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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2016-09-15 09:23
    Dann of Thursday

    New TGS FFXV Trailer though the beginning seems incredibly spoilery.

    I also continue to be amused at how many games are coming out in February.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2016-09-08 18:43
    Dann of Thursday
    Some MEA news came about after the PS4 Pro reveal beyond that short bit of gameplay that we were shown. Apparently both the female and male Ryder characters are in the game at the same time and are siblings with the character in the first trailer being their dad, so we seem to be with a family of explorers this time. It's a cool concept and it makes me hope they utilize it as best they can.

    Honestly I wasn't too impressed with what was shown.

    Also announced is that we'll be getting more info on November 7th (N7 Day).
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2016-09-06 16:59
    Dann of Thursday
    FYI Horizon is the cover story for Gameinformer this month. The cover is gorgeous too. I kind of hope they make it a reversible for the box art.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2016-09-03 10:00
    Dann of Thursday
    I think there were plans to animate a manga series that also took place between the two seasons, but yeah there isn’t really much they do.

    I think Masamune is what we’re getting and that’s it. No word on those first two in any region, but Zidane’s daggers is a bonus for Europe and Lightning’s gunblade is Japan. It does look like they get Masamune too, but you’d think they’d have announced if US was getting anything else at this point. I didn’t really have an issue following the plot either, but I’m exactly sure it was a great story really. I really felt they should have gone into a bit more detail on the big picture with the Plague of Stars to emphasize why it’s so important Noctis is able to get away safely. All they did was talk about destiny and stuff without much detail. Yes, it would be a really good move I think to have those bits thrown into the game to give better connections and some more character to certain aspects. I think you mean Father? I’m not sure on that either really though when they introduced him originally at the event it gave the impression he was in the game proper. Yeah, that’s apparently going to be a focus there and I think that Regis and Noctis are the key characters that episode. Hopefully so as well as some expansion in the main game itself.

    They aren’t that bad really, though I confess I think the Japanese performances come across a bit more natural after hearing them. Part of it may be the audio mixing too as at times it felt like the English lines are just layered after one another, which I guess is pretty much the truth.

    There’s still going to be another day one patch from the sound of things, but agreed. I’d imagine there’s a practical side to it as well since reviewers would be playing copies without access to a day one patch and that could have adversely affected scores, which could in turn lead to bad sales.

    Probably not at first. I’ll wait a bit for more info as I imagine the game will keep me going for a good long while. I will at some point I imagine unless I end up not liking the game. It’d definitely be a nice feature to play around with I agree and certainly Actually, from the impressions from people that is the full Chapter 0 as they mention that while there are cutscenes cut out of the video we saw, the entirety of Chapter 0 is there. We also got confirmation on who the boss at the start is as well as it not being the final boss.

    One thing I heard which was a tad unfortunate was that there wouldn’t be a dub for BBCF. Don’t care either way since I won’t be getting it, but it’s sad when all previous releases did have a dub and one people seemed to like.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2016-09-03 09:59
    Dann of Thursday
    Hard to say what they’re thinking. Maybe it’ll get delayed further out into 2017 or we’ll see some sort of media blowout soon with previews and such.

    True, the pictures implied she either thought of him as such or found out after her mother died since the intro shows she doesn’t seem to know yet. That’s interesting and hopefully they incorporate some of that in the games.

    It’s been quiet lately so perhaps they’ve indeed managed to stall for now. Possibly though they might also not care and just make as much money as they can in the short term.

    Perhaps. I can only really comment of what I’ve played of their games and LoU is one I’ve only seen videos of. It’s hard to convey exactly what I mean honestly. I’m curious if the boy might get some new weapons of his own like a new bow or something like that. It’d be make sense for him to get new stuff too in addition to Kratos. I haven’t enjoyed watching any of their previous games so I see no reason to think this will be any different. It’d definitely be cool to see him pop up. May just mean I’ll have to be a lot more selective on which ones I actually get so I don’t end up with half-finished or not played at all games. I kind of doubt that, especially when it’s been said recently that the second half of the game becomes a lot more linear in some respects since apparently you travel by train.

    Unless they put in some movie that recaps everything like what apparently happened with Deus Ex: MD. Probably unless they just consolidate they’re console and handheld divisions which is looking to be the case, although there’s been word they plan to support the 3DS through 2018. Possibly unless they decide to try something different or actively pursue making it a mobile/tablet game. And yeah, stylus was always the way to go for that one.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2016-09-03 09:58
    Dann of Thursday
    Ah right, all that could significantly impact all those parts of society. Or them deciding to intercede to help people dealing with Grimm. Ah I get you. This is definitely an opportunity to come even more into a leader like role since at times it did feel like he relied on Phyrra in a certain sense. Controlling it will probably be the next major development for it if that is possible. Yes, finding out their status is definitely something I think and I’m actually curious if a goal is to have Cinder take all their powers for herself which sounds even more broken. Forgot about that actually.

