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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2014-06-28 22:37
    Forward anything you might find that could fit my job criteria. E-mail is if I haven't told you before. Honestly all I need is a position there and my license and I'd be good to go with my startup money on hand. I'm looking forward and dreading that cause I really won't be able to keep away from spoilers while waiting on the web premier.

    I'd go with the grandparents, and while I'm still inclined to think she's her mother I'm willing to entertain an older sister or an aunt possibly... Now that sucks, how late are you working to exactly on Saturdays, I'd think you'd be able to make the 10:30 time before going to bed at 11 instead. But don't push yourself, at the very least you can just stream the dub yourself and see what I'm getting at. Yeah, I've seen, it's pretty good except for the part where even that doesn't have the updated animation cuts I was talking about. I think so too, but I'm getting angsty about season 2 and hope that by mid-next year we get an upcoming announcement for it because by then the Uprising Arc should be done and they should have enough, and in the meantime sprinkle 2015 with OVA's from the prequel stuff. That we'll see animation for those city-fight scenes only makes me more hopeful on that timeline Damn straight, I keep telling that to my sister whose averse to watching the walking dead because of zombies, but far be it for her to listen to me <_< True that, some people complain but anything that adds to the world building is always a plus to my tastes. Gah, the next chapter can't get here fast enough, even if its only a little bit I damn well want to hear what Rod has to to say about all this. I don't imagine that will be the case, as the Reeves exec said Levi's a good guy underneath trying to do what's best for everyone, Historia included and I imagine he'd respect her throne so long as she respects herself enough to earnestly try and fulfill her duties.

    True, but that the same time I like how he doesn't approach it from a stereotypical villain's perspective, I always enjoy characters who use their mind more then their muscle to get what they want. I'm of the opinion Mimasaka will go through Hayama as I think Jun would present an ample target for him and Souma gets Ryo he has no real mental flaws he could exploit given his bipolar personality.

    Amen to that, I never made it past most of the early levels, things came way too fast for me to keep up when I was young, but my sister got through to the bosses once or twice and it was always a thrilling ride along the way. Huh, you put it like that it almost makes me thankful XV is taking so long so they can get it right this time then. Hah, VII is where a remake would really make them money in my view, they've hinted at that so many times and with Crisis Core leaving still so many questions I damn well hope they revisit that universe at some point. I thought that might have been the case, but either one should be an interesting vantage point story wise from what little I've seen of XV as well. You wouldn't, nobody knows anything about it at this point. Amen, can't wait to get more info on it going forward. I've heard on No Man's Sky, Hyper Light Drifter I didn't know of but looks interesting, and Galak-Z seems a little too overplayed with the fighter-shooter aspect. For me, continuing on the 2D trend I'm liking 'Ori and the Blind Forest' the most, it's got vivid illustrations and could have some dynamic play for a 2d game.

    Comes out around the end of October, so get your wallet ready, I recently downloaded the World of Thedas book for Dragon myself and found it quite endearing Gah I wish they wouldn't then, I'd be super peeved to have missed out on dragons in the modern world no matter what happens. Yeah I know, I'll watch if only to see Astrid and Hiccups relationship progress and to hopefully see some more remembering of Stoic Yeah I do, and I consider Damion's situation a minor setback, he's pretty popular I believe, and this IS D.C. Dann, just look at Jason Todd.... True, well hopefully the distance with Superman dealing with Doomsday in his head can help with that problem, personally I in turn abhor the lack of animation of the relationship in any of the planned D.C movies later on. Speaking of, any hopes/thoughts on Arkham Knight? Feel free to put this particular topic in the video game portion of our discussion.

    Sounds good then. I know, I was geeking so hard seeing them dance moves, made me look up the music video animations Monty did for dead fantasy later. True, not going to fault him for that but at some point I hope he does decide to finish that project, forlorn I know but still, at least I hope he gets that Rikku/Ayane fight he had previews of up >_>
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2014-06-28 11:42
    Sorry I'm late, trying to adjust to the new job right now. Still on probation period so I have to get rid of these kinks soon to get a permanent position. Keep the texas option open though, especially if you hear of any writing/journalism/media job down there Right, Austin my bad. I heard about the movie, it's fan-sponsored in terms of a good chunk of their funding, though there recent promotions have been very successful last I heard.

