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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-30 13:44
    Dann of Thursday
    Sounds good! What one did you go with?

    I do wish those the games would go on sale since I feel like they never go down in price really though I know the other series from Falcom, Ys, does often enough. Oh I’ll definitely scour through all that and probably talk with every single person since it often yields stuff about the world. I’m not too worried about there not being a Vita version since the series is relatively new unlike the Sky series which were all old PSP titles. I think CS did alright on the Vita over here too. I’d imagine they’ll continue with the group in some form though with some new people such as the characters from the Ao/Zero games as a possibility. There’s some good guides too that help you get everything you can which I’d utilize. I’ll see how things shake out.

    Good episode I thought. Not sure what to make of the stuff with Oscar and I couldn’t see anything in that mirror so I don’t know what he saw. I’m not sure if Ozpin sent himself into a mirror or if this is some program or spirit or something like that. More insight into Raven and Qrow is right that she has a very weird view of family. Also glad Yang put the arm on so hopefully we can start getting to see her recover more as well as see what her dad can do. Oh right I forgot about that one.

    Yeah not sure if Ifrit is just fighting you to test you or if he is under someone else’s control as you suggested. Probably, though it’ll probably be a while before we actually see what new plans they have for some things since Overwatch and WoW are the only things that are getting regular updates aside from the few coming out for Diablo and Starcraft II.

    It’s also weird since there is an optional tutorial that you can do before starting the game that goes over most everything. I think you could have just started with the present day opening. Actually I think the reason for those games was tied partly with them bringing in about the entire company to fix XIV and the extra XIII games were easy to make given the amount of reused assets, which made them cheaper and easier to make then if it was an all-new game. One does wonder if Nomura could have gotten it together if not for that, though I do wonder if Versus would have still been a PS3 game and how that would have worked. I’m not sure she was all that unique really and we ultimately knew next to nothing about her aside from a few tidbits. It seems to have been more common lately which is nice for those that want the option.

    That is the plan, though I’ve run into an issue. I can record it just fine and all, but the size of the files means they take forever to upload on Youtube to the point it seems to consume all of my internet where I can barely use it for anything but that upload. I need to see about perhaps encoding the videos into a smaller format, but not sure if there will be a loss of quality or not.

    I’m sure it’ll head into darker stuff and we’ll start seeing tons of people die or something. Oh right I suppose we might get some sort of announcement, though not sure when we would expect it. Summer maybe?

    Oh man I didn’t even think about the CG Knightmares. That could definitely be really weird though Akito was an OVA series so maybe they won’t go that route. Of course, we don’t know what format this is going to be just yet. I guess the PV from the event is going to be aired on TV December 23, so we’ll get our own view to see. I’ve only seen the one description which is interesting. Someone mentioned they’d been seeing fanart of Kallen with longer hair, which might be her new design given the time skip? I’d certainly like if we saw different looks for everyone. I also completely forgot about all the insane stuff Akito introduced in regards to Geass with the Administrator, which could pop up here now.
    I’d wonder if he doesn’t come to a final decision on things until later on. True there isn’t a whole lot they can do until that gets managed and then you have the Shifters present on the island too.

    Probably and most of my thoughts on Tv being better are with Stormlight just given how long and expansive those books are. The others could all probably work fine as films and they certainly have enough to make a big universe of films, though I’d wonder how popular or even good they’d end up being. No not yet. Waiting for maybe a sale or perhaps if I get some gift cards over the holidays right now. I wouldn’t expect it to take much time though.

    Show does seem like it’s gotten darker though I suppose it would still fit to have the overall plan not succeed if Thrawn can still pull something out of it for gain. I’d guess they’ll probably do a bunch of story episodes as it gets to the end. No hurry.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-29 18:26
    Dann of Thursday
    Good lord I forgot how long these videos took to load!
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-27 08:25
    Dann of Thursday

    So uh. Yeah... Not sure how to feel about this.

    There was a PV at this event that is apparently going to be on a release in December I believe. A summary is in the New Project thread in the Code Geass Sub-Forum if you're curious at all. I'm not exactly hopeful this is going to turn out as anything other than a mess, but who knows. They actually got Taniguchi and Okouchi to come back so perhaps they have a plan.

