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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2016-08-29 00:22
    We should also take into account the loss of communications and suspicions regarding the attack might hinder/ground most other forms of transport at Vale as well, and that only someone with real connections like Weiss' father might have the pull to travel at this point, the time lag would only be added by the Grimm constantly harrying RNJR during their trek on foot as well. Well yeah, previously I only meant the time skip was perfect for Yang's physical recovery to where she's used to functioning without her arm anymore, the season itself will be about Yang's emotional recovery which looks like it still needs work given how disheveled she looks now. And both Jaune and the story really need him too right now given where we're at. Oh yeah, of course, I don't know if/when we'll fully explore that in this volume because they might be too much of a game breaker right now, but further elaboration on what the Silver Eyes can actually do is definitely coming. Oh, and see if we can't find out about the other 3 maidens, if we're serious about evening the playing field, plus the fact that they could be in danger from Salem and co as well. Also the RWBY Manga finished its first volume, 2nd volume is supposed to be an original story set between season 1 and 2 apparently.

    Yeah, really enjoying these new chibi episodes now, let me know when you get a chance to go through them. Have also been catching up on Camp Camp as well, it's pretty hilarious and I'd recommend watching it whenever you can find the time for a good laugh

    Yup, went as I thought it would, I hope Eren and co., are properly grateful to Levi for making that call, along with being respectful in regards to the loss of Erwin, puts the Survey Corp in an interesting bind though in regards to their leadership organization... hmm, maybe in an ironic twist Instructor Shadis could come out of retirement to take his former place as Commander. He didn't leave them much choice, and yeah I guess but at the same time there was a lot of other drama involved to make up for it, more importantly I wonder if/how Armin will use Bert's Colossal Titan power. Btw, you read/paid any attention to these spin-off AoT mangas/light novels?

    Well, sounds like he'll have some influence in turning Mordo into the real villain, so Mads will have some legacy anyway in the MC universe, plus it was unlikely they'd have been able to contract Mads long term so best to enjoy him while we can, I'm loving the thought or him and Cumberbatch going at it. Hopefully it turns out well for him, there's a need to reestablish Batman since they're going ahead with the JL concept, this definitely ain't no Marvel movie franchise plan I can tell you that <_<

    I hope they manage the same visual execution regardless, and yea it's a shame but hopefully they'll find a good enough replacement like what happened with Avatar TLAB.

    Nah, they're basically like mini-campaigns to continue the Starcraft story which is fine with me, hopefully the next DLC campaign after this one will be even more interesting. Glad you liked them, you should also go back and check the Lords of War shorts from the previous expansion, they'll actually give you some interesting insight/perspective on the history of Warcraft, tying into similar elements from the Warcraft movie.

    Will save the FFXV comments for my last post.

    Ah, alright, I'd recommend diving into the WOIAF ebook I sent you first before spoiling yourself any further though Oh hey, while we're on the topic of fantasy books have you ever read anything by Brandon Sanderson? He's a pretty well known fantasy author and he just came out with his first graphic novel, White Sand. I'm really enjoying it on my end and its a great beginner story into his mythos.
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2016-08-25 23:47
    Thanks, hopefully this'll be the last time I need to seperate the post and we can consolidate whatever misc. conversation points are left from it in the next exchange.

    That's fine, I don't need anything award winning, in fact I could use less intensity to be honest and would just like something with a cool twist/concept while still being easy enough to digest which Kiznaiver will hopefully be. Yeah, though currently the Twin Star anime's only barely passed the first arc of the manga, so best stick with reading that on your end whenever you get the chance.

    Yup, plus a highschool student that hangs around their family/cafe so some potential romance as well, something to kick back and relax with while promoting cooking more

    Huh, I hope you're right and suppose I'll see for myself once I delve into the webcomic then. Mmmh, even if that were the case the sudden age difference spike/hidden identity could still sever those ties, but I guess we'll see, you're right that this doesn't seem like a downer series but I can't shake the uneasiness that it still might turn bittersweet as well, but I guess we'll have to see.