    I was on the fence about that until I started to look at her behavior with Rod, she was incredibly distant from him as well and despite making efforts to save Historia he did not put much effort in doing the same for his beloved 'mistress', coupled with keeping them hidden in the first place makes me think he forced that woman to be a decoy. That's just me though combined with their similar features I'm feeling pretty good about the speculation with that woman. It's on a Saturday though Dann, does your job demand that much from you even on the weekends? Like I said, I hope they include this stuff in the proper DVD releases once I get secure enough financially to purchase them (and when season 2 is announced to justify it long term) Well it was mostly intrigue and talking beforehand, so they do need to start balancing it out with action, I heard complaints by some readers that it was moving too slow and immature stuff of 'when are we fighting Titans again' like they don't even care about the story itself. Right on, I am tired of these secrets and I want some dang explanations finally! On another note I'm looking forward to the change in political landscape with Historia as Queen being able to support the Survey Corp with the necessary resources to finally make a move to retake Wall Maria when/if it finally happens.

    Better put a hold on that Shokugeki cut off cause things got somewhat more interesting according to the latest spoilers. I can't imagine what will become of Takumi emotionally if he loses something so precious to him...

    It was great when I was a kid, that gameplay was repetitve but that stages and designs they took you to gave me hours and hours of fun, it was also harder because I had to start over from the beginning after losing a set number of lives so that was frustrating but it provided hours of long gameplay. Sorry I corrected it as XIII in any event, and sucks if that's the case, what's with American companies that import Japan games and yet AREN'T importing those games eh? I understand, that story can get kind of hard to follow after awhile, especially since they dump you in it right away with no explanation, I learned most of this scouring the Witcher wiki. Ah alright the, I think the company is also working on some kind of post-apocalyptic game called 'everybody goes to rapture' though no real info on it at this point. Gah, enough about my complaints on non-english translation games, nothing for it until they actually come out and I can see for myself on youtube. Last thing I'll say on the Order is I simply hope this generates more interest going forward for steampunk in games and in general if it becomes as big as I hope. Yeah, I'm scouring the net for footage of Valiant Heart right now, something about the 2D illustration that takes me back to my old sega days, where art and illustration made up a lot for technical graphics which I feel are being used as too much of a crutch and hampering creative designs in games now a days. Indeed, any other games coming out that's caught your interest from E3 Dann?

    Bah, I'll subsist myself with stuff they can't cover like the recent background information. I'm becoming a fan of this one historical character, Daemon Targaryean myself, and I can't wait for the encyclopedia for Ice and Fire to come out around next year based on the little excerpts recently released. I hoped not, I always considered HTYD's universe to be separate from ours. Gah, not going to think about it, it'd be easier on me if 2 was the end honestly and I could just move on, minus an prequel episodes from the main cartoon series, though I'll watch season 3 even if it continues off of HTYD2 Eh, I only check in when I visit the comic book store, and only to see how Damion is doing and or the Wonder Woman/Superman relationship since I never minded that pairing personally.

    Thanks man, ah well not like I'm not used to it. Everybody gets a turn eventually, it just as a bit of a wait for some more then others, so just be patient. I'll be on the look out for that, especially since I still don't know when the premier will be after the showing in PAX. Having a weapon built in with no ammo limitations has its advantages. I enjoyed it, since it made the music video at the end possible Rewatch them then, there should be a compilation on youtube for all 6 of them, and if that was the last Dead Fantasy Monty makes it was both an exhilarating way to go and extremely frustrating since it ends on such a big build-up/tease
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2014-06-23 11:45
    Thanks, and let me know how that goes, if it's as fruitful as they say maybe I can get down there for something that pays better, cost of living down there is tempting enough as is. Ah, I remember their headquaters was in Houston now, am I correct? Good luck with that, if you meet Monty and the gang see if you can't get the VA's for Weiss and Ruby to sign this poster of mine since I already managed to get Blake and Yang's VA's signatures on it so that I can get the whole set

