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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2016-07-04 14:18
    Yo, higher quality version of the trailer is out, can actually make out the sound/words! Get it while it's hot!
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2016-07-03 18:54
    Thanks for all the info, will hopefully get my full responses up after 4th of July. For now though I wanted to give you this link to the full trailer Things be looking pretty good I think
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2016-06-26 15:33
    Nah, that's fine, hopefully we'll recompress after getting these comments out of the way.

    Eh, I was expecting that after all the bombshells they dropped last E3, so I'm fine with it.

    EA: Pretty much since we don't care for sports games. Oh, thanks for the link, will definitely comb through and discuss that in greater detail in our next posts Regarding the glimpses from ME I'm liking the progress with the Frostbite in the case of facial animations looking a bit more flushed and detailed than in DA:I so that's good. Yeah, shame but hopefully we'll get more news regarding the SW stuff later in the year (keep wondering if/when they'll finish Force Unleashed III already), so moving on. Titanfall's always been one of the more intriguing shooters to me and I like they finally added a campaign at least.

    Bets: Same regarding ES:Online and Quake, though I do know Quake has a lot of fans and was happy they finally got a semi-sequel at last. Don't know enough about Prey for me to judge one way or another if you're right so we'll see. Wait, what? You were all up for Dishonor 2 with me, what happened?

    Microsoft: Meh, I prefer to see hardware in action versus people telling me about it <_< Same on Scalebound, though btwn that demo and FFXV I don't know wtf Microsoft is doing ReCore was somewhat interesting, I grant you, though nothing groundbreaking. Figured they'd get around to releasing Gwent, hope it does well now that Witcher is over. Meh, only care about BB for fighters. Gah, keep WHF away, I hate playing games like those Meh, on hardware talk over a year away. Overall a very meh conference for me besides GW4 maybe.

    Ubi: I wish WD2 all the best but the new direction isn't really my thing. Me neither regarding SP but I like the movie reference theme and think anyone would appreciate it even without knowing much about SP or having played the previous game, it's a game to think about if you're just looking for something funny/interesting to play in your spare time. I'm getting more and more excited about For Honor, especially as we dive deeper and develop it's storyline.

    Sony: Complete agreement about GOW, and the liking the change in direction, much more indepth then I thought possible for the franchise and interested in seeing where it goes now. Same on Days Gone, very impressive but I'm kind of zombied out right now. Am also looking forward to finally seeing LG in action this fall as well, hopefully it won't conflict too much with FFXV for you though. Yup on Horizon, Feburary looks to be a busy month all around Echo your thoughts on David Cage though I respected what he accomplished with Heavy Rain despite it's limitations at times, but Detroit also intrigues me, I'm actually glad they're building off that previous tech demo of theirs finally and am looking forward to seeing where it goes. Agree on REVII even though, again, it's not really my thing. Don't really know what to think about Kojima's new title at this point. I'm hopeful about Spider-man, a little weary about super-hero games not involving Batman but like you I respect what Insomniac has done and look forward to what they can with it.

    Nintendo: Zelda stuff was cool, I'm fine with the level of content they're putting into it as it'll help differentiate the title from others in the franchise, still not sure how I feel about the combination of the Windwaker polygon look but I'll manage.

    I keep hearing about Gravity Rush 2 though I don't know much about the series. Agree with all your other points. Well at least they're aware about the clamor for TWEWY sequel, so hopefully they put some more thought into it once they get all their other immediate projects out of the way. Good to hear about VIIR, hopefully we get to see some more of that progress later this year, along with more info about whether this episodic thing is happening or not.

    I've been doing my rounds with the XV trailers, most of them do look pretty dang good so far. In regards to the comments coming out, most of what I'm hearing involves bugs with the combat, not anything fundementally off as of yet, and Square swears up and down that they slapped the E3 stuff together and doesn't reflect the finished build, so I'm going to hope/pray they take the criticism and use the next two months wisely to polish/smooth out those bugs before release, otherwise I feel it'd be better for them to push the release (like Tabitha joked/wanted) then potentially bomb because it really wasn't ready, but I'm gonna hold out hope that they're aware of those consequences. Cool to hear about the magic fusion, and I think that the Wait mode will help add more dimension to the game but that needs to be paired with a more integrated command/coordination system with the companions I hope to see in the full version of the game like the snippets of combos shown in the previous trailers.