    Nope, the art will be a nice change of pace and like I said I need some light-hearted highschool romance comedy to cheer me up.

    I haven't delved that deeply enough into the series to be sure yet, it seemed like it last I looked but you never know so here's hoping. Honestly, if none of the other potential LI can't find a relationship/be happy afterwards I'd rather they just form a legitimate harem so that everyone I grow to care for can be happy, but that's just my own peeve because of how incomplete a note most harem series seem to end on.

    Fair warning but TT's also got a alot of elements of Seikon no Qwaser as well, with less over-dramatic theatrics and more comedy while still maintaining quite a bit of over the top ecchi. I might put this on more of a back-burner now that I'm looking back out of it.

    Kay, I'll take your word for it. I'll let you know if any of those other series might be worth checking out later in that case. Also, I've recently gone through the Thunderbolt Fantasy series you mentioned before, it's interesting in any event and makes me nostalgic on all those historical chinese kung-fu movies/drama's my family watch, except with actual subtitles for me to understand what's going on, which is a nice change of pace
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2016-08-23 23:03
    Huh, might give that a shot then though I think I'll start off with some of my other favorite Italian recipes before trying pizza, like pasta and lasagna No, I pretty much concluded the same thing and am planning to do that before she ever moves out, but I likely still won't be able to do as much as she did, I'll make due with what I can though. Yeah, this insomnia thing has really set me back and I've noticed my physique has gotten worst, but I think now that I'm getting somewhat more sleep I can rectify things starting this week, good luck on your end as well.

    True, guess there's no point worrying about it until next year's Gundam/Sunrise anniversary announcement anyway. It's not a good habit though, I end up not getting much done because of my lack of focus in general, so it's something that I need to work on The manga is anyway, and Thunderbolt itself was pretty open-ended in the OVA/movie versions I thought.

    Yeah, let me know when you get a chance to see it yourself. Huh, well I wasn't going to check out Build regardless though I did see the dub for Try get uploaded on kissanime recently so I'll see for myself if it's any good I guess.

    EDIT: New trailers for 2nd season of IBO are out, let me know what you think. Can't wait to see what's changed now and how everyone is doing, Barbatos looks spanking at the least Also, a few more trailers for the last Origin movie this year, looks like it's setting the stage for the Loum Arc beautifully.

    Eh, that's not likely to happen for awhile with Senzamon pushed out and Gin/Jochiro are still MIA, hopefully they can give him that stern talking to when they show up finally. Edit: Scratch that as of 180, though I figure Gin's got something up his sleeves regardless of his proclamation of neutrality. Well, I think that can/will happen in regards to the judging but only when the opponent is of comparably high-skill, you have to back individuality with quality/ability as well however more creative you are after all. It'd possible/likely depending on if/when they're eventually defeated/taken down by our 1st years. Agreed, though that might have just gotten harder now that they've inserted some new blood with Hayama in the mix, I wonder how far Eizan shot up in ranking now that the former is the 9th seat now, kind of shows how backwards/bias Azami's system is given the colossal failure on Eizan's part two arcs ago Getting back to Akira though I wonder what his agenda could be since like I thought Azami's not letting Jun's seminar stay after all, I wonder if Jun might have sacrificed herself so to speak for Hayama's future and that's why he's agreed to join Central since it was her last wish. Yeah, I hope to see more of that between Ryo and Alice in the actual series at some point, and speaking of shipping I'll go back to my previous remarks on by stating that I've never been comfortable about Jun/Akira potential pairing, given the age difference and how she's always viewed him more as a son and how I'm wondering if Akira recognizes the difference in regards to his affection for her, I've personally wanted to see more exploration of Jun and Jochiro's relationship personally where she could end up as Soma's stepmom at some point, but I guess we'll see. Yup, but that's a ways off so we'll have to satisfy ourselves with more small moments like from 175. Yeah, especially that last episode with the fish market part getting cut so much, heck I'm getting worried if Hisako's stargire period will be animated now as well, so I really hope if a season 3 happens that they'll give it more of an appropriate length of episodes. I think so, and I hope you agree with that sentiment as you get further into Altair yourself.