    I have some thoughts on that. I'm not sure how she's related to Eren, but it might be in relation to Grisha because I do believe the woman is somehow connected to the government conspiracy. Remember what Erwin's father said about how everyone with information on the outside world 100 years ago seemed to forget, which is why no stories were passed down? That sounds familiar given her display of power on Historia don't you think? Also, I think she's her true mother given Eren's comments on how they look similar and how Historia's 'mother' was so distant and claimed she wasn't her daughter. I thought it was 1 hour backwards from the East Coast in Central Time? Its on at 11:30pm Starudays over here, though adult swim hasn't caught up to the DVD release I've watched on streaming sites. In episode 8 for example they added some animation flashes of the cadets saying their respective lines during the still shot of them walking down the stairs. And in 13 they show a brief flash after Levi rescues the trio from a pair of Titans with them showing Armin asking if it was Mikasa, and Mikasa coming down next to him asking who Levi is.

    I figured that would be the case after all his obsessive profiling ability was shown off, and given he's Eizan's lackey his nice guy routine was obviously an act. Okay then, I think we've exhausted Shokugeki for now until new info appears.

    Heh, mine was the sega genesis, with me playing Sonic the Hedgehog. I'll probably frustrate myself to no end all over again looking to connect those scenes together in Inquisition XIII really set them back though, and given its previous iteration you can see why I'm worried about XV. I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out regardless though given the Nilfheim invasion, part of me supports the Empire over the petty kingdoms of the North honestly, though I don't really care either way. Then it'd make it things too disconnected with the player if they have nothing to relate the civilization to I think. Oh, that's good to hear then. They're working on the Order as well I believe. Yeah, Square's been copyrighting the Vita cut-scenes so I hoping the console version might be able to bypass that when it comes out. I know, and VK 3 has such an interesting and compelling cast which I really like about the series. Ah well, I'll count the blessing we have and consider myself luck the Order's even coming out, the thermite rifle idea is already giving me inspiration. I looked at an image for it, it seems rather cheesy in terms of graphic design and not as serious story wise given how I'm swooning over the Valiant Hearts game from Ubisoft, and that was what I like about Fire Emblem. Mostly it had to do with people feeling that games were just becoming cinematic movies now a days, so I hope the Order provides the blueprint to other developers on that score.

    Yeah, I wouldn't go beyond 6 people max myself for that kind of game, it'd get pretty clunky tactically with any more space wise, 4 is a good solid number in my opinion though.

    Gah, then I'm not going to watch beyond it, the series still isn't as good as the books in my view even if I appreciate the visual display and style. Being the chief now will no doubt add to the drama. Lord knows I won't take anything away from them, but damn I wish it hadn't come to that, it bordered on cruel after 20 years without his wife only to miss the chance to make up for it, I wish they'd killed off one of hiccups friends instead, or Gobber (not Astride of course). Don't remind me, it's why I generally only pop in once in a while to stay current about the universes and characters I like such as X-23, Winter Soldier, and Hank and Tigra's relationship, but never get really in depth on the day to day story-lines.

    Heh, maybe I should join you, my sister just denied me access yesterday. Back to pirating streams I suppose <_< Keep watching, you'll see Luna's progression going forward in one episode of Season 2. True that, can't wait for news this coming PAX on July 6, hopefully the web premier won't be much more longer then another week after that or at least the end of July, the new sneaks peeks already have me drooling in anticipation. Let me know what you think, along with any Dead Fantasy you may have missed. You saw the last one with Kairi fighting by herself right?
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2014-06-21 14:58
    No prob. Good news on my end, I got a job at a jewlery company to inventory their stock and act as a courier. Pays not great but its better then nothing at this point. :P

    I'm actually caught up with the latest chapters of Attack on Titan, so want to speculate on any questions you might have at this point? And have you noticed they added extra animations in the English dub Dann? I also estimate that they'll need at least 9 more chapters before they can do another season. Levi's manga is almost done if they stick to the light novel version and could fit three ova episodes if they expand on Levi's criminal activities prior to meeting Erwin

    Yeah, I'm actually more worried as to what will happen with Hisako given Erina's track record with her representatives that fail her. And boy, things between Isami and Subaru heated up fast... Will be fun to find out when we do in any event. Trust me, you aren't the only one. I would give Shun a slight edge of making it a little more then I would Zenji to be honest. Plus with so many other powerhouses seats are likely to be filled up quick in any event, not a lot of room for the other Polar Star members in my view. Dang straight, ah well, until we actually SEE more of Erina the speculation is rather moot at this point.

