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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2016-11-09 21:43
    Dann of Thursday
    It's all good and no need to worry. Busy time all in all.

    Yeah, I've felt sort of numb all day myself but I think it's just giving way to a sort of acceptance that we just have to endure and deal with this as best we can. It just came as a shock. I suppose I partially bought into all that certainty everyone had but even then I thought it could end up a lot closer than everyone thought it would be. I just don't know what's all going to happen, but I have a hard time believing any of it will be good for the country. I'd like to think that if their actions cause us to decline that people who voted these people in might see their mistake, but I think that's being optimistic. They'll just blame something else I feel. Trump feels like something of a wild card, but ultimately I feel like he'll be more of a puppet than anything. The mid-term elections will certainly be extremely important now and I only hope we can get people riled to turn things around somewhat, but the Democratic party has a bad track record with turnout for these and it was already down this election which led to Trump winning. I hope Obama is successful is helping to increase turnout. Yeah, that is about all we can do now. I think what makes this a bit bad is that this is the first time the Republican party has controlled so much since 1928 or so and the party is a lot different from then. I do think the Democratic party absolutely needs to reconstruct itself from this into something that can drive turnout, but that's not necessarily an easy task. We've tried turning the other cheek and compromising and that's how government is supposed to work here or at least that's how I understood it. But the Republican party as it is now doesn't seem to want to reason. I imagine there are those that can be reasoned with, but they unfortunately are getting drowned out by the others.

    Rambling a bit, aren't I? I must admit the people who voted for him because they want 'change' or being anti-establishment baffle me a lot. Hillary was certainly a politician, but they voted for a guy who's while male millionaire who's part of the upper class. Doesn't seem the kind of guy you expect to do this sort of thing.

    Yes that would be nice. I paused going through Trails in the Sky, so that's something I need to get back to someday which may be soon next year. RWBY has been interesting thus far. Just a few weeks with XV now so hopefully that turns out well. I'd like to hear about NYCC. I've been hands off on Gundam actually and sort of think I might just wait that one out till it's done. I get what you mean with Claymore as it definitely gives that sort of vibe. I haven't really unfortunately and it's something I need to get back on. Sort of haven't kept up on the SW front though I know a little of what Blizzard is up to. But we can do a little bit of it all and just start anew here if you want. Pick and choose and I'll be good with anything.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2016-10-27 11:50
    Dann of Thursday

    Omen trailer for FFXV. Possible spoilers though it's hard to tell if this is just possibility, which is what I lean to.

    Game has also gone gold and they announced more details about the Season Pass, which confirmed some leaks from before. Playable episodes with each of the gang culminating in Online Multiplayer where each of the gang can be controlled independently, which is neat.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2016-10-20 10:07
    Dann of Thursday

    So it's called the Nintendo Switch. Not a bad name I suppose. I'm liking what I'm seeing at least.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2016-10-19 10:32
    Dann of Thursday
    Persona 5 English Cast Announced:

    Xander Mobus as the protagonist
    Cassandra Morris as Morgana
    Max Mittelman as Ryuji Sakamoto
    Erika Harlacher as Ann Takamaki
    Matt Mercer as Yusuke Kitagawa
    Cherami Leigh as Makoto Niijima
    Erica Lindbeck as Futaba Sakura
    Xanthe Huynh as Haru Okumura
    Robbie Daymond as Goro Akechi

    Xander is the guy who voiced Rufus Shinra in FFVII Machinabridged
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2016-10-10 22:10
    Dann of Thursday
    Yo. New chapter of Titan came out. Pretty much a big info dump, though I still feel we're getting a skewed history from both sides. The truth is always somewhere in the middle. We do get a better view of how the Shifters were brainwashed I think and all that talk about evil people. Zeke at least seems to have been completely brainwashed though I could see a twist where it isn't quite that.

    I like that we may know the purpose of the titans in the walls now, though I wonder if the purpose for them is an triggered command or if it was expected they would be commanded. I have to wonder then what is up with everyone in the royal family buying into the same sort of thing the Shifters are told though it may just be the King's opinions seeping in or something else.

    And yikes, the implications about the titan who killed Eren's mom are certainly quite disturbing.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2016-10-06 11:17
    Dann of Thursday

    They posted the RWBY Season 4 short from RTX on Youtube as well so we can see a much clearer view of it.

    Oh looks like they are at NYCC with some new character posters too.

    Also saw someone post pics from the new Blazblue and it seems some characters have RWBY characters that are so specific it feels deliberate.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2016-10-06 10:48
    Dann of Thursday
    Don't know if you were planning on doing NYCC again this year, but FFXV will be playable there. So something to maybe look for if you are there and time allows.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2016-09-29 12:56
    Dann of Thursday
    Lost Odyssey finally got announced for BC so that's nice.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2016-09-26 09:12
    Dann of Thursday
    Another update, but subs of the first Ancient Magus Bride OVA episode are out. That trailer is somewhat deceptive really, but we knew this wasn't a full series from the start. It's certainly an interesting start, though the fact we have to wait quite a while for the other episodes is unfortunate.

    It does look beautiful though. I can only hope we get to see a full series eventually, though admittedly the series is still very young.

    Oh and I found out they announced in April that there are Blu-ray remasters of G Gundam coming out in Japan. First half actually comes out tomorrow! I can only hope those get brought over through that deal over here with the English Dub (the Japanese releases come to around $312 for each set which is utterly ridiculous).

    Only thing that makes me think they might not is that while they've been doing a good job getting other series out, they haven't done releases of previous Blu-ray remasters like Wing or Seed. Only thing I can think is that they wanted to go in order of release which would now have G up next actually, though they've also got releases ready for G Reco as well as Build Fighters already being out. Gundam X already came out too, though it has never had a Blu-ray remaster so far as I can tell.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2016-09-19 08:10
    Dann of Thursday
    Haha, I'm actually playing through Trails in the Sky First Chapter right now and am planning to move onto SC and then the Cold Steel series myself since the former comes earlier in the timeline of that world. It's been confirmed there is going to be a third Cold Steel game and we're also going to get the Trails to Zero/Trails to Azure series that takes place co-currently with Cold Steel in the world's timeline. The leads from it actually show up in Cold Steel apparently (Lloyd I believe is one of them).

    Us getting Zero/Azure is apparently dependent on how well SC and the CS games do, though when they do come out they should come out on PC. the Trails in the Sky series is already on there and I believe there are hopes to possibly bring Cold Steel as well.

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