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  1. Dr. Casey
    2013-12-20 16:23
    Dr. Casey
    I got a good laugh out of your newest post in the Valvrave 23 thread
  2. Faerie
    2013-12-16 21:07
    (that was not a spoiler btw, I realised after posting it that it could sound like one)

    Well, I've not had time to follow the discussion recently, I've only skimmed the last pages, so I'm not confident I can judge fairly... but one thing I noticed, it seems the discussion has gotten to a point where it's going in circles and everyone is taking extreme positions, when the truth probably (at least in my opinion) lies somewhere in the middle, as it so often does. I think you and Thess are doing two different things. S/he is judging Shoko with brutal honesty (something I'd want for myself if I were the one being judged btw), while you're looking at why it happened... both has merit in its own right, but these are definitely two different angles.

    What I will say is, looking around the net, Shoko has definitely gained a lot of haters overall, you're right about that. I don't want to unfairly judge anyone in particular though, as I just haven't kept up well enough to have a reasoned opinion on where people stand.

    I've realised however that the writing has set her up for all of this, so the viewer reaction is expected. Not sure why yet. The writers seem to very clearly be going for this reaction from the get-go, judging by the drama CD's, the voting, the emphasis on her not having much in the way of qualifications or suitable traits or how obviously vapid her supporters were. And they're very aware how people feel about this sort of behaviour. I'm guessing/hoping there's a reason other than cheap drama
  3. Faerie
    2013-12-16 19:15
    It's Isabel from Shingeki no Kyojin's Spinoff, A Choice with No Regrets- Levi's friend
  4. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-12-16 18:38
    Okay, going to expand a little on this quickly:
    -For the most part, I felt the film was great. I'd credit most of that to the roller coaster of a storyline.
    -While I generally consider myself a Shaft fan, I found some of the visual effects too abstract. That combined with some of the early music choices mean it took me a little longer to really get into the film than it should have.
    -I mostly lean towards the toasting Urobuchi for having the guts to write in the big twist, but there's a side of me that thinks he went just a little far with it. (Collecting my thoughts on this was the main reason I didn't want to give much in the way of impressions last night.)
    -As good as the film was, I found it I couldn't manage quite the level of enthusiasm I had for the original Madoka in both TV and movie forms. I've been having the same issue with Shaft's other big sequel this year: Monogatari's second season has had some of the franchise's best arcs, but I find I'm just not getting quite as into it as I did in 2009 and for the first sequel in 2012. Which is odd since I really got into some of the non-Shaft sequels this year - the Hanasaku Iroha movie felt all too short and the new Rozen Maiden felt like an excellent reinvention of the franchise.

    Though to be honest, that kind of fits with how I've been feeling about most of the anime I watched this year. There's plenty of great shows and movies that I've loved, but very few we're I've felt "this is a candidate for best anime of 2013". In fact the only two that immediately stand out as such candidates for me are Shin Sekai Yori and Wolf Children. The former of which half aired in 2012 (in fact, since I do include incomplete shows in my best of lists, it made last year's list) and the latter of which is technically premiered last year even if I think of it as a 2013 film because it wasn't widely available to western fans until this year.
  5. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-12-16 03:41
    Madoka 3 report:
    -I think I may need to digest the film when I'm not in exam mode. That was a lot to take in.
    -While I didn't find the actual events of the film that complicated on the whole, the presentation was trippy enough (even by Madoka standards) that watching it felt like a bit of a mindscrew. It was like I could sense Shinbo and Urobuchi laughing clear across the Pacific.
    -Body pillows spotted: one. And it was a Madoka one this time rather than being OreImo or Strike Witches related. I'm not sure if that makes it worse or not.
    Crowd: If it wasn't sold out, it was close.
    Cosplayers: We had a few, many whom I recognize from other conventions and in a couple cases other costumes.
    -The screening included a pre-recorded message for overseas fans from Yuuki Aoi and the rest of the cast.
    -As with many of the other Canadian and US screenings, they handed out autograph boards to the first people to show up - I got the Mami/Nagisa one. There was some speculation among attendees as to whether the Kyoko/Sayaka board actually exists... one guy (who I actually know from the Vancouver/Seattle con scene) offered to pay cash for one on the spot to complete his collection of the five and nobody seemed to have one.
  6. Homucifer
    2013-12-10 02:05
    Did you see madoka movie three?
  7. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-12-09 18:05
    So I guess tonight is Madoka night in Canada. Unlike the US schedule which is pretty scattershot, all the Canadian theatres screening Madoka 3 are screening tonight at 7:30 and at 12:55in the afternoon on the 15th - I'm doing the latter because I have an exam tomorrow morning.
  8. Kotohono
    2013-12-07 21:07
    Just recently yes and I quite enjoyed it.
  9. Kotohono
    2013-12-07 16:58
    Great review on the madoka 3rd movie .
  10. Akuma Kousaka
    2013-11-27 15:30
    Akuma Kousaka
    Y u no change ur profile picture size yet?

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