    Will file it away for later then.

    I stopped with Nintendo consoles back during the 64 era, only handheld Fire Emblems for me. Can't help it myself, I have to find out the alternative paths and romances for those types of games, its so interesting to compare the decisions you've made. I'd certainly appreciate it on Square's part if the did, God I hope this doesn't flop, I want it so badly to succeed. That they do. Huh, Witcher looked fairly similar to 2 to me, I'll have to look over that again. Can't imagine what kind of advanced civilization would be around those areas of the world to warrant the explanation but we'll see I suppose. Especially on next gen, I'm hoping for major technical improvement for this Uncharted. That's certainly nice to hear. Vita seems closer in technological comparison comparatively so I'm optimistic about the transfer, especially since they've announced it it puts pressure to have it out in time to capitalize on the interest. Feh, guess I'm stuck with waiting for a fan translation on all the nice extra dlc content then. Me too, we don't see nearly as much steampunk as we should given how wide ranging the concept is. That's been a gripe that they want to address though, given how people complain about the length of cutscenes or how its disconnected with the gameplay.

    No, I saw the trailer again, there are 4 opposing players crouched behind cover attacking the group we follow. True that, but its a given under the circumstances of that world, and I appreciate the touch on Ubisofts part to really make it immersive.

    Good luck then.

    I did notice that, though lets move on from L&O now. Gah, don't jinx it! True, though lord I hope they won't need to use it, it'd be a shame not to get the printed version first. Will do. Indeed, currently though i'm reading through the Powder Mage and Long Price Quartet series right now so Magic Engineer will have to wait. Hmmph, I don't blame you for forgetting, ah well at least with the new on the Horizon I won't lack for warcraft content. I know right? I don't know how they'll top it in the next movie, though lord I was sad about Stoic after just reuniting with Valka and will miss him going forward That's what I'm thinking as well, lord knows the issue of mutants seems entirely separate from the Avengers comics more often then not unless Wolverine is involved Hah, you and me both, at least the visual action will be flashy...

    I can't do Crossbone, Zeon will always be the heart of the U.C universe for me. I know right? American production studios are idiots, they do have a summary for the last two episodes though on wikipedia if you want to read, its not much but it at least feels like it would have been a great conclusion, and I bet Dizzy died in the end like all her other iterations. Can't you just have her log you in and not need to look at her account/password? She could make you a guest profile I think. I'm glad you like it, and there's plenty more on the way. And agreed on the Luna, but she just needs to appreciate the role she plays and she'll be fine. It would make sense though, and hopefully now that he's used to it things will be cleaned up for volume 2. Hah, I watched a panel of theirs talking about making a gun-gun weapon Ah well it's awesome to look at in any event Yeah it is and do that, Haloid is what got me into Monty in the first place. He also had an original animation called Icarus which reminded me a lot of the movie Equilibrium personally.
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2014-06-17 23:43
    Gah, need to break it up!

    True that, I didn't even know anyone had preceded Sam Waterstone as the DA myself. Nothing I can do about it now, I'm just looking forward to Winds release next year at this point and I'll have to simply hope for the best when it comes to the show and that the directors know what they're doing. I believe so yes. Yeah, too bad about Brian Jacob though, his fate keeps making me worry about GRRM more and more these days <_< I'll put Mistborne on my priority reading list then, thank, there was also this new release that had the same illustrator for Robert's other works called the Magic Engineer that I really want to look into. Yeah, but not much is known about those other two and I'm just PRAYING the Warcraft Movie goes well, lord knows I had enough waiting for it and the Mass Effect Movie >_> Well in thanks for that I will let you know that How To Train Your Dragon 2 is probably among my favorite animation movies to come out and highly recommend you see it whenever you can, in 3D especially True, true, it'd just be nice to see a REAL crossover at some point if those two brands could put aside their ownership difference, c'mon Avengers versus X-men anyone? Gah, I don't know if I can do that one without Christian Bale, it's just going to feel so weird...

