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  1. iSuckAtWriting
    2014-05-29 12:55

    Nice signature. I would've put Yui Hirasawa on the right though. Because fun things are fun. :>

    But, what pearl of wisdom did Yumi offer?
  2. Last Sinner
    2014-05-28 02:12
    Last Sinner
    Was finally in the right frame of mind to finish Sakura Trick. Probably....8.75/10 or so for me. It gave me something in droves most series don't - fun. Yeah, it's simple, hardly deep. But it's fun, it's cute without being creepy, it overall managed to do female-female without being too silly or the 'it's just a phase' malarkey. The fact it ended on a 'so you really both love each other' note was crucial and a relief to see. It may not have the humour level of a Minami-ke or Azumanga Daioh, Mitsuki ended up being somewhat annoying/misused in the end. But overall, it worked. It's quite a shame this will never be able to show all three years of their high school, because it deserved it.
  3. OminousFlare
    2014-05-26 22:35
    Looks like a lengthy read. lol I'm not much of a reader myself but, I'll be sure to bookmark it and check it out some time, especially if it has something to do with my MadoSaya avatar.
  4. OminousFlare
    2014-05-26 21:28
    Thanks! I'm actually quite honoured that you noticed. I've seen you defending Sayaka very passionately in one of her threads, and boy, did you defend her! You totally nailed the naysayers. lol

    But ahem, yeah, I've kinda gained respect for you ever since. :3
  5. silvercover
    2014-05-26 07:24
    some guy sent me these pics and I think you'd like them as well(will also post in the madoka thread):

  6. Last Sinner
    2014-05-25 10:09
    Last Sinner
    For the record, Simoun actually fits your criteria the most, but you said male/female. Simoun is almost all female. Think of it as what you'd get if you combined Marimite and Valrave.
  7. Last Sinner
    2014-05-25 09:56
    Last Sinner
    I don't think I've ever seen more men simultaneously laugh in one moment than I did see last night when Hugh Jackman's bare butt was on display. Virtually every guy in there laughed their face off for about 1 minute. See, this is why I try to tell those people in that service thread that men aren't as turned off by that kind of service as people think - because they will laugh themselves silly aka they find it funny. Whereas you won't find women laughing their face off at a naked woman, would you?

    I'm just tired of live-action movies full stop. I'm beginning to think The Dark Knight may be the only exception to all this madness for a very long time.

    Well, I tried. Your criteria were somewhat hard to fulfill.
  8. Last Sinner
    2014-05-25 09:33
    Last Sinner
    So I saw a thread discussing a time travel theme for the local convention.

    12 hours later, not a single person had mentioned Steins;Gate.....

    I sometimes wonder what on earth people look for in what they watch anymore.

    Speaking of Steins;Gate - the new X-Men movie blatantly rips off the D-mail method of time travel, uses Rogue's abilities as an excuse and uses it sub-par to boot. It was nowhere near as bad as the recent Spiderman movie, was still lacking. There were effectively no female characters (either all appearing for about 1-2 minutes or Mystique/Raven being labelled as the reason for everything going to hell when it was freaking Xavier and Magneto being arses in general that screwed everything up), there was eff all conflict/everyone suddenly agreed/accepted Wolverine's claims far too easily and the ending was reboot everyone to keep this franchise going at least a decade longer. *sigh* As for why I went, mother demanded it...*shrug*
  9. 0utf0xZer0
    2014-05-24 03:35
    Finished the year with decent marks, now doing some program related volunteer work to bolster my resume - there's still a chance I may land a summer job but it's kind of slim, I would've thought I'd have heard back by now.

    I haven't been on AS much because there hasn't been much schoolwork to procrastinate on. Been spending more time going to events, playing multiplayer games (and practice matches) etc. Also, I cannot believe how utterly horrible I am about getting up and going in the morning when I don't actually have to be up for something. If I actually do get around to trying to work on my novel this summer, it's going to take a lot more discipline then I've mustered so far.

    My girlfriend convinced me I should try to - or rather, let her try and put together a Tsumugu cosplay to go with her Chisaki. I suppose I may need to rope my brother into taking some photos. I may also need to get a wig - I have brown hair but I don't want to grow it out that long.
  10. Hooves
    2014-05-23 01:18
    Thank you kindly Triple_R

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