    I’ll let you know whenever I do. Edit: Caught up on RWBY Chibi. Some good bits but overall not really to my tastes. I think it may be that I considered the humor to be one of the weakest aspects of the main series. Camp Camp on the other hand is definitely up my alley. Only watched the first two episodes but really enjoying that one.

    Hopefully since this could lead to friction otherwise which is about the last thing they need right now. He is qualified I suppose and I’m not sure Levi could take the role since he’s a fighter above all. Oh right, I forgot he would have that power now. Nope.

    Yes, though I’m curious if they’ll go gradual corruption or Mordo being evil all along. Yes, hopefully the fights are as creative as the visuals seem to be though I wonder if the magic world is going to go in different directions visually or if it will always be this same visual style. Yeah, and Affleck has been doing a good job directing as of late that I feel a bit more confident that something from him can turn out well. That and the concept behind Batman always feeling inherently easier to bring to the screen. He actually posted some video on Facebook which appears to be teasing Deathstroke.

    Same and from the way they talked about who they got I’m thinking it might be the same guy from Avatar.

    I’ll see if I can at some point.

    Not a bad idea but I generally don’t care if stuff gets spoiled. I pretty much know the fates of most major characters off hand. Love his stuff actually and forgot White Sand came out. It’s funny but it was several books before I found out about all the connections. I completely missed the implications on a certain section of the first Stormlight Archive book due to it. I think I’ve pretty much read everything in his universe except some of the short stories.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2016-09-03 09:55
    Dann of Thursday
    Hope you enjoy it then. That’s quite bizarre then unless the first arc is substantially long.

    There seem to have been a few of those lately.

    Ah right it is technically that format. Maybe though there’s a couple twists here and there that could affect that later on.

    Music and cooking feel like the most recent examples coming up a fair bit. Only one involving drawing I can think of is Bakuman which isn’t quite the same as others.

    Eh, I think it’s fine if they don’t all find matches. That’s life after all and most works I’ve seen with this sort of think generally have everyone moving forward in some manner.

    Yeah, looked a bit at it and noticed that. Have to admit that’s a bit of a turn off for me.

    I’ve been really enjoying that one so far myself. I’d never really seen anything like it or at least that I can recall offhand.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2016-09-03 09:53
    Dann of Thursday
    I know how to make spaghetti though not lasagna, which I’ve never actually had before. Did find a book of pizza recipes from around the world and also lessons for practicing the preparation of them. I’ve been meaning to try some of my mother’s cookie recipes for years since she stopped making them for Christmas some years ago, but just never get around to it. Okay, take care of yourself though and getting enough sleep is definitely going to help I think. Exercising and adjusting your diet can aid in that as well I think.

    You’d think they’d do something though I don’t know how big anniversaries are though there’s that aforementioned Code Geass event for the 10 year but who knows what that will actually be. Same here really. Oh no, I agree that the OVA ended on a pretty open note if they ever wanted to go on.

    Not sure if I’ll watch it anytime soon since it’s not the kind of show I’m that into rewatching even if it is in another language. I did a rewatch of Build not too long ago which was quite enjoyable as I think it could be one of those shows I can easily rewatch if the mood should strike. There was some special for Try released this week. It was alright though nothing much to it, aside from a character who ultimately felt like a huge tease that I’d like to see followed up on.

    Both look to be shaping up pretty well so hopefully they are both good in the end.

    I had to look that up because I didn’t know what you meant at first. I hadn’t read any of these at all aside from maybe the first two honestly. Interesting though to see them back then.

    Well, Gin is now accounted for as of the latest chapter though he claims to be neutral. I don’t think he’ll actively help Soma since he’d want him to achieve on his own, but he seems to have given him a tip when the bear was announced. I’ve seen people remember that prediction of Gin’s about Hayama’s talent potentially being his downfall and I could see that coming to pass here. Especially in a case where his specialty has the advantage. Nice to see Kuga coming along with a helping hand too and this will hopefully let us see further progress for Soma. This is the time I expect us to start seeing characters fall even if it will mean expulsion. We might even see some take an option to join Central to save themselves since it would honestly be a bit much for all these matches to end in Elite 10 defeats. Unless Eizan has been kicked out for that failure and we just haven’t been told. If Kuga is gone though then that does provide an open spot. And Erina remains 10. With Hayama, that’s exactly what I think happened with him though I wonder if some of this is genuinely letting his talent go to his head. For all we know he has some revenge scheme in mind as well. I forget that ship is even a thing honestly though I guess I get where it comes from. Jun isn’t an important or compelling enough character for me to really care what happens to her honestly. It’s true that at the rate they are going we will be done with the match in an episode or two at most which would leave 2-3 left. That doesn’t seem to be enough to do that whole arc though and starting part way doesn’t seem an answer to me. I guess it depends on whether this anime drives more manga sales. It already got a reduced season so this could be it for a while for all we know.