    Edit: Huh, have you read Betsubara #6 and #7 yet? The latter just came out and gives an interesting insight into Rindo and Eishi's relationship.

    Eh, it's the price we pay for something as unorganized/less streamlined as unofficial fan scanlation and reader sites. Trust me when I say you have no idea until you get at least to that chapter 19 point in the story I marked, and that's just to give you an idea of how big things will get. Speaking of how soon do you think you'll be able to start really diving into the series, I'm really interested to get your impressions of the Altair world as you explore more of it. Pretty much, I'm still confused as to where they're going with it but it seems fine for now at least, not a lot of SyaraonxSakura moments or new characters/reintroduced old characters yet though, they're still establishing the premise with the introduction of a new set of cards now.
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2016-08-22 21:19
    Once again, sorry about the delay, just been feeling sluggish but I'll see that I get this finished by the end of this week/Friday at most. On the plus side I've got more to discuss now after seeing Kingsglaive and the new Shokugeki release.

    Thanks, don't know if I've gotten enough of a hang for coding but it's nice to have on the resume anyway.

    Congrats, and I'm glad you found it as enjoyable as I did, and I'm glad they finally semi-resolved that issue. Yeah, though still poignantly sad since Mercedes and Ingway still got screwed the most out of everyone. No I get it, and I'm fine if they leave the format like that but if any series deserved a sequel I think Odin Sphere did, so hopefully the next game they come out with has as interesting/compelling a story line, Dragon Crown was nice but rather lacking in that department. I imagine the schedule's opened up even more now that FFXV has been pushed back so let me know how much progress you make on all that misc. stuff I've sent/recommended along with the remaining games you're wrapping up, in any event I'm going to get started on FE:F next month, got a new credit card I need to spend 500 with to get a 100 back so I might as well get my 3DS now Edit: Thanks for the 3DS news, think I'll hold off after all, I'm closer to my reward goal then I thought anyway. Yeah, I recall now, hopefully you find it useful, but seriously do you have any recommendations as to how to send you a 600+ cbr file for Warcraft Chronicles? Emails impossible and I'm not sure how to upload that kind of format on google drive to share through there with you.

    True, though I imagine it'll still be relatively lengthy, but with the new release for XV you should have enough time to finish LG beforehand hopefully. Speaking of, any concerns now that your time has been halved for XV before P5's release? You haven't struck me as a person who goes really crazy on video game purchases so I would have thought picking up only a few titles over a year would have been manageable, still I'm sure things will work out in any event.

    Eh, if they're going to continue bringing over the Phoenix Wright franchise as a whole though I generally feel it important to not short the effort by leaving certain titles behind, if for no other reason than to promote the series as a whole, hence my gripe about other franchises that do the same such as VC3, but I digress. Suppose your right, a same as the quality on said RPG's is usually quite good from what I've seen on the Vita. Well, that's encouraging at the very least, wish Nintendo the best of luck now, diversifying the market is always a good thing for the video game industry as a whole.

    Edit: And just as I was done ranting about VC3 I just learn they're coming out with ANOTHER game in the franchise for 2017 called Azura Revolution, looks like it's a prequel from when Valkyria were common. I swear if Sega doesn't get its act together and restart importing this series I'm gonna blow a gasket...

    Maybe, but it feels unlikely if they were able to do HD for VII but not IX, which is the real problem with this, going back to my previous complaint about short changing the effort, if you're going to do something go all the way I say... Same, it's a different look given how little we see of Bruce as just himself, much less getting to play as him, and same here though it'll be a fun watch on youtube at the very least. True, but until VR builds on those steps I think we can move on for now.

    Good stuff regarding the Blue Dragon news, it's not a confirmation but it gives me renewed hope for Lost Odyssey. We should a keep an eye then on how they go about adapting it for BC, like you I hope multi-disc's won't be necessary but we'll have to see.

    I would expect/hope it would, most RPG's do, even action ones, especially if they cut down on Aloey's commentary. Collectible journals would be nice as well, such as those from Uncharted and the LoU.