    Here's hoping. Personally I wish they'd do an anime version of 0081 to keep the U.C fans going once Origins is done, Unicorn's just fueled my need for U.C rather then end it now Least most Japanese series have that much respect for their works to wrap them up though unlike Americans and what happened when they canceled some of my favorite series as a child for no real reason. Hey, speaking of, you ever watch those Roughneck Starship trooper episodes I linked you with? Eh? I thought you could login to a netflix account from any device, my sister was going to give me hers so I could watch it on my laptop. Glad you like it, though I was always trying to be fair to Rooster Teeth given their limited resources compared to a big name production company. Ans I have hopes season 2 looks much sharper now in comparison from the previews I've seen. The fight scenes always make it worthwhile regardless though, you've checked out the trailers and Monty's other works like Haloid and Dead Fantasy right?
  6. KrimzonStriker
    2014-06-17 23:42
    Yeah, I was a fan back in the Warcraft II days so it holds a special place in my heart. You ever get more interested and give the lore a run through let me know, I'll clarify what I can

    Amen there, well until we get more info it'll have to wait I suppose.

    Yeah well, with that understanding on Subarau the next round looks like its rather set now, surprisingly in favor of all the Block A members, so Hisako disappointment aside we still have many interesting possiblities going forward now... I always took Jochirou as a serious when it came to his actual jobs, hence when he becomes the Asura, so whatever the client wanted at that time he served in my opinion, plus we have no real idea how close he was with Erina at that time to start a casual conversation like that. Also considering Erina and Souma are the same age Jochirou would have already met and married his wife by that point. It'll need more members to step up though, at this point only Souma's really making any kind of push for the Elite Ten. Not if he LOSES though, which at this point I'm willing to bet is still likely given all the hype around Erina, and wouldn't that be interesting? And if it came to a DRAW then we'd be in for a very interesting reappraisal of each other

    I've heard of it and I watched Chrono Crusade back in the day so I understand the authors work, but after all the feels Chrono Crusade caused me in the old days I'm going to take a step back until that series is a bit further along.

    From what I've seen of the two I have no doubt, always was a big fan of Fire Emblem back in the day. True that, though with more games that give you options it is a bit of a pain to track down all the potential storylines and scenes for some games Surprisingly no but I'd urge you to take your time with the game in order to truly appreciate its story-lines and aesthetic. Plus finding all the crafting materials you need to stay alive Hah, that WOULD be a nice change of pace after all this waiting, they really need to throw fans a big bone at some point in order to keep the interest after all this time. I'm on the lookout for more info going forward in any event, I really love the setting, story and characters overall from Biowares games. Yeah, those look like they're coming along though as much as I enjoyed the games it doesn't look like they've made any significant changes from their predecessors for Witch and Far Cry. Tomb Raider LOOKs like its somewhere in upper North America/and or Russia going off that Bear I think, so that'll be interesting in terms of ancient relic studies. Best Uncharted game of the series, hopefully Naughty pulls out all the stops for this one, Uncharted needs to go out with a bang in my view, it basically MADE Nolan North's VA career after all. Always interested in a new Zelda, though I'll hold my breathe for the time being so long as it doesn't look like another Skyward Sword rather then a Twilight Princess <_< Oh hey, did you hear that FF Type-0 is coming to PS4 and Xbox One? You got your english wish Dann, though Lord knows I'd love to see them do the same for Valkyria Chronicles 3, as distant a dream as that may seem, much as I appreciate fan translations BTW what do you think about the Order 1886 so far? I think it looks extremely promising and capable of becoming one of the big new IP series going forward.

    Yeah, let's talk about it again when the game releases in 2015 and we get more info on it. I saw a four man team during the first game-play trailer as they were going into PVP last I recall. I'm also glad from the latest trailer you get more immersed into the setting/story due to that holographic display that rebuilds past events.

    I've seen videos, nothing groundbreaking but still quite a bit of fun I agree, think I'll pass myself though and stick to watching, was never a big first person MMO guy.
  7. KrimzonStriker
    2014-06-14 01:33
    Sorry, just a ton of information I've been combing through recently from E3, along with tidbits from the Warlords of Draenor Alpha, I don't play but I've always been a fan of the Warcraft lore so it should be interesting storywise to see how this goes.

