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  1. SleepingTerror
    2016-09-10 19:29
    While I say my opinion of Chika hasn't changed much, I'm glad the episode has finally addressed their issues. So some things have changed - happy You is a relief and while Chika I'm still not too fond of, I can treat You's feelings as my own.
    And no worries, I joined a forum to discuss all sorts of things xD
    In all honesty, I find the love triangle in LL Sunshine far better handled than the one in Macross Delta. Well, I also find LL Sunshine is handled better in general to Macross Delta. What I love about LL Sunshine is that the triangle members actually consult each other and others about their feelings. We get little of that in Delta, except for that silly and awkward (sorry, I thought it was x.x) moment between Mirage and Freyja where they briefly talked about Hayate.
    I far prefer HayaFrey to ChikaYou. I believe Freyja can get a grip without having to be rejected by Hayate, and HayaMira still feels very unnatural. ChikaYou I wouldn't mind, but that would require sinking ChikaRiko and I don't see that happening.
  2. SleepingTerror
    2016-09-10 15:49
    Not much has changed sadly regarding my opinion of Chika. I find it interesting that the one episode Riko is not there is the one where Chika finds time for You.
  3. Requiem-x
    2016-09-10 08:59
    Good to know, and thanks for sending the request. Sorry for not saying anything before, too.

    Same, it's gonna be an interesting one.

    To be more specific, card game adaptations, that is, Ange Vierge.
  4. Requiem-x
    2016-09-09 22:27
    Hey there. How was the week?

    Personally, I'm ready for my dose of idols and mobage adaptations tommorrow.
  5. SleepingTerror
    2016-09-06 21:18
    Yeah I agree. I support ChikaxRiko, but not the point where I'm shipping it. If Chika or Riko were to be one of my best girls, I think I'd be in the same position as you right now. The only issue I see with this relationship is that You is not in the picture. I feel if this pairing were to survive, You would be the ultimate test to see if Chika can handle Riko (romantically) and You (platonically) at the same time. Because if not, well, a relationship where you distance yourself from other people you love 99% of the time isn't worth keeping.
    I feel the yuri tease had less to do with homophobia and more to do with allowing multiple ships to be possible. I'm a lowkey Nozomaki shipper, so Maki and Nico not officially going out was somewhat of a relief.
  6. Tempester
    2016-09-06 15:58
    Yeah, one of the neat things about the battle against Anzio was that the teams were fairly evenly matched against each other or even with a slight power advantage for Oarai (Anzio's Carro Veloce CV.33 tankette which composed the majority of their team is a good reconnaissance vehicle but its firepower against tanks as seen in the episode is very anemic) so Anzio had to pull their own trick strategy in order to try to get an advantageous position, compared to the rest of the tournament matches where Oarai was the definite underdog.

    Glad you like Miho that much as well.
  7. Requiem-x
    2016-09-04 21:54
    Oh, what's this? New avatar? Didn't expect that. Well, I didn't expect Chika to be such a good character either, but there you go.

    Seeing the thread, I think its clear talking about Chika and Riko without using romantic/naughty terms is kind of impossible. This is some high grade shipping, even more so than New game and Prisma Illya, and my god, are those two high in the yuri scale.
  8. Requiem-x
    2016-09-03 16:48
    Oh, I have no problems with Kotori, that sort of choice cannot be easy to discuss, it's Honoka who made go "what the hell are you doing?"

    Oh, my bad. Good luck with whatever you'll be doing. And for next time let me know when you have other businesses. I can be pretty thickheaded, so I need to be told.
  9. Requiem-x
    2016-09-03 16:11
    Yes, I also agree on this situation being properly set up. It makes sense for Chika not to forget how she convinced Riko to join in the first place, and very nice of her to put Riko's wishes first.

    I'm not expecting You to go crazy, just nothing that goes agaisnt her character or makes no sense whatsoever, since Honoka doing that was my only qualm with the drama at the end of LL s1.

    The way you worded that makes it sound like we won't talk again... anyway, to answer your question, no I haven't, but I have seriously considered it, having already seen SW, Kancolle, and Haifuri, it certainly sounds like something I could enjoy, and with this new season coming, I have the perfect excuse. Hell, it was sunshine's announcement what got me to watch love live at last, and I definetly enjoyed that.

    Of course, I'll also be watching Brave Witches this autumm.

    On another note, Ange Vierge was pretty good this week. GOod to know it isn't 100% predictable (and still very silly).
  10. Requiem-x
    2016-09-03 11:42
    I see. Thanks.

    Well, to be fair, Muse never did that kind of flexions during their exercises. And we did get spared from Dia ranting about them.

    At last you join, and just in time for their ship to be confirmed. Yeah, yeah, semantics, whatever, but what else can I call that? And it really was a sweet moment. I don't have a favorite in terms of comedy yet, but when it comes to genuine heart, Chika and Riko win by a landslide. And of course, I'm sure you noticed the "I must let my friend do this thing even if it potentially means her taking a different path" plot makes perfect sense and was properly built up.

    Now, comes the biggest challenge for sunshine: Not make You look like a colossal moron and ruin everything. Honestly, I do have some hopes for that, since the series has managed to do drama pretty well so far, and You does have a potential argument to throw against Chika while making sense: Putting too much attention on Riko instead of Aqours as a whole.

    To add, I'm already looking forward to all the ChikaRiko material that will be made. Same for Mari and Kanan.

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