    Makes sense, as I've said before just do what works for you and let the chips fall where they may and work themselves out.

    Fingers crossed then, in any event I'm fully expecting they'll do justice by Thrawn's character whatever happens. At least a couple more seasons I think, Clone Wars got 6 for pete's sake, and with 5 years between then and a new Hope I imagine Disney can keep it going however long they want as long as it's popular.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2016-08-12 20:25
    Thanks for all the updates, sorry I've been delayed, got insomnia this past week for some reason so I'm sleeping late and am usually tired during the daytime, will get responses up tomorrow though
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2016-08-06 00:45
    Sorry, meant to get this out earlier but got stuck with paper work for various things

    Fair enough, shouldn't judge ME:A when it's still relatively early but I'm still apprehensive thinking back to DA:I. Ah, I'd forgotten Pre-Yavin works also fell under the Legends label now, okay I don't have a problem moving on in that case. Agreed, on both counts.

    I'll take your word for it, in any event let's just hope this reboot is interesting enough in its own right then. It is a little jarring but I think the voice itself works very well, as for admitting Corvo's her father I suppose they see no need for pretenses after so many years have passed with Emily on the throne.

    I'm still going to say MS was probably my least favorite of the conferences.

    That is a worry though I won't get too anxious since Ubi seems determined to fend that off, and whatever happens at least these specific new games will be coming out, and if Vivendi has any sense/wants to make a profit on Ubisoft going forward they'll continue developing these new titles, should they really acquire the company anyway. Eh, that's what showcases are for, to get feedback to work out bugs/kinks in the mechanics, and I doubt all the social media aspects were implemented

    I'll admit the gameplay/mechanics of LoU weren't revolutionary but it blended well with those other great elements of the game enough to make it a really immersive experience. Same here, the ax already looks pretty cool, and hopefully we'll be able to put the kids new skills to use ourselves in certain segments of the game, plus the boss fights should help shake up the gameplay significantly, especially if we get to fight that Dragon. It can't hurt, Detroit looks like it's got a lot of potential so hopefully other writing perspectives will help the game realize it. Yeah, that sounds like Kojima, and speaking of being weird and complicated you see his company logo trailer and development videos? Never knew the guy had such a bit thing for whales <_<

    It's pretty sad, but I think we've dwelled enough on Nintendos' failings, let's move on and just hope they do better next year :rollseyes: Sounds complicated, between cartridges and a hybrid model I wonder what kind of games it'll play in that case, suppose we'll have to wait and see. Fair enough, anything in mid to late 2017 that could obstruct BotW once you get the February releases out of the way?

    That's encouraging, is a sequel where I need to know the story of the original GR or can I potentially just skip right to GR2 when it comes out? I don't disagree they had an interesting group but in my mind XII kind of wasted them and their potential, X felt more dynamic in terms of character development and stories for each member. I think so, whether Nintendo will actually commit to a sequel to TWEWY is yet to be determined though. I think it's a good enough guess, but you're right, just have to see.

    True, though given there's a patch going in day one I hope/expect they'll try to stay on top of it, but again we'll just have to see when 9/30 roles around. Almost always does, execution is the key to all success/failures in the end, just have to hope it all works out in any event.

    Amen, so moving on.

    No prob. And it's fine, family made their peace with it years before it happened as her memory started to slip, but it was good to catch her one last time before it came. Enough about that though, got to focus on our own lives now so moving on.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2016-08-03 22:32
    Fine, then I think we'll just go with the assumption that they'll stick to the previous season format of the past two Volumes until shown otherwise, moving on. Well I think that depends on how often they get sidetracked by these errands like helping this village out, and if they stick purely to walking the bulk of the way to Haven. Yeah given it's been only 6-8 months I think that's just the right amount of time to start the season with Yang's full rehabilitation/recovery. I doubt that'll ever happen if he wasn't when they started this journey but I do expect Jaune to be much more serious/focused going forward. In any event it'll be cool to see how else Ruby and the others can apply their semblances as new situations come up, like these new Grimm threats/species for example. Well, let's just establish what Jaune's semblance is first before getting ahead of ourselves on what he could potentially do with it going forward

    Take your time, they're not going anywhere but keep them in mind if you ever need your mood lightened

    I'll keep you posted when it does.