    You're probably right. Ugh, maybe ONE OVA episode now and again until the prequel series do give them enough material, lord knows we've waited long enough on the Code Geass Akito one to have enough experience there <_<

    It seems moot now that we do know whose in the first round, and possibly even the second if the recent spoiler on the latest chapters prove true and Subarau does prove his skill by beating Takumi which seems likely now. In general though, each potential matchup has some very interesting storylines to them so it'll be a shame either way as they narrow the field and close them off. I get that impression too, likely Jochirou just changed his style to suit Erina's taste while working for her family, he seems to have been the experimental type even back as a kid so I don't expect him to have actually changed his mindset at some point. Well, all the important ones are first years while Isshiki is a second, so I doubt the prospect will have all that much impact at this point in the story. Oh I don't doubt it, in fact the only way I DO see it getting through his head is through battling each other with food, that seems the only REAL communication anyone ever seems to have against one another

    Kay, though it'll likely go on the backburner while I prep for the other games to come out. I need to get started on Bravely Default and Fire Emblem Awakening at some point. I get you, though between time and cost and general frustration I've just found myself going through walkthroughs for everything now it seems. Only some horrors for me, never been my preference personally, especially ones that don't let you fight back against what's attempting to kill you. That's a shame, from what I've seen it looks like it would be fun to play, plus I had a tough time tracking down a walkthrough where all the collectibles were gathered and shown, but trust me what I say it's something anyone into gaming needs to experience at least once. I hear you, though GTA just got old after awhile for me, I watch funny videos now and again but that's it. Gah, don't say that, I'm praying that at least it'll be early 2016 in NA and in the meantime we at least get some interesting vids to watch of the Japanese version, mayhaps even some subs now and again. Yeah I saw, but right now my focus is entirely on Inquisition and prepping for that, hopefully this Keep function will work well enough in terms of tailoring the exact story I want. Besides the games I've already mentioned Far Cry 4, Advanced Warfare, Uncharted 4, the Rise of the Tomber Raider, and the Witcher III are also on my radar.

    True that, though like I said I think it'll be worth it, Once I get a steady income going this'll be on my top pruchase list. Hey, if its good and we both get it we can team up together.

    Too bad about Clarice but I doubt I'm changing my mind about the series regardless anytime soon. I do too though I haven't officially gotten up to Jeff yet, but the tidbits on tv I've seen have been really promising, eventually I will get around to the original L&O as well too. Lord knows I wish they'd get off some storylines in favor of developing other instead myself, combined with Winds of Winter it SHOULD give him another three season at least if they're careful. Hopefully NOT the Wheel of Time, though I have wanted to read Mistborne recently. And glad I am for that, but for now we'll have to wait and see what they have for the next Godzilla at this point, wonder what else Legendary is working on though... Sounds about right then in terms of the Japanese inspiration... okay, on my DVD borrow list then. Fox then, but I'm with you there Marvel even though the latest X-men was quite good. Huh, can't think of anyone off the top of my head, but I am definitely with you on the ham

    The stories so set though, I have a hard time seeing them diverge THAT much. 2 hours each movie is like six OVA episodes so... maybe? True that, dang Toonami, and its not unexpected they need to recast after how old this series is, ah well I might give it a shot just for old times sake Stay FAR away from it, trust me. I'll be on the look out then, just to send off the rangers for introducing me to giant robots fighting Anyway, have you seen the MLP yet and if so what are your first impressions?
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2014-06-12 14:35
    Good for Vincent, he needs more roles. Hopefully it turn out better then the movie... Anyway, will get up a message soon. Been busy absorbing all the news for Assassin's Creed Unity, The Order 1866, The Division, and Dragon Age Inquisition from E3
  9. KrimzonStriker
    2014-06-08 23:54
    How much material do we have on the minor stuff though? There's the prequel manga for Levi's backstory and "Before the Fall" with Kuklo, none of which have advanced particularly far at this point.

