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  1. Seihai
    2016-07-23 14:23
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
    I wanna grab Ruby's feet and spin her round and round
  2. Marcus H.
    2016-07-23 10:30
    Marcus H.
    I can't really watch Re:zero. Can't really stomach the things that happen to him and the other characters that are on his side. (Yes, I know about the whole twister thing.) Thing is, those dark moments can easily overwhelm my perception of the show to the point of completely disregarding his little solaces, Rem's development with Subaru and his future prospects (that also means that I'm spoiled way beyond anime coverage, but only in a few details).

    The only way for me to watch Re:zero is if there's nothing about the Witch of Jealousy taking over Subaru's life, which is basically gutting the entire structure of the story. I don't really like how this particular witch was the reason for everything.

    Anyway, I find it funny that you call my defense of Re:Zero "totally conservative" when Re:Zero itself is not a conservative show.
    When I used "conservative", I meant the word that means "cautious about change".

    I think it would be best if you watched some of the show yourself and formed your own opinions on it. And if you don't do that, you really don't have much room to criticize.
    See, this is the problem. A person cannot talk negatively about a series unless he/she has watched it, and that means that merely presenting opinions requires a masochistic action. Even so, that person can be quickly shut down by a fanbase that can simply ignore his opinions. WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT THEN?
  3. Marcus H.
    2016-07-23 10:00
    Marcus H.
    I told you to post it as a visitor message. >_<

    Anyway, might as well continue this here.

    I notice that your opinions on Re:zero are totally conservative. Basically, "nothing is wrong with Re:zero, come on!", and it's rather defensive in overall tone. However, I still feel that this kind of defense is also defending the idea of "swinging to the opposite extreme", that is: "a story that is 88% gloom and 12% fun is better than 88% fun and 12% despair".

    Unfortunately, I cannot directly refute your stand because I haven't watched Re:zero (I'm relying mostly on spoilers), but I want to point this one out at least.

    Replace Subaru with someone more conventionally powerful, and the plot becomes simplified, becoming more "all you need is kill" and less "trial and error". Replace Subaru with someone more intelligent/clever, and the show would feel more like an intellectual detective/puzzle-solving show. Replace Subaru with someone less otaku-y, and the show's humor/SoL side would change considerably, which would seriously impact the various interpersonal character relationships. Replace Subaru with someone less outgoing and emotionally expressive, and the show likely feels even darker and certainly more dour.

    There's things I don't like about Subaru, but even those things contribute well to Re:Zero's flavor and sense of identity. On the whole, I think that it's good that Subaru and Re:Zero are what they are.
    This basically sums it up. How do the counterarguments work, then? Since you refuse to accept that Re:zero won't be the same is Subaru is replaced by a Mr. Familyman Suzuki or Mr. Smug Badass Citroen, how will the people who do not like Subaru reach out their opinion?

    I think the point is that they don't like Subaru, and they trust the author's approach in worldbuilding and storytelling—I don't know personally how he writes aside from being a sadistic fuck—but Subaru, to them, is ruining the picture, and they'd rather cast him out instead of seeing him fumble on every move.
  4. Seihai
    2016-07-22 02:26
    I don't know why but I feel invested in It's probably because I find the characters so endearing.
  5. Liddo-kun
    2016-07-20 07:36
    Thanks. Hmm, interesting anime. I'll check it out.

    Anyway, one reason i asked is because there's a mouse pad with meido characters that I got from the event, and I don't know the characters. ... >< Are they from re:zero ???
  6. Liddo-kun
    2016-07-20 07:16
    Ah, and forgot to ask. May I know the name of the meido character in the avatar that you're using? :3
  7. Liddo-kun
    2016-07-20 06:55
    Good evening. ok, noted **

    Oh, and it's ok.. no need to reply to every post there. I just needed to send that message to make sure that I'm not sending unecessary messages to anyone. Thanks for replying your thoughts. ",)

    Oooh... that's a busy lifestyle you have there. xD Well, games are fun.. I espescially like online games with multiplayer. Once had a Ragnarok Online account years ago. Hmm, and just to update.. things have changed a bit with my friends too - last 2014, all of us go together to conventions. But this time, Karen, Mich and MJ cat already have work, so I'm often with just one or two of them now. Unlike before where all of them are almost always present.

    And lastly, in case you like idolmaster or love live sunshine. I've took a pic of cosplayers from those anime on the writeup most recently posted.
  8. Tempester
    2016-07-19 18:33
    There were many factors that ultimately convinced me to watch Re:Zero (cute maids certainly being one of them ), but your praise of the anime and the Rem avatar you set certainly convinced me to pick it up much sooner than I would have otherwise, so thanks for that. Looking forward to the rest and I'll probably have a few words for the show to mention in the RRRound Table once I've caught up.
  9. Tempester
    2016-07-19 17:24
    Just finished Re:Zero episode 11. I must say after that excellent scene with Rem (and the awesome arc as a whole) that you picked a very good choice for an avatar.
  10. Liddo-kun
    2016-07-19 10:25
    Hello. Third anime convention writeup for this year. ^^
    Just finished uploading pics and vids that I got from O-kun Fiesta 2.
    Please click the link if you want to see.

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