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  1. KrimzonStriker
    2009-06-09 09:06
    Ah yes C.C, I wonder what she'd be doing with him on the matter. I suppose not too much would change in terms of her personality, still likely as smug, condescending, and suffering from her superiority complex to lecture/debate with Lelouch, if not her priorities to start enjoying life at the very least. But that's what I love about her, you don't manage to stand on even footing as Lelouch's partner/accomplice without being at least that arrogant I suppose. Still, I think she'll probably be a bit more relaxed in her new life-style though playful as ever I would imagine

    Well, anyway, looking forward to how they resolve the question of Asuna and Negi soon and to what direction they'll be heading in regards to what's going to happen soon. Wonder if Fate will get any love, he's actually my favorite male character in the series, so I'm interested in how his character will go from here. He doesn't look to be the main villain in any event, so I have some hope actually. As for Kallen, I kind of felt the same way initially, but her interactions as far as R2 with Lelouch as Zero just turned me off for the most part, she just seemed so confused and disoriented I didn't trust anything in terms of her feelings or convictions which I sensed would happen with her character even back in the first season actually >_>
  2. KrimzonStriker
    2009-06-08 23:29
    Heh, I suppose that would be the case. Hard labor was not suited to his constitution, so this seems rather low-key but something interesting to see in cooperation with his dog, interesting that he ended up with a dog after his admiration of cats/Arthur was stated in the end but surprisingly it does seem he's just generally good with animals, but anyway it's good insight in terms of how he builds his new life going forward. I'd like a short episode too of some kind to see what daily life would look like for him

    Yeah, I tend to like spunky characters such as Yue, Chisame, etc for some reason in these series, though still possessing a soft side, which is probably why I liked C.C so much in any event. Chachamaru kind of embodies that as well but since she's a robot she doesn't really have that spiky attitude so it emulates in more on a very dedicated and loyal way but still retaining a very gentle side regardless. Not so much with Kallen though, for some reason I just could never respect Kallen too much because I put it more along the lines of infatuation rather then tested devotion and loyalty. Too personal for her I guess, but that she kept using Zero as a proxy for her brother really bothered me >_>
  3. KrimzonStriker
    2009-06-08 18:57
    Indeed, I hadn't thought about the sheep-herder aspect though, that's an interesting life-style choice but that looks like something to be explored. Seems almost wholesome, I like the silver-cross added as well

    Indeed, Indeed, we'll I'll let the realignment take place for the time being before I make my judgements. Looks interesting in anycase. BTW my third favorite character would be cosplay-queen Chisame, she's quirky but surprisingly very grounded and I admire her surprising stability in keeping the group together
  4. KrimzonStriker
    2009-06-08 17:02
    Yeah, I heard one or two grumblings about a possible continuation in some form, but I think somethings still up with them, especially after Gundam 00 ended up getting a movie deal! Where's the love for CG I tell you! We got to get something out of this

    Oh well, plenty of stuff for fanfiction writers to absorb into their works as the semi-official alternative fate of Lelouch

    Anyway, yeah that was weird. Well, I guess they did appear like family a lot of the time, she seemed much like a sister more then anything I guess so I'll get over it. I'll be surprised if he gets together with anyone either, but I like to hedge my bets in any case. Looking forward to the plot but it seems they'll keep on with these little side stories for the time being so I guess we'll have to wait until later. Dark magic still looks cool but I do start to worry about the consequences as well though, wonder if Evangeline will tip us off on that issue at some point before it becomes a problem, though its likely to still be bound to happen I suppose. Oh well, hopefully Chachamaru saves the day in any case. I think she's my second favorite out of Negi's students actually, I have a list but I'll keep it to myself so I can stop babbling now
  5. KrimzonStriker
    2009-06-08 13:44
    Yeah, it was alright anyway. I'm filing this scan away though, I just have this sneaking suspicion they're hiding something in preparation for the future. Nonnette's non-involvement makes me suspcious, as it would have been easier and more likely then inserting Dorthea like that. Might not mean anything ultimately, but I'm keeping an eye out. Also, the recent chapters in the Negima series is now putting server initial doubts on Asuna and Negi, so I'm probably going to have to go back to my conciliation pair with Yue now, what are your thoughts? Though to be honest I suppose I was never that enthusiastic for Asuna anyway, it just seemed too blatant to ignore at first but now I seem to have been among those that fell for it... and I usually pride myself on dodging those types of things >_>
  6. Narona
    2009-06-07 17:17
    Congratz for your exams ^o^!

    I hope so, but you know Akamatsu, do you? He likes to make useless chapters. This week chapter was not interesting at all.

    Well, what is your opinion about what that weird/annoying guy said about Arika?
  7. CC
    2009-06-07 17:08
    No problem. I'm always willing to help people find art anyway~
  8. KrimzonStriker
    2009-06-07 16:48

    Back from Alaska Dann, how have things been and have you seen these images?
  9. Virgo_3079
    2009-06-07 14:00
    if you have time,check the CLu CLu FC .There is sth really nice for you
  10. CC
    2009-06-06 22:14
    He never appeared to post it, maybe because he was making it for a friend. If I ever get my hands on the full version I'll be sure to let you know. Sorry. :<

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