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  1. Xefi
    2013-06-06 21:19
    I would never doubt the word of someone badass enough to have Dark Material Fate for his/her avatar and sig.

    At least that's who I think is in your avatar and sig, lol.
    i'm not sure what's Dark Material Fate is, but she is Vivi Alhazerd from an eroge...I think, call
    Shinigami no Testament. her model looks very nice, so I just have to make
    her my avatar+sig. ^___^

    anyways, Screwbox 1 is screwing themselves.
  2. larethian
    2013-06-06 02:38
    If you want to know more about her, you can wait for the upcoming anime:

    She's a pretty special character in the story, so you might not want to be spoiled by going to the game thread
  3. larethian
  4. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-06-01 04:35
    I totally get that the combination of tech is there. But Microsoft of late has a decent track record on privacy related disclosure and a bad track record on shoveling DRM and user interfaces paradigms down users throats. And I'm not much into speculating. Especially in an environment where there's that much anger going around - even justified anger tends to cloud people's judgement IMO.

    (Side note: This is way, way late, but I remember you making a post about murder in Sword Art Online and mounting an insanity defense on the basis that the accused went insane from being in the game too long. Can't speak for Japan, but IIRC, in Canada the insanity defense is not that simple. "The accused is insane" is not enough. For the accused to be found not criminally responsible, you need to show that their insanity was such that they did not understand that they were breaking the law.)
  5. relentlessflame
    2013-05-30 19:49
    Ah, I edited to make it be a bit more clear. It was more of the opposite -- sort of "to put it mildly..."
  6. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-05-30 15:39
    Among games I consider to fit the "nostalgia" category, the Command and Conquers are the ones I fire up the most frequently - particularly C&C1, RA1 and RA2 because those were the ones I really liked. The community has done a decent job patching them to work better on newer PCs too (see - which is a great source of info on fan patches in general).

    That said, these days I do most of my gaming when I meet with friends for LAN parties, and C&C was never a big LAN game for us (though I do remember playing both C&C1 and RA1 against friends via 14.4K modem back in the late 90s). Warcraft III was for a bit, which was a bit annoying because I was nowehere near as good at it as C&C.

    I really like Civ IV and V as LAN games - I find the length of the games mean I get really invested in the outcome. Unforunately I have trouble convincing people to play it on LAN due to the game length, and I've never enjoyed it quite as much just in single player.

    I have a similar group of hobbies (though I write mainly original stories now) so I know how difficult balancing them is. Time has been a bigger issue than money for me - my PC is quick enough to run all but the bleeding edge games despite its age, and Steam sales make the marginal cost quite low.

    In terms of single player, the only games I've invested significant time into these past few years are Dragon Age: Origins and XCOM: Enemy Unknown, both of which I'd recommend to you given your tastes.
  7. kyp275
    2013-05-30 10:42
    Yea, sometimes it just baffles the mind how strong some people's reality distortion fields are
  8. totoum
    2013-05-30 09:27
    Poor you!And to be fair I nearly wrote US forgetting you're canadian

    What's the manga situation like over in North America?
    The interesting thing in France is that while anime has trouble surging,manga is doing much better,I know plenty of people who don't watch anime but read mangas and you can find them pretty easily in general shops (and not just the big 3,plenty of others as well),I've seen japanese tourists be surprised at how much mangas they could find in Paris.
    The gap between anime and manga has always interested me (and it seems to echo the situation in japan as well).

    On a completely unrelated subject,I know I'm always recommending stuff but bear with me, there's a couple titles I'd like to mention.
    First up Tokyo ESP has been announced and I suggest you check it out when it starts airing because the manga ka is a comic fan and the influence is noticable.
    As for the other,have you checked out Yuyushiki (it's where my avatar is from) , I know it sounds pretty typical and it is I guess, but I would be very interested in your take in its Yuri aspect, it's a pretty big aspect of the show and I feel it does it a bit differently from other shows with Yuri undertones
  9. 0utf0xZer0
    2013-05-30 00:46
    Hey, I sometimes wish these threads would just die so I could let the matter go, so I can feel you there.

    I'm curious though... you mention you don't game much anymore, but do you game at all? If so, what platform?

    I'm pretty much exclusively PC myself and have been for years (though as I mentioned to Syn, there's a bit of PS3 stuff I'd love to own). My girlfriend, on the other hand, essentially plays VNs on PC and Pokemon on her DS.
  10. RRW
    2013-05-29 18:26
    Random Pic of the Day
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    ~「program RRW」~
    ~「system shutdown」~

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