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  1. Lie
    2008-10-09 02:53
    Your entire first paragraph is a contradiction of what you said before. My entire argument is that you can effectively disprove an opinion, that an opinion can be conceeded. If a person proves that the world is not flat, as I said before, he has destroyed the opinion that people had that the world was flat.
    Did you read heros first point? That opinions are bulletproof and that they cannot be shot down? You already said that they can be shot down. So you are, or should I say were, entirely disagreeing with hero. But again, you've done a turn on a dime for what is seemingly the sake of disagreeing with me.

    Ideas and opinions do not exist on the same basis. V did not challenge any idea, he challenged the system, which was created by the opinions of a warmonger. Fascism is an idea, the application of it is hinged on the opinions of those using it, it is also not about taking away freedom it is about a uniform entity striving towards success, a united freedom, not individualism. This is why communism works perfectly in theory, but when applied to people it fails. Everyone has a differing opinion on how the idea of communism is supposed to work for them.
    It was not a struggle between freedom and security, it was a struggle between the ideas of justice/security and freedom. The ideas of security and justice were exploited by the opinion of the leaders and used to their advantage, V was not challenging the security of the people, he was challenging the leading party and how it skewed justice and security to control the country. As he said, Lady Justice had taken a leave from the city. The idea had been removed and only views of the ruling party, their opinions, were controling everything.
  2. Lie
    2008-10-09 02:19
    It does not matter. This isn't about Lelouch, this isn't about Code Geass, this is a discussion about opinions. If I say that I am wrong and that my opinion was wrong, if I conceed, then my opinion is destroyed. Did you actually read the discussion between me and hero? Because it has nothing to do with proving that Lelouch is alive or not, it was not even mentioned. This is an educated discussion about the idea of an opinion.

    I'll also add that if you acknowledge that an opinon can be proven wrong, ie. shot down, then you are openly disagreeing with hero's assestment.

    Ideas arise through cognitive thought. Opinions and ideas are not the same, opinions are directly based on some form of an idea, without the idea being present the opinion cannot exist because the opinion has nothing to exist on. The idea of 'freedom' for instance, is a primal instinct, not an opinion. But people can develop the opinion that they need to be freed from a political power, for instance, where their primal urges have no impact on their judgement. V for Vendetta is about the purity of ideas, opinions are what drove the country into its hell. V is made to be faceless for a reason, because he is an idea. Opinions have faces, ideas do not.
  3. Lie
    2008-10-09 01:48
    ... I said if I conceed in this situation. Are you reading what I wrote? The moment I say that I conceed and dismiss my opinion as having been misguided and wrong, is the moment the entire argument falls to pieces because I effectively destroyed my own opinion. Not to mention that this is about personal opinions, it has nothing to do with other parties. And, yes, you can defeat an opinion, as I said, if you prove that opinion wrong beyond a shadow of a doubt then the opinion is destroyed. Person A says the world is flat. Person B proves otherwise. The opinion that the world is flat is proven wrong, people can pick up all they want, but the opinion is still wrong.

    V for Vendetta was about ideas, not opinions. Ideas are eternal and they are what spawn opinions, but opinions themselves are limited to the people carrying them.
  4. Lie
    2008-10-09 01:27
    Actually the irony proves one thing, and that is the only thing that needed to be proven, that opinions can be defeated, that they can be shot down. If the debate ends, then an opinion has been defeated enough, it has been shot down. It may not be erased but it is shot down. I also did not say to stop responding, I said to conceed. To say that you were wrong. If I simply say those words then my opinion is shot down. Rendering it a destroyed opinion.

    Not to mention that an opinion cannot be defended indefinately. If you kill the person having the opinion, then you have veritably defeated the opinion. Even if you did cheat.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-09 01:04
    Dann of Thursday
    Okay, I see. Good night.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-09 01:00
    Dann of Thursday
    I suppose, but it is hard with everyone seeming to be shouting at us that he is dead. How do you interpret it like that? If he is within her that means he is within her heart alone and not here anymore. I don't know. The image by itself doesn't feel negative at all and I actually like it quite a lot. I hope we get a better quality of it soon.

    Alright, alright. Night. I need the sleep after all this.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-09 00:39
    Dann of Thursday
    It could, but I think it is rather evident that the magazines are taking the stance that Lelouch is dead. That "within me" bit seems to be what makes it so clear that Lelouch is dead according to that image. I don't know know about those complaints.

    What if the staff were the ones responsible for it?
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-09 00:30
    Dann of Thursday
    This seems accurate and is the second time I have seen one just like it. It's C.C. of course since it is with the image of him resting on her lap. I just worry of course. And I just can't help but feel the interview will make things worse.
  9. Narona
    2008-10-09 00:27
    Boss, don't waste your time
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2008-10-09 00:22
    Dann of Thursday
    Except it has the phrase "within me" which clearly means as in living on in her heart. If it weren't for that than one could make an argument for it since as you said he is dead in the sense that the world believes him as such. I can't calm down. Everything is just so bad right now.

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