    Practically yes, but story wise Armin's younger and has more potential for growth, along with having much less emotional baggage tying him down then Erwin, but we'll have to see. I don't think it'll go that far given we just resolved a civil war but I expect this will stay with either or both Eren and Levi whichever choice is made with potential consequences in the future. Sucks Reiner survived/won;t be available to get intel from since Bert's going to be eaten soon, it all comes down to the basement now in order to salvage something worthwhile from this endeavor beyond plugging Wall Maria, which is a superficial victory if/when the shifters recover and come back. Meh, I'm finding stuff here and there, so I'll manage emotionally, moving on.

    Yup, very pumped for the Strange movie now though I'm curious if you know anything more regarding the villain from the trailer? Bah, I'm only expecting weird things when it comes to JL/DC related stuff, only mildly interested in WW just cause I wonder what the WWI angle is about. Just have to see then if Zemo pans out into the villain I hope he'll become.

    Oh btw, Samurai Jack is finally getting its concluding season, with ironically a time skip involved. Supposedly it's going to be pretty dark which I'm okay with but primarily I'm thankful they're just finishing the series at last.

    True that, glad he's doing more big named titles now between this and the new Thrawn novel. Speaking of Starcraft though Nova Covert Ops Mission Pack 2 came out, had some interesting twist/setup with some surprise characters returning which makes me look forward to how they'll conclude the story. Yup, so keep it in mind when you want to start diving deeper into the Warcraft story, at the very least I'll let you know my own thoughts when The Traveler comes out.

    Yup, all we can do is wait and see what the finished product is at this point, so best stop worrying about it until then. True, but best not dwell on them, if it happens great, if not oh well, still have the rest of the game to play. Still, do we have any word what the initial tribute weapon for NA is at least? Yeah, apparently around the 8/16 here in America, though I likely won't go as the downloadable/streaming version will come out 8/30 this month anyway, so not that long a wait. I'd rather expect a cameo mention like that for all of them, Prompto as we go further along the road trip. According to wikipedia she's being saved for the 6th/exclusive episode that ties back to the first along with the Platinum Demo dream sequence so likely not. I could see either Noct's dad, or that grizzled guard captain they meet in the game, sticking with the theme of brotherhood anyway.

    Very cool in that case, glad they managed to incorporate him so smoothly into the story and he'll make a great rival to Noct. Hah, if he does have his own agenda he'd justify the Char Aznable vibes I'm getting between their sisters, serving people who are/were his enemies, and challenging our MC. More so in Kingsglaive than in the game itself I think, which means he'll fit right in considering the makeup of the English VA cast Also, how far are you into GoT/ASOIAF I didn't figure you'd know who Jaime was yet

    Bah, I told you to forget about it! Ah well, the images I've seen of the new Voltron aren't too bad so we'll see if it redeems the franchise then, moving on though.
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2016-08-01 01:19
    Sorry, had to add a separate post for my anime list, got long winded in my descriptions. You can just condense this back to a few comments in the previous post

    Heard the same thing, definitely got to get back to that along with the rest of my previous list, I'm also tempted to add that Kiznaiver show to my 'to watch from spring' list as well. Also, freaking Sousei/Twin Stars is getting 50 episodes, making me think I've got no choice by to watch it now just to see some of my favorite moments from the manga animated.

    Now as for my definite summer list, I've got:

    Amaama to inazuma: Cute/relaxing slice of life to change the pace up. Manga's still ongoing though and is relatively low-priority for me.

    ReLIF: I'm interested in the premise like you and have been skimming through the web manga, but since it's short at 13 episodes and the manga is ongoing with a possible downer ending given everyone from the MC's class is supposed to forget him after the experiment it'll round out my low priority list alongside Amaama.