    Takumi? He's the exact opposite when it comes to getting insulted cause he takes it so personally <_< It would work in many ways since his declaration of being better then Alice would probably make him the biggest threat to Souma skill wise at this point, seeing as Hayama won't necessarily be dealing with a theme that suits his skills (though that kebbab rack always did make me hungry ). Yeah, I mean, going back to the turtle for example I'd heard about the health uses of turtle blood for some time back in Chinese lore, I just have no idea how she'll apply it to Hamburger though. Personally I think it's just a shield, because you know deep in her heart Erina knows he's a great chef, she just doesn't want to admit it because of pride and how it breaks all her previous preconceived notions of higher cooking which she's apparently based her whole career on. Some of them will likely fade into the background as well, Nao's already been reduced to just a creepy stalker at this point, nor do we see much of Soma's old friends, plus more casts equals more plots to make this a nice, long series to be enjoyed And Yet I'm HOPING Jouchiro's big reveal to Erina will solve BOTH their problems with love, he might be prompter to remember that advice he never got to tell Souma at the end of chapter 1 and let him know if he gets an impression its possible between those two, plus Souma freely admits Erina's different from most of the people he interacts with, which would make her standout in his mind, so there's hope. Yeah, got to clamp down, I have a lot of ground to catch up on in any event. Moving on though, cause talking about our weights is getting depressing again... <_<

    Well like I said, I'm having a hard time picturing that for Jude and Maxwell just yet and I'd rather not have that rubbed in if at all possible once I finish. Okay Dann, you've convinced me, though as I said before I generally prefer direct sequels to continue with most of the main cast still. Yeah, plus its educational in case I do get the game on what pitfalls to avoid, or listening to their sometimes humorous commentary. NOOOO, go play TLoU now, or at least watch a walkthrough on youtube if you don't have the time, it was THE game of 2013. Damn those... arggh, they better not be playing on this 2015 release date though.... Gah, I don't know if I want to hear from him now, the only way to do a ME4 properly to me at this point is a whole new setting/storyline that has never heard of shepard or the reapersl. That or a complete prequel...

    I thought it looked pretty seamless myself, especially since you're doing it from multiple players perspectives, so other then maybe server lag I'm pretty hopeful this one will translate in the final product.

    Oh? Well I'm not going to get my hopes up unless it completely veers of in a non-bad way, otherwise it'll still leave Red Dragons ending completely open... plus Hannibal still creeps me out and I really DON'T want to be conflicted about him... Which is why I'm enjoying the beginning at the moment, and seeing Goren put the squeeze on these perps No rush, GRRM doesn't seem to be one much to my worry, he even has a new prequel novel in the works after ASOIAF is over detailing the history of the Targaryeans... Gah, I hope not, tiny little twins would spoil the hyper-realism Legendary's become famous for. Yeah, I got to hand it the directors, though really know how to set a scene, and even complete silence just says it all Let me know how it is when you do! Good lord I hope this doesn't blow up in Marvels faces... Oh really now, I could get behind that if it really transpires... and I damn well want a REAL Doctor Doom in charge of a REAL Latvaria if they do, he's my favorite villain in Marvel Universe.

    The manga yeah, but we all know how it'll play out in the end right? Oh and the movie series is going to be a trilogy apparently, so here's hoping they manage the time well in any event. NOOO, not Sailor Moon too, I had to clean my eyes out after seeing the first images of the PowerPuff girls remake.... And as much as I'm for LGBT rights, I can't go through more heartbreak with Neptune and Uranus again Well I saw an image anyway, and the art LOOKS right but I'm still not sure how we'll it's going to translate... Yeah, I caught that one on youtube, but I need an english one just to get the context down, or just watch it period since I don't know of any subs for the Japanese version in any event. Plus did they include all the 'sixth' rangers in that scene, I forget? Will be here when you do, be sure to have the first two episodes down before you get back to me, though if netflix doesn't have it let me know and I'll put up a streaming sight for you to watch it on.
  10. KrimzonStriker
    2014-06-07 12:24
    Nah, it's cool, I get into that trouble a lot as well, but we need to be better at cutting out conversations that have run their course

    Well, they've had SOME experience with compacting it into movies, so we'll see how they handle it, the OVA's from Unicorn were a good demonstration of that format I think. I hope so as well, and that they bring back most of the old VA's even though Yang will probably never feel the same Oh, then maybe I will look it up later then, but I've been really inclined to watch the latest power Rangers series for the sole purpose of catching this one episode that's supposed to show off ALL the old Ranger generations in one big battle, for nostalgia's sake if nothing else. Ah him, he comes later but when you do get to him he's definitely worth it. I believe so now that you mention it, though I'm not sure if all the seasons (4 of them) have been included. Still a good place to start off from, let me know how you like it. If you need help there are cartoon/anime sites I know who stream the series as well.

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