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  1. Tempester
    2017-06-06 12:35
    Are you caught up on SukaSuka? I'm curious to know what you think about the show at this point.
  2. Liddo-kun
    2017-05-28 16:50
    Good morning. Oh, I do remember seeing you writing fanfics at a section of this forum. Nice, you have written a lot. ^^

    Well, if it's a fanfic I prefer action and romcoms.


    And I have a question. Do you know this character, and what anime she comes from?

  3. Liddo-kun
    2017-05-26 09:12
    Thanks for the comment at the cos thread. Hmm, and on another topic.. I noticed that you now have "Author" under your username. Just out of curiosity, are you writing a story? Or maybe on Wattpad?
  4. Archon_Wing
    2017-05-23 03:15
    So anyhow, if you didn't note that Civ VI thread, i recently bought the game (as well as Civ V expansions).

    Decided to play V first, and it turned out to be a lot better than the original which I thought was really bad, but that might have to do with having a computer that can actually run it. So I found a humorous tactic in V that looks like it could work in VI.

    Basically you declare war early on but don't wipe them out, because people will think you're a jackass. (Well, they still will but not as much earlier it gets). Anyhow, they'll be weak and eventually someone else will take them over. Then you take advantage of this by playing the hero and using this as another excuse for war by denouncing the new aggressor and "liberating" the captured cities (while pillaging everything you can). This reduces the warmonger penalty and people will see you as the good guy again and you get an ally out of the resurrected civ.

    6 doesn't have the diplomatic victory though, so not sure how that's going to go.
  5. Requiem-x
    2017-05-23 00:24
    True, showing flaws, without making the character look like an idiot, is always a good way to avoid the overly perfect problem, and just make them likable, period. I think sunshine did this well enough with You and very well with Chika. That said, I can also understand why some people wouldn't like You, mainly because of everything I said in the previous post, but honestly, I never found any of the LL girls for either group troublesome in that kind of sense, i.e, no one is too perfect.

    I'd like to add something to your comment about the invincible island: it's equally important for the rest of the cast to not view the character as such, that is, a perfect super-being. Don't know if you saw it, but the kancolle anime is one of the absolute worst at this: The main character is a relatively normal young girl that at no point breaks the (admitedly flimsy) rules the world works on, and improves through sheer effort and use of common sense, yet the story cannot make the strongest people stop yapping about how special and amazing she could be (also, its too lenghty to bring up here, but if you're into kancolle, you know their reasoning for how special she is makes no sense whatsoever) and keeps getting into the limelight for all the wrong reasons. It's disgusting to see, specially because I actually liked her, and still do, but all that awfully directed praise definetly made a lot of people wanting nothing to do with her.

    Basically, sometimes its not the character itself, but the plot and everyone else what really creates this impression of having a sense of perfection shoved into your face, which sometimes can make it hard to tell where the problem truly lies.

    Also, I went to a small anime con yesterday, and was glad to see that, despite how rought things are over here, you can still see some darn good cosplay, including the most obscure one in the whole place by far:

    Spoiler for Spoiler:

    Hope you like it
  6. Requiem-x
    2017-05-22 22:49
    Hey there. How have you been? Me, busy with work and dreaming of a better life in a different country, while enjoying some nice anime in the meanwhile. Anything you like this season?

    On another topic, something I just thought out of curiosity lately: What do you think truly makes a character feel overpowered, overrated or just plain annoying to follow? I ask this because lately I've been looking back on Sunshine and seen just how easily You could be seen as obnoxious waifu bait: looks great, athletic, knows how to cook, sew and is REALLY into cosplay. Yet, she was a perfectly good likable character. Personally, I think it's because no character, or the story itself, glorified her to hell, just letting her do her thing, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I wanted to see what you think of the issue.
  7. MartianMage
    2017-05-04 13:43
    Ah sorry for the late reply. Been busy with work and family stuff so it slipped off my mind! Anyway the current season is ok. I mean overall I'm watching less shows but there are a bunch of shows that seems promising for me. I just hope that my expectations are met by the end.
  8. Requiem-x
    2017-04-17 22:35
    Hey there. Still feeling the hype?
  9. Requiem-x
    2017-04-16 22:07
    I was curious about the change in your avatar. I do know that feel, so enjoy it as much as you can.

    Indeed, so far she's the one acting the way you'd want a character to act in this kind of situation. Glad to see we have a strong lead for this ride.
  10. Requiem-x
    2017-04-16 21:24
    As someone who has raising project as one of his favorite light novels, I can see where you're coming from, though I do have some comments to make as well. Anyway, enjoy a discussion free evening.

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