interesting news that a Dishonored comic is coming out taking place prior to 2, and reveals more about Corvo's past and some loose ends regarding long lost family members, I read issue one of the six issue volume yesterday in fact where it reveals Corvo's got a nephew he didn't know about, so I wonder how much if any of this will be in the game now.

    I did a bit more research and Ubi seems to have dug in and rallied its shareholders, so as long as that stands I don't think Viv will get anywhere but we'll see. That's a potential risk, at the same time perhaps they may realize Ubi's mined its staple franchises out like Ubi itself seems to have given the AC hiatus, and thus bank on the new franchises instead.

    I always felt like the gameplay was smoothly integrated with said presentation in LoU though, making it seem like the fight that just happened really did happen before seamlessly moving on to the next cutscene and adding to that immersiveness I mentioned, I also think that was the first time environments could be used so responsively for combat in a game as well, but to each their own. Fair enough. Well, given they have a demo already we hopefully won't have to wait long to see more elements from God of War from more weapons hopefully, which was a hallmark of GoW, considering they have all of Norse mythology to dig through for potential gear now, along with the boy. Really, not even watch? Detroit and its concept look like it'd make a very interesting movie if we're not going to play ourselves. Huh, well the concept/model is cool at least, wonder if they'd actually put the space roman in a game. Well, it's ultimately your choice but I doubt you can avoid open world games given your preferences and that the more interesting titles are committed to that format, heck I think I recall that FFXV will be several times bigger than Witcher 3 somewhere, but hopefully that's just a slight exaggeration given the car traveling element

    Yeah, based on what I've read GR2 is a direct sequel so I'll have to go back and watch the first one before looking at this, something to put on the back burner anyway. Ah, well I was referring to hardware in this instance as I'd expect Nintendo would be in the next generation of handhelds by the time TWEWY2 ever came out. True, but how it functions/the nature of the new system will likely impact any future development of the game. Huh, now that you mention it that's not a bad idea though the sensors will have to be a lot better than in the original, always preferred the stylus when I played.

    FFXV stuff in the next post, hopefully we can both consolidate after that.

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