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  1. Last Sinner
    2016-04-01 21:13
    Last Sinner
    Turns out the Planetarian announcement wasn't an April Fools. Looks like you get two Key adaptations this year.
  2. Last Sinner
    2016-03-27 01:13
    Last Sinner
    Fate/Stay Night - Heavens' Feel announced as a trilogy of movies. First one slated for a 2017 release.

    I like that approach. Give it the Garden of Sinners style of adaptation. This should allow it to be the epic it is.

    As for the Fate/Extra announcement....I was kind of deflated when I heard Shaft would be doing it.
  3. Last Sinner
    2016-03-26 09:40
    Last Sinner
    Again, thanks for that chat a couple of days ago. I needed it at the time.

    I don't have issues with people overall liking those final episodes. You did, Kanon did, thundrakkon did. But the three of you were still able to admit there were flaws within them and that things could have been done better. Some people are just living in denial and using the fact both the director and the author were figuring out ways to do conclusions at the time to justify the issues found within the final episodes.

    As I've said countless times (but hey, those dominating the thread never bother to listen), the fact things are different isn't my issue. The fact the director threw the character development/meaning of several characters out the window and re-did things in the hope of making it more like a thriller - that is what irks me. Erased's strength has always been its characters and the human aspects of those involved. The thriller aspect has been its biggest weakness - because heck, we always knew who the villain was. Removing the why altogether, as we discussed the other day, is a big deal. Some other people I've spoken to and shown the manga to - they understood. One of the biggest complaints about how things turned out is that Yashiro was a weak villain, particularly in the final episodes. Well...Chapter 31 and 32 say otherwise...but the residents of Mount Pious are out to prevent people from being able to find out. Good thing PMs exist.

    But meh. I've moved on. I've got Orange and ReLIFE in July to look forward to. Kana Hanazawa as Naho in Orange....that pairing is going to a dream come true.
  4. Last Sinner
    2016-03-25 00:05
    Last Sinner
    Can't. PMing doesn't work due to something that's happened over the last 24 hours that's now denying me access to almost any website and preventing the running of any game requiring an online collection.

    Just about had it with trying to keep things running. Every time I fix this, another problem that's bigger seems to emerge.

    And there is no way I'm posting in that thread ever again after the residents of Mount Pious are dancing the El Strutto in the Erased thread.

    The things I have to say can't be said by VM.
  5. Last Sinner
    2016-03-24 18:19
    Last Sinner
    If you've seen the last episode of Erased, then I guess it's time to discuss things.
  6. Darthtabby
    2016-03-22 23:17
    You're welcome! What (if anything) did you decide to check out? (Don't worry if you didn't like something -I know not all recs work out.)
  7. Tempester
    2016-03-22 04:34
    Have you watched iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls?
  8. Last Sinner
    2016-03-21 04:25
    Last Sinner
    If you're planning to marathon Rakugo in the near future, please note that there will be 13 episodes, so there are 2 left to air.

    Schwarzesmarken has definitely done more things right than wrong, particularly in the 2nd half. Just don't expect too much of it. When it had to cull as much backstory/early days stuff as it did, character development for side characters was inevitably going to suffer. But they made some changes - particularly those from Episode 7 onwards - that improved things overall, despite the protestations of hardcore LN fans.
  9. kusabireika
    2016-03-20 08:42
    uhm elow. ^^V
  10. Last Sinner
    2016-03-17 22:45
    Last Sinner
    I wanted to say more in that Erased thread but I've had enough....all those people acting stupid over Kayo doing something rational. People going mental if the word 'manga' is mentioned even if there is nothing spoilerish/hinting posted. And so few mentioning what a wonderful mother Sachiko is.

    Either way, I just can't believe A-1 failed so hard with Episode 11.

    But that's all I'm going to say. Once you've seen Episode 12 in 7 days, I'll talk openly then. Until then, I'll respectfully let you see it fresh.

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