    I hadn’t read any of these I don’t think actually. Interesting though.

    It can be especially difficult for the less well known or popular ones, but what can you do. Don’t know yet. Maybe this weekend, but I can’t promise anything. Of course there are still yet more cards. No surprise there.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2016-09-03 09:51
    Dann of Thursday
    No hurry and I hope you do start feeling a bit better. Nice.

    More than I do I’m sure since I’m only starting to grasp certain aspects.

    Yeah, though in Ingway’s case you could argue he brought him on himself with his schemes even if he didn’t intend this to be the end result. It was definitely the most interesting of their games I’ll agree. Their next project is called 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim and is a sci-fi mecha action game, which could be cool and a departure for them since most of their stuff has been fantasy in nature. I’ll need to look up some of that again as I may have forgotten and I kind of took a break from gaming as of late. Been thinking I might try something like maybe play FF VII and continue up from there since it’s something I always wanted to do. Also don’t really want to buy too much right now so I can save and put more into various payments. Haha, I suppose so. Given that leak on the PS4 Slim model with a price drop, maybe you could pick that one up too if you really wanted to hit that 500 fast, though not sure if that’d be a good idea. Hope you enjoy it though! No price drop announced just a bunch of games. You could upload it for download somewhere I guess? I think Mega is one though not sure how it works uploading there.

    Yeah, from what I remember of SotC, it should be a pretty decent length unless you really focused on pushing through over a weekend or something. Still figuring out if I’ll get that one at launch or just wait for a while. I have been thinking about that and it won’t stop me picking up P5 at launch, but it might just take a little bit before I get to it depending on how long XV goes for. XV being good will also be a factor since if it ends up not being that great I might push just getting it done and over with faster than I might have otherwise. I used to go somewhat crazy but toned it down over time since it just ended up being me purchasing tons of games I never got around to playing. Only exception is for games that have a fair chance of becoming scarce later on, though that isn’t as big an issue nowadays.

    Given the setting, I can only imagine they think it might not do as well or something. VC3 was stated to be due to poor sales for VC2 and the PSP not being too popular in the West and I can’t really fault that reasoning as much as it sucks. There are rumors about a new handheld or Vita revision getting announced at the Playstation Neo event, but nothing really big to substantiate it yet. Yeah, though I still fear the thing will be took gimmicky which they’ve had a tendency to do as of late.

    That game was announced a while ago, I think last year. I seem to remember discussing it with you and there was a Japanese demo around February. First I’d heard it was a prequel though. I’d always heard it was either a completely different world with the same concepts, though it seems the prequel thing is now certain. Not sure if that was something that changed or them revealing new details. Seems the gameplay changed quite a bit from demo feedback since apparently everyone complained it wasn’t enough like the old games despite them wanting to actually try something new and different since this was considered a spin-off. And they’ve already talked about remaking VC2 and 3:

    Mikami: You say "remaster", but it would end up being a "remake", wouldn't it? (Laughs). Regarding porting them over from the PSP... fixing up the resulting unsatisfactory parts would be a herculean effort. Whether it's actually practical to do, that in itself is tough to digest.

    Mikami: We've only given it thought for now. Remaking the entire series will be quite difficult, so we're going to talk about that possibility after Azure Revolution has been released.

    I think the backgrounds in IX are higher quality than in VII though I’d have to check again to be honest. I mean, IX is still only on mobile and PC with no release for PS in sight. Then again, the release of VII seemed timed to coincide with the announcement of the Remake. Yeah, I’ve heard positive things though trepidation as well as some getting tired of their process. Yep.

    Yeah, I’d say it definitely increases the chances of seeing it now though when is another question. For disc based BC I think it required having a disc of the game in unless I’m mistaken. If there’s an option to buy digitally then I expect then it’ll erase the need except for maybe a brief screen indicating you are moving on.

    That’s a good point and it helps build the world out since we won’t know much about it so a journal with her observations would be neat. That would definitely be cool to see since they could also use that to hint at the world before. They could also tie it into creating new weapons or arrows.

    If they’re having Zahn do a book then I’d imagine they might consult him a bit to make sure they’ve got it right. True, though I’d imagine there would have to be some kind of endgame to show where these characters are.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2016-09-01 13:06
    Dann of Thursday

    Pretty lengthy interview if you wanted to look over if you want.

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