    Well I'm surprised you didn't mention the hype around Nier I'm hearing
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2016-06-25 18:50
    Well, I think I'm right but we'll see if they make any actual changes to the schedule at RTX soon enough. I'm somewhat optimistic you're right on that count given once again how they ended Volume 3 with so many questions up in the air. Speaking of I do wonder if they might depict the full road trip to Haven with various stops along the way (that village Ren and Nora wanted to go to in Volume 2 comes to mind) before they even reach the city at the end of the season, but we'll see. Certainly would make the fights more special when they do come in that case while allowing the focus to be on the story progression.

    I'll do my best to try and get a firm commitment either way if there's real interest to make the fighting game angle work or not if/when I see them. That does sound like an option, lord knows they've got enough prequel and side story stuff to make refocus on with BB <_< Well that's gameplay, I'm talking about the mess that is GG's story, but moving on.

    Yeah, can't wait to see what kind of fun antics they get up to now with the new cast

    Yeah, another 2 weeks and we'll see what the fallout of all this turns out to be I suppose. Well, to be fair to Eren this one didn't come as a total surprise in this case given what he suspected based on Armin's plan. Yup, so here's hoping Levi makes it back in time.

    I don't doubt you're right but in regards to Strange I do think based on what we've seen they'll do a bang up job making the concept of magic feel unique/different. I hope so, he's one of the more interesting villains in that he literally uses his brain as a weapon. Yeah, but you got to admit it'd be cool to see him wear the purple mask Bah, at most Ronan'd just be mindless muscle for the real bad guy if he was ever brought back, in my view. Hah, I really can't wait for the day Marvel gets F4 back now if that's Fox did with it Hopefully, we'll see if I can make time to watch in a few weeks or not.

    I'll see if I can't do something to compress and send them over to you next week now that my job is winding down and I have more free time. You can get them but they're pretty far in advance of the story and you'll definitely be confused as to what's going on, my recommendation is to hold off on those until you're up to speed. No prob, hope they help. Yeah, has me psyched for things to come in the Legion expansion and continuing Illidan's story. Nah, WoW would get way to expensive in both time and money for me to invest in, plus I'm not much of a group player type of guy so a lot of content would be cut off for me, I'm happy to watch other people play and dig up the lore/story for me which is all I really care about anyway. No prob, it's an interesting angle to take with Starcraft so I'm curious to see where it goes. Yeah, I heard about that, the Traveler, it's a children's picture book but the illustrations are so nice that I'm going to pick it up, and I think you should to since it's supposed to serve as a way to introduce the world of Warcraft to newcomers like yourself

    Yeah, I saw a trailer showing off the full flying mode, looking forward to that

    I think so, but once again let me know how OS looks to you when you get a chance to play. Cool. And hopefully it's the case with you, but let me know if you need any help with the ASOIAF books once you get started.

    Huh, regarding Voltron, guess I'll give it a look then if it's got that kind of crew backing it but anything they put out would be better than the failure of the LAST Voltron Reboot, so it's not saying much just yet
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2016-06-24 00:40
    I've done a bit better in terms of things like pork-chops and salmon dishes but I had help every step of the way and I've forgotten most of the steps involved, I'm gonna be training my butt off once I start living on my own soon I imagine, good thing there's something called the internet to look up recipes Yeah, but like you said it's good she's staying active about her health. Trick is to overcoming/committing yourself to your training regimen even when you don't feel like it, so you don't develop a habit of skipping more than, something to remember when you make your schedule and a reminder to not be like me, hopefully I myself will be able to address that over the summer Also helps to know your drinks for social occasions as I referenced during our wine talks

    I think so too, can't wait to get into the full swing of things in episode 4 and next year with Origin Well the whole point of Origin is kind of to explain how Char became the asshole he was, once again why I liked his regret with Garma in the manga Huh, well I was planning to finally sit down and watch Thunderbolt 4 this weekend so I'll see for myself soon enough. But If you read the Thunderbolt manga I think you might change your opinion because they actually continue the story much further then where they likely ended the series on, while giving the characters a lot more development, plus I was rooting for the underdog in Daryl.

