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  1. usspaul
    2014-07-20 09:30
    yo I was just wondering is glasslip any good ? I normally see you making good reviews and what not of shows so I was wondering if its worth watching or not ?
  2. Sol Falling
    2014-07-18 19:56
    Sol Falling
    Haha. Basically, in my experience for shows which end up having a number of seasons or large casts (i.e. opportunities to put out character songs), certain types of shows end up amassing a fairly large collection of songs such as OPs/EDs or character songs. After building up such a music repertoire, it probably then makes a lot of sense to ask the seiyuus or performers to hold a live concert or music event, in order to promote the property or bring in some extra revenue. In shows in which the music/seiyuus are particularly prominent, these concerts seem to even be used as incentives to promote BD sales, by providing things like early access vouchers for ticket pre-orders (very common) or recorded footage of past concerts (as I believe is being done with some of Love Live's BD volumes).

    The particular Saki event I'm aware of was held sometime last year I think called Saki Fes, a torrent recording of which is still floating about online (I actually happen to be one of the only two seeds remaining for it actually , though that's mainly because I haven't found the time to sit down and watch through the whole thing yet). I believe that there are also youtube rips of a few parts of it which have been posted online; lemme look up some links:

    Spoiler for space:

    If you'd be interested in the whole thing, I can pass the torrent link over to you via PM (I don't recall exactly, but I'm not sure Animesuki allows freely linking to other torrent sites). I will note that it's altogether about 3 hours and 45 minutes of unsubbed footage though (split over 4 parts), and a pretty large file (BD quality, haha).
  3. Last Sinner
    2014-07-17 18:15
    Last Sinner
    I'll be flat out at AVCon for the next 3 days running screenings and the quiz night. Intense yet good times incoming hopefully.
  4. Faerie
    2014-07-14 19:25
    I wonder if Homulilly would like to lend her interpretive dancing expertise and profound lyrics to this venture.
    It could be glorious.
  5. Klashikari
    2014-07-14 18:09
    Answering here, since it might be a bother for SAO watchers at some point.
    If that's not enough to lessen your displeasure here, Klash, then I'm probably out of arguments. I understand where you're coming from, but I hope it doesn't undermine your enjoyment of the show too much. It was just one brief scene after all, and Sinon herself came across fine in it, and she's the most important character in that scene.
    To be honest, I didn't expect any lengthy discussion nor answers to all my complaints. Suffice to say, just to make things clear just in case: as stubborn as I may appear, I actually tried to rationalize the context myself, but as you can see, in the end I wasn't exactly convinced.

    That aside, I will drop the series should I consider it to be exceedingly silly, so as long it isn't worse than the ALO arc, I guess I will enjoy it to a certain extent. So rest assured, I'm not M or a troll/hater enough to stay in the boat for a series that I really dislike.
  6. RRW
    2014-07-14 01:18
  7. Tempester
    2014-07-13 22:23
    I'm glad we're on the same wavelength about Aldnoah Zero so far. The show needs to either improve its writing to cut down on the dumb cliches and justify the setting better, or just stop taking itself so seriously and become another Code Geass.

    On another note, what anime are you actually enjoying this season?
  8. Akuma Kousaka
    2014-07-13 20:29
    Akuma Kousaka
    We have a Hulk, and I'm slowly realizing Marvel's films are pushing me toward their side. Sorry DC (except for The Dark Knight).

    How's SAO II treating you so far?
  9. Akuma Kousaka
    2014-07-13 17:07
    Akuma Kousaka
    Thanks for the feedback on the signature. I changed the dialog and hopefully it's a little clearer on who's talking about who. The purple should give away the speaker, but you are right in saying it's not their traditional's an Avengers reference.

    I need to watch Rebellion though. I'll get around to that eventually.
  10. totoum
    2014-07-13 13:29
    Interesting,I found Tokyo Ghoul to be the prettier show of the two all around, from animation ( so many still shots in Glasslip made me wonder if I was watching a shaft show) to the chara designs and photography.To me Glassip really doesn't feel like P.A works brought their A game in term of production values.
    Zankyou no Terror I really liked, especially how low key it was,if I described the events in the episode you could expect some kind of big blockbuster action show but instead it's told in a much quieter way.
    Of Watanabe's past work it reminded me more of Baby Blue (even if the subject is very different) and I also liked how the protagonists are terrorists, just because that's something you'd never see on a US show, I trust the staff to handle that in an interesting way.So yeah I liked it a lot.

    Forgot to mention I also saw aldnoah zero, it's got me hooked just on the pure adrenaline rush it gives me right now but the real test for me will be when things calm down.

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