    That said, and I know how silly this sounds, if I don't get LelouchxC.C. out of this then I straight up don't care. I've largely learned not to care about this sort of thing anymore, but that is one area I will never budge on! Doubtful of course given all comments from them about her being a mother figure to him and simply an equal partner and all that nonsense. Damn I'm already falling back into it hard
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-25 20:52
    Dann of Thursday
    FYI, apparently FFXV has full subtitles for everything so you don't miss anything if you're in Japanese. Still, I think I'll stick with English.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-23 19:29
    Dann of Thursday
    Hope that works out for you and you can get something! Pretty much.

    Yeah, in that case it makes more sense and I believe Falcom’s games have been doing pretty well sales wise on Steam actually. So I may see about getting them all on PC just so I can eventually play that whole series. I may use the cheat engines available for them regarding money and experience just so I can catch up faster and get through the story at a better pace and then move on to CS. Good news regarding CSIII and I’m confident we’ll see it get released in the West hopefully around 2018 as you mention. We’ll see. I want to at least play the first two Sky games (3rd won’t be out till next year I believe and I believe it’s more of a side story to things) and then move on to CS. Some of that will depend on how long FFXV takes among other things.

    Will do. Being sent home early today given the holiday so I’ll probably give it a watch once home. Also doing a rewatch of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

    Looks nice enough but I see what you mean. Probably had their roles sidelined from whatever they might have once been I’d wager. There’s been so little regarding them I’m starting to think they were ultimately victims of the rewrites this game constantly had over the years. The fire god I believe was confirmed to be Ifrit. Probably about time they had some new blood honestly. I’d feel like they probably look ahead at this stage and try to plan things out as much as they can while maintaining what’s there now.

    I get it, but by all accounts it’s very poorly done in my view and ultimately a waste of time. Sort of curious how much the political aspects will end up mattering here so perhaps the mystical stuff will end up being dominant. Seems most of it was overseas though early copies have just started popping up in the States. Expected really that it might be a mess really and a shame they couldn’t seem to manage it. But I guess since Nomura sounded like we were going to get several games, condensing it all down just didn’t work out. Don’t really have much attachment to Stella myself since we barely knew anything about her, but have to admit her angle compared to Luna is a tad more interesting.

    Oh really? I think I can buy that. I could see them getting super dark later on though thus far it seems like it’s largely been pretty tame. Oh right forgot that was coming at some point.

    We’ll have to get the full story somehow after all. I’d imagine he’ll resolve to move forward but also hopefully take measured approach rather than charging in head first. I don’t think she’d have any relation to Eren so Grisha’s first wife would probably fit. Yeah that casual disregard could certainly make any kind of dialogue a challenge.

    Sanderson’s plan was for three trilogies for Mistborn. The original, then one set in contemporary times, and finally one in the far future that’s more sci-fi but still with metal powers. Wax and Wayne was supposed to be something like a small transition volume between the first and second trilogies but sort of grew into its own little series.

    I’d think that would perhaps be the big finale. Not sure how legit it is myself, but I’ve never had issues when someone has given me a link for them.

    Not sure when I’ll pick it up but I’ll let you know whenever I do. Oh is this tabletop or an actual video game? Interesting, the profile for her read like the kind you’d see for a customizable player character.

    Certainly and I believe Jun voiced his personal Persona too so he should have that as well. I think I may have heard something about that. Well, whatever happens it’ll be fine I imagine. Yeah, the only notable Sony releases this year left I think are FFXV and The Last Guardian. Oh certainly since I haven’t seen him in anything recently myself. Nah I’m good with some surprises. Something like that. All skills are available to you, but you’ll see a class name emerge depending on how you focus. Like if you were to go for tech and combat, it would label you as an Infiltrator. Spreading skills across all trees gives you the class name Pathfinder. Not sure if you can freely change the skills, but that would be really great. It does allow for something of a fresh start. Yeah, I don’t really see them there either but they could surprise us. Yeah it’s alright with a creative final part to it I thought. Oh right that comes out this week. Completely forgot about it so I’ll need to check it out too.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-21 18:02
    Dann of Thursday
    Yes, I’ve only watched some streams of people with the Japanese copy and while there are some actual lines it still isn’t quite that much. True, it’d be more amusing than anything I think. I was thinking that as well along with Nier Automata which comes out around the same time and which I don’t think will be quite as long as I expect Horizon to be. They will now though that wasn’t the case till this announcement and I’d certainly go a round with the Japanese cast. Ah gotcha. I’ve seen enough of Horizon I think that I don’t really need to see anymore. The changes to the class system are some of those that intrigue me the most since you aren’t simply locked into one anymore, though I wonder if you can freely redistribute points to try out different builds on the same save. The time skip was something I definitely was not expecting and makes for an interesting angle. They certainly don’t have the numbers yet and doing so would essentially mean ousting Azami, though that could always lead to the next stage. I’m not sure really. There wasn’t all that much to his character I thought personally, but he did admirably enough. They certainly could have done more with him I think.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-21 18:00
    Dann of Thursday
    Hey congrats! Hopefully that will be the case. Just so much uncertainty right now and him picking a bunch of people who seem rather alarming in their views and qualifications isn’t really helping. Such an utter mess. But yeah, just need to be vigilant. Okay that’s good to hear at least.