    Indeed, so as I said I look forward to seeing more of her and Dozle in Origin 4 soon. Yeah, I wouldn't say anything really stands out so far in the dub but as I said it works, and it'll be refreshing enough to rewatch IBO with it. Hah, there's your optimism showing again

    Yeah, not since Funimation scrapped their channel anyway. I mean, yeah One Piece and Naruto can be rather gaggy but they also have examples of extreme violence to justify their place on adult swim. though maybe HunterxHunter which is equally violent but maybe lesss bloody (I don't know, I've never seen HxH before) might give some hope for Try, though I still have my doubts it'll ever make the public air waves.

    Ah, well lucky you then, though maybe you can ask some of those stores in Austin if the other major Texan cities support anime/comic industry as well to be sure. Sorry for the confusion, but regardless you've likely got plenty of opportunities in the future to see RTX again once things have settled down so no rush. Yeah, because it's unlikely, possible but unlikely IBO will get a 3rd season so now I'm just curious in general what Sunrise has in store for 2017 Gundam/mecha wise once that's season 2's finished beyond Loum.

    Well, after 171 and as of 172 my hopes for more backstory on the E10 have picked up now that we're seeing both the current and even former members of the Council making moves with the arrival of the Advancement Exams, I wonder what the Central E10's role in the Exams will be and what Satoshi, Kuga, and Megishima will do to counter them and aid our heroes. In any event I like how things have taken a 180 with Soma and Erina's relationship from where they started and look forward to seeing more examples of it evolving to where hopefully it breaches Soma's dense brain, though I figure it'll be awhile before we ever see them in an actual relationship. At the same time, Soma seems so dang honest and unflappable even in dire circumstances that I won't be surprised if the moment Soma ever realzied he liked Erina and that she liked him back he'll just straight up kiss/make a move on her rather then dance around the issue any longer like Erina and her tsundere tendencies would do. Cooking aside, at the very least Erina's got the teacher role down pate, which I very much enjoyed btw, and will be handy if/when she ever takes over Totsuki herself

    Yeah, just give me a heads up if/when you ever get started on those series. Yeah, immediately picks up after Cardcaptor's epilogue, which is fine with me since I'm a big SakuraxSyaoran shipper

    Maybe not so much a cliff-hanger but if it's open-ended they could go either route of continuing or ending the series there, the studio's history and current issues regarding the second season of AoT gives me cause to pause in any event despite Kabenari's popularity, almost to the point that I hope/wish they do finish the series conclusively rather then face the uncertainty the a follow-up season is in the works. What was your list for this anime season again? It's probably on the shorter end based on where I left off but they never confirmed Delta's episode count last I checked, though it has been a few weeks since I looked.
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2016-06-19 18:46
    Well, glad you enjoyed it at any rate. Ah, sweet, that should make things easier with OS:L since you can play it whenever though now I'm remembering we were debating whether you wanted the convenience of playing it by getting it as a handheld or if you wanted the HD experience on the big screen with your PS4, you sure you're okay with missing out on that? Well I think you're underestimating the temptation now given the expansion of OS's skill tree and move sets, the added dimensions to the dungeon layouts, and the meal/fruit leveling mechanic, I mean there's a LOT more to do in this game from what I've seen compared to before. Well, regardless let me know how you're liking OS:L. I've only caught bits and pieces of B&W so far but I can attest to that sentiment so enjoy it when you finally do get to see, hopefully one day I can finish it Same, and trying my friends Handcannon was a highlight. I guess I can understand that though I really loved HR myself and I enjoyed all the things they've kept from that while being excited for what they've now added to this game like the new lethal and non-lethal options along with the vast expansion of the environments from Prague to Dubai. In any event I guess you'll be plugging away at just the handhelds for this summer I take it?

