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  1. Requiem-x
    2017-02-06 23:16
    Passing by to leave something you might find relevant.

    Spoiler for Spoiler:

    They just work very well together.

    Anything else you're checking this season?
  2. Archon_Wing
    2017-02-06 22:43
    Yea I'd imagine. Also I have a thing for blue hair all of a sudden with Re;Zero and Planetarian.

    As a side note I find it's funny we're getting another Nanoha movie. Is like Fate has to secure her place in people's hearts, and perhaps the whole yuri thingy.
  3. Archon_Wing
    2017-02-06 22:39
    I'm okay, sorta, but the weather keeps raining and is cold-- though I imagine you folks somewhat scoff at what is cold over here.
  4. MisaoFan
    2017-02-06 12:38
    Hi, Triple R.

    Currently I was writing a fanfic of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress where it takes place after the anime, it's primarily set in the hot springs taking place in a rural town (something I've been hyping throughout the show but all we got is just a mere communal shower scene at the forest in episode 7) and it shows how Ikoma is able to interact Mumei in a mixed bath. There's nothing obscene or clearly romantic going on and I tried to portray the bond as a platonic friendship, plus I'm also making a one-shot manga based on it too. I'm going to post the link assuming you like fanfics: (Only wrote the basic phase, full ver. is in progress) (Dialogue ver.)
  5. Demi.
    2017-02-06 00:45
    The movies only a handful of months away. I do hope it has the capacity to rejuvenate the Nanoha franchise...And is packed full of NanoFate scenes.
  6. Demi.
    2017-02-06 00:35
    Blond isn't a particular favorite of mine, I think I prefer blue to be honest. I like to think of Fate as best character last decade, and Rem best character this decade. Fate's still my all time favorite, but usurping Fate is nigh impossible. Rems still wonderful and is only eclipsed by my subjective bias towards Fate.
  7. Darthtabby
    2017-02-06 00:15
    I should probably stop badgering you about FMP, but there were a couple interesting things I wanted to mention about the series:

    1) It's a light novel adaptation from fifteen years ago when light novel adaptations weren't as common. It's kind of interesting to compare to adaptations of newer light novels. In some respects its very different but there are also things that don't feel so different.

    2) The first season was done by Gonzo, but The Second Raid (which I also intend to cover) is a mecha series by freaking Kyoto Animation. It's also the show that made Kyoto Animation decide that mecha shows are too much work and they never want to do another one.
  8. Liddo-kun
    2017-02-05 09:51
    You're welcome. But what do you mean "I love Emilia"?? Hmm, well I do think she's a very kind person, and also the most beautiful girl in the anime - ok subjective opinion from me, so take it with a grain of salt. *-* Rem is one of my favorites too of course - Subaru would have remained mentally broke down if she had not helped him.

    On another topic.. did you manage to vote in the Animesuki Choice Awards? I voted Rem for Best Female Lead. ^^
  9. Liddo-kun
    2017-02-05 09:30
    Long time no talk friend. Hmm, a little update. I just got home tonight from Otaku Expo 2017. Got plenty of Love Live Sunshine and Re:Zero cosplay pics- those two anime are rather popular here now. Will try to share at the cosplay thread as soon as I can.

    Oh, and I also managed to buy an Emilia dakimakura.
    It's surprising that almost all the Rem are sold out. Not joking. Demon maid is really popular.

    In the pic is the actual pic of the item. I brought it home now.
    It's for sale at 1,500 pesos, but I managed to haggle it down at 1,400 pesos. ^^

  10. Darthtabby
    2017-01-31 16:37
    The Holidays weren't the greatest, as a lot of my friends were away and I kept getting nasty ear/nose/throat problems, but I'm feeling a lot better these days and I'm hoping to reconnect with some of those friends soon.

    Don't worry too much about missing the FMP thing. I would have liked it if you'd been able to join in since the first story arc is one of my favorites but I understand that you've been pretty busy with work (that's actually why I didn't ask how your winter had been going ).

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