    Kono Bijutsu-bu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!: The manga's been on my to read list and fills my highschool comedy romance series needs. Plus it's about drawing/art, which should be interesting.

    Masou Gakuen HxH: Fills my ecchi fantasy/scifi harem guilty pleasure quota, plus I like the silver haired chick who seems to be the frontrunner to win the MC.

    Shokugeki S2: Obvious

    Taboo Tattoo: the manga/story is actually pretty solid like, like high school Ghost in the Shell or Full!Metal Panic with deadly magic/physics bending powers instead of mechs/androids. You've got spies and international politics in an alternate history world that's a bit more engaging and visceral than say Mahouka was. Definitely recommend you check this series out at some point, anime or manga, and maybe buy the licensed volumes as well which I plan to do eventually.

    I've got others on my maybe pile, Tales (which I really should watch the game before the anime I think), Qualidea Code whose character designs I like but will wait to see if its ending bombs before having it fill my serious high school magic combat needs, and finally Nejimaki which should fit right up my alley, smart male lead in a fictional historical world trying to navigate the political waters, but said male lead has a... vice that I find rather annoying and thus have put off reading the manga counterpart for awhile, also I don't like the art of the anime so much but we'll see if I can get over that at some point.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2016-08-01 01:16
    Yeah, that seems like a safe enough dish to start with. Yeah, but even if you have to aim smaller you should still be able to find a manageable enough pizza recipe on the web somewhere maybe. It's only worst on my end since my mom shops in the local Chinatown a lot and I have no idea which places she shops at, nor even some of the ingredients she uses cause she can't pronounce them in English, so I guess I'm going to have to say goodbye to a lot of my old staple dishes at some point Yeah, it kind of got shelved these last two weeks just cause I was in such a rush to finish my projects but HOPEFULLY after this week I'll really be able to devote myself to getting into better shape

    Exactly, though once again I won't mind a different anime adaptation set in the U.C if they decide to go that route as well, and yes I'm still talking about 0081 <_< Oh yeah, definitely in agreement with you there, I've had a basic outline in my head for awhile but something always kept me from putting it to paper, happens with a lot of my stories, fan or original unfortunately Mind I throw some of those story ideas I have in my head to you? If someone else confirms they're solid I might be more confident in finally typing it up. You know I kept thinking the same but Thunderbolt keeps surprising me with how many people I was sure were dead but keep making it, we'll have to see but I'll let you know once the manga reaches its end anyway.

    True, in the meantime I'm enjoying the dub more and more now that the cast has expanded with Naze's Turbines getting introduced.

    Yup, glad it all worked out then. Well, based on their release schedule for all the previous series and their sequel/new seasons in the franchise they've been pretty good in getting a new series out within a time frame of 1, maybe 2 years at most so I'm pretty confident things will probably be ready by the end of 2017/early 2018.

    Well, as nice as showing those examiners up was it hopefully looks like Centrals going to finally get out the big guns in the next round, though we'll have to see, the E10 both former and current is still noticeably absent after all. Eh, it's one of these eternal questions about order/security versus freedom/creativity, even if you have some notable exceptions in skill it's the rebels example that's the problem because it could poison the well as it were from the standard Central wants to set for all chefs, period. I know, and I'll settle for some cute/interesting romantic development along the way if they save an official declaration of a relationship for the end, peeved as I am with that route a lot of the time. Yeah, I've tried to scour the internet for any spoilers/info but all I've found is the ones on the animesuki forum which say Alice sent Ryo to disrupt a cooking competition for the right to be engaged to her and he won handily, now no ones officially acknowledged they're engaged and the two of them don't seem to be aware of the implication but since Ryo did technically win, well... the implication is definitely there anyway. Probably, though I could also see him (and Erina) traveling around the world and learning more about food for awhile, like his dad before him along with being in keeping with Soma's mantra of wanting to explore the frontier and experience all the flavors out there going back to the first chapter. I hope so, I'm definitely noticed some glaring cuts/editing in the anime and can feel how rushed the episodes are becoming, though that they cut in stuff from the 2nd OVA episode into episode 5 makes me more optimistic they'll address the daycare chapter at some point. Yup, and why I'm jumping fully on board the Altair series for my fictional medieval politics/warfare needs.