    So basically it's just a way to control when and where you do the grinding? I can dig that even though I personally prefer to take care of leveling along the way rather than try to focus on it at a specific point if I can help it. But your right, in certain situations it can be quite useful so I'll keep it in mind if I ever pick up the Bravely series. Least it's keeping your schedule clear for this fall/winter, at least till February hits

    Hah, I feel you there, thankfully my sis's old external should be able to handle all my requirements when the time comes. Good luck in any event, and I think you'll marvel at how convenient the drives are.

    Well, all we can do is wait and see regarding handhelds, it's likely not going to be an issue for a few more years in any event.

    Ah, sounds minor and comparable to the last two iterations of FF beforehand, and I thought Tidus and Wakka were okay even if they weren't exactly compelling, all in all I'll take that given they successfully pulled off the transition to full CG rendering. Nice for Microsoft I guess, though I'm not really interested in the Xbox and I heard their showing of their VR stuff wasn't that impressive/well-supported with titles to actually play, cool to hear that PC is getting some love anyway and it'll help tide me over in that case Indeed, tell me what you think when you get to that part in OS:L.

    Tell, me about it. Haven't decided yet, I'm going to start doing shopping sometime in early July to see what me options are once I've got my finances finalized.

    Ah, too bad in that case, maybe they added some kind of bonus like skins or portraits, otherwise you're right that it wouldn't do me any good. Sure, I'll let you know if I'll get it ahead of time though I don't know how adept I'd be at a first person multi-player shooter on a PC so we'll see. That's good at least, though they seem to have put a pause on anymore Overwatch lore releases since the game came out, hope something new pops up at least around Blizzcon Well, I hope the realize that, maybe do that cinematic movie people keep clamoring for Blizzard to do, but once again I'm going to wait until Blizzcon at most for any follow up lore.

    Good to hear they did something to change things up anyway, we'll see how it plays soon enough I guess.

    What's got you concerned? The Horizon preview trailer followed/suggested a lot of standard tropes which can be bland I admit but they're usually solid enough ones in most stories that we don't need to be worried about them at this point. and between the setting and the main character I feel more than make up for it in terms or writing, and I've only heard good things from people who've seen and played the demo at E3 who are very impressed with Aloy right now. Suppose you're right, and P5 is coming a bit earlier than Horizon, plus I'm not aware or any big releases after February so you should have a lot of time to work on both eventually.

    Ah well, not that I don't get your sentiment, I dislike these constant re-releases but that Aqua chapter/preview was interesting, guess we'll just catch it on youtube.

    Gihren's Greed does have a cult following here in the States, but yeah Gundam games in general are scarcely ever imported. I can still hope though... maybe <_< Anyway, moving on.

    Edit: Oh, new trailers for Technomancer here and here. The more I see the more I'm very interested in potentially picking this up at some point, sure you might not want to take a swing at it before FFXV consumes your schedule in the Fall?
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2016-06-14 22:43
    Yo, manged to track down some Persona 5 gameplay footage from E3 in case you haven't seen it already here. For some dang reason the atmosphere makes me think of The World Ends With You
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2016-06-14 15:35
    Sounds mostly like bugs and tweaking in terms of his main concerns, did you get that sense as well in the demos' regarding the parry/dodge stuff? The AI thing is concerning though, but I did get the impression based on all the trailers and stuff that we'll be able to initiate combos and at least certain commands with our teammates so I'm hopeful that just wasn't fully realized/taught anymore than the magic system was for this guy in his playthrough of the first chapter and it'll be introduced in the full game.
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2016-06-14 08:40
    Oh no, I wasn't talking about the live demonstration at E3, clearly that was a pretty poor showing, I'm talking about the gameplay in general for FFXV that we've seen (and some have tried) first hand so far that doesn't suggest it's nearly as poor as what was on Xbox. Even if there's some basis for the claims on certain sections FFXV is a big game, I'm finding it hard to believe it's a complete, even just a majority of a train wreck. But we'll get into that during your next round of posts.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2016-06-14 00:56
    I don't get the sense it was nearly that badly received nor looked that bad in the demo's so I think it's fine honestly. And 3 weeks is a long time as well to be calling out gameplay footage that just aired now, live.

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