    Yeah, I can’t really blame them at this point since it’s a game from a really old system that would largely be played on a system that isn’t a hit in the West. Just unfortunate since the first two were. Oh didn’t know about that and it looks like there was one done for 2nd though not the 3rd thus far. I guess it would depend on how extensive the changes are in the localization among other things. Possible but also feels like it could be a longshot. Maybe once 3rd PC is completed? There’s also the next CS game though don’t think we have an ETA on that one. I think they’re pretty small as a distributer, but anything is possible.

    Oh right, forgot that came out. Need to watch that. Yeah, the fact they focused on him at all implies he’ll have something to do.

    Oh, for the manga? That definitely nice of him to take the time then and I’m very much looking forward to seeing him in the full game since I keep getting vibes he could be the main antagonist or near that role along with his performance. Sounds good and yeah that seems to be a question with both that series and Diablo now given where both arrived at. Nice on the poster too!

    Oh certainly given the themes we know regarding the game. I still feel puzzled by the inclusion of that section given how short it is. Yes, curious about the forces that seem to be conspiring to doom the world and all that. Ah I see, well the rest was good at least so nice to know it wasn’t anything major. Oh no, I remember we’d get games in early before release and we couldn’t touch them. I remember when GTAV came out we couldn’t even open the boxes to take stock or we could be fired. They were really picky about that one. Been reading impressions from those that got it early and they’re mostly positive, but with several mentioning a sort of Frankenstein like feel with how the game is put together that does it a disservice and story being sparse or oddly paced.

    It has some nice things about it, but I still want to take a wait and see approach for how it ends up going. Then I could probably just binge the entire thing at the end if I wanted.

    I feel like something like that is likely to happen since they seem to be drawing attention to how we’re only hearing either side without necessarily the whole picture like where the titan powers were obtained from. Yes at this point the present and where everyone moves from here is the interesting part. Eren at least seems to be having a more and more rounded view on the situation, which hopefully doesn’t leave him blinded from one side or another. Stepmom? You mean Mikasa there? Eren has only had the one mom who was Grisha’s second wife. Or am I forgetting someone? That’s a good point since I can’t easily imagine any kind of peace emerging right now based on what’s known.

    Oh I think some could certainly work as films like Elantris or maybe Warbreaker. Some of the Mistborn books too, especially the Wax and Wayne ones. Stormlight is another manner, but that one could be decades from completion. Will do

    Oh, just little bits here and there as he learns and starts to set them up in a trap? I don’t think so and not sure how to address it. I think could work since I believe it can handle large files.

    This is the proper one, yes? Read through the stuff on the site. Definitely an interesting concept with some interesting characters. From the sound of things, this Shard is sort of the player character in the game they’re working on for it if I understood correctly?
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-17 16:04
    Dann of Thursday
    So apparently copies of FFXV are out in the wild. None in the Austin area sadly

    New York apparently as I've heard people say they have stores saying they'll have it in tomorrow. So yeah.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-16 15:43
    Dann of Thursday
    Haha, Persona 5 got delayed to April 4 in NA, though it looks like we're getting Dual Audio. I'll still probably play the dub. Maybe on a second go around if I decide to I'll do Japanese since it does have an all star cast.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-15 13:54
    Dann of Thursday
    By the way, forgot to ask but how are you doing given the protests in the city and all. Just heard that apparently the Secret Service and NYPD will pretty much close down Fifth Avenue every time Trump visits. Does that affect you at all?

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