    Understandable, and what I generally like to do myself. I would advise that you set a minimum goal of chapter 19 for your run through of Altair as well, oh and use this link for chapter 19 itself though: because for some damn reason the link I sent you has a misplaced page for that chapter. I'd also advise reading chapter 35 on kissmanga as well, as they have a slightly more updated translation, otherwise stick to mangatraders for everything else as they have the better collection of scans for this series IMO. He's definitely a complicated guy, and someone to keep in mind of even as you read further and the cast of characters just starts to explode. Well, Cardcaptors has always been more mellow than Tsubasa, and given the current plotline it's not that dissimilar from the second Card Captor movie actually.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2016-07-30 02:10
    Okay, well that was a lot of ball busting these last few days to get my project in but I did it and now I'm set for my new certificate and to finally get to my responses

    Cool, let me know what your final impressions are when you reach the end, especially that added epilogue I mentioned I know, and I agree it worked as an ending though I always felt it was a shame there'd never be an opportunity for sequels for OS because of it, good as its spiritual successors in Murumasa and Dragon's Crown were in their own right. Well I hope things have cleared up for you via your schedule as I'll be sending over WOIAF via email to you now. Still trying to figure out what to do about Warcraft Chronicles though.

    I'll keep it in mind as I mull over the decision, for now I'm going to worry about just managing to get the hardware to play any games first though. Probably not, though I'm a bit curious if you might get RPG worn out running through the gauntlet of XV, LG, P5, and now Horizon Speaking of have you figured out what you'll be doing about LG in October?

    Yeah, though I'm still peeved they're not doing that for more games in the franchise like that prequel Meiji era version of the game, would have been fun to shake things up with a new cast of characters. It'll all depend on what new games developers decide to do on their own in terms of pushing the envelope for the Vita, and that could become more of an option the longer Nintendo keeps stalling in regards to their own handheld I would think.

    Oh, of course they didn't use HD in the Remastered version, I mean it's not like that kind of thing isn't half the damn appeal/hope for rereleasing older games*sarcasm* <_< Yeah, once again not something either of us will probably get into no matter how many slapped together games they throw at us, but speaking of Batman at least Telltales new title got a trailer finally, looks like a very interesting combinations at the very least. Eh, well given they haven't perfected the gaming aspect I imagine we're still several years away before seeing any other applications for VR fit for mainstream consumption. Ah, found out it was just a official mod for Ark: Survival Evolved, still a cool concept though.

    Well as I said, I don't we've got anything to really fear based on what we've seen, if it's not good which I still think it has the potential to be then it'll at least be average, which should more than allow for the other aspects of the game to shine through as you said, but honestly based on what we've seen so far I really don't think Horizon won't at least be on the Tomb Raider reboot level story wise, and that's not even factoring the unique setting the former has going for it. Agreed, though I once didn't mind so much as I was hungry to devour any new lore and insight into Aloey's world, but I understand it's not for everyone so will settle for less comments in that case.

    Oh wow, they're really pricing 2.8 as if it were a full game? Definitely youtube then.

    Yeah, well like I said I hope said trend will include 0081 at some point <_< Hey, you've got a long road ahead of you and if the opportunity to play it isn't available now then I'm sure one will come in the future at some point.

    Understood, do what you think works for you in the end.

    Regarding Rebels you can't believe how happy this makes me, including the new book and seeing how this Thrawn is incorporated I'm now also hopefully we might end up with an in cannon scenario where Thrawn lives since I think it was said somewhere that this Thrawn definitely has his own agenda in regards to working for the Empire, so I'm crossing my fingers that Thrawn does an Empire of the Hand scenario and abandons ship prior to Return of the Jedi. Regardless the 3rd season of Rebels is looking sweet, Ezra's leveled up which helps his character development tremendously, and I cannot wait for Fall now

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