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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2014-08-26 21:35
    Dann of Thursday
    Huh, that's definitely interesting and a good display of preparedness on their part since they can choose to address it or not depending on how the games continue to do.

    I don't think anyone liked that game so it's a good thing they've payed attention on that front. Just as well since I probably wouldn't play it. It's definitely a good concept so hopefully it fulfills the promise there. It'd be great to get dates, but I'd be surprised if we did. FFXV could maybe get at least a season and year if we do though. Yeah, it uses a whole new engine and is already in Arcades in Japan with a release there for consoles later in the year so we still could see a new Blaz Blue from them. I feel that series is continuing cliffhangers, which might be one of the problem with fighting game storylines since you usually have to find some way to keep it going. It's better than nothing in any case so good on them for keeping on it I suppose. It'd make sense if they prepared for it on some level, but I agree they'd be able to come up with something suitable. And really, that aspect is what we wanted to know the most about. It's fantasy so it's only appropriate we sound British

    I definitely like the idea and such behind it. The excuse for it being a special group working for your Inquisitor is a nice touch as is making your controllable characters have actual personalities. And I'm always a sucker for loot.
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2014-08-26 21:08
    Dann of Thursday
    I'm like an hour outside or so, but I don't go to the city that often myself. Not enough time or money really at the moment. I am unsure whether they plan to have this current arc span the entire series or if they'll finish it and then adapt some side stories. I'm getting a bit tired of the only decent movies being with him though and really want to see them trying out more characters, though even that's not a guarantee as Green Lantern can attest to. I don't think having Tony be responsible is necessarily a bad choice since creating that sort of thing is something I could see this version trying out. I could see them eventually having Bucky take over for Steve down the line, but hope we get another film with him at least. Not sure how they can tie that in since Natasha's origin seems a fair bit different compared to the comics which justify them knowing each other. I was really looking forward to a Doctor Strange film, but apparently they don't plan to do origin story films anymore and instead have him start the movie already as the Sorcerer Supreme. Please do.

    The whole thing could be her tagging along with Souma and friends, though how they could convince her aside from the manga thing I don't know. Everyone else's reactions to her being there could be hilarious as well. If she becomes curious enough about the match we could see her inquiring more about him and such. I'm not sure if he'd be that shaken up by it, though he'd probably be curious to learn more about his dad. It'd be nice to see him get shaken up, though he doesn't quite strike as one easily deterred. Subaru is going to be in for it though if losing doesn't shatter him alone.

    That might be a better use of these since they don't seem like they'd take as much work and they can fill the space between seasons if you throw one out every so often. Hopefully they talk about it a bit then to give us something to go off of though probably not for a while given that. True and I'll even admit I'm more curious about it due to Platinum making it then whatever plot it has going. It does provide a reason to focus on everyone doing their own thing, which could even be used to reinforce Korra's doubts of her place. True, though in some of those they either were never given notice as especially unique or given enough to infer such as the presence of those tattoos on both instances of combustion implying a connection. Blue fire is still a mystery though aside from Asuna bring special and it increasing her menace in a way. It really does seem to amount to those limits the shortened seasons impose. Sometimes wonder what the show might have been like if they'd been given more leeway in that area. I'm not sure people really care enough anymore even if he did at this point, though some seem impressed by him taking out Ming Hua. Yeah, we'll see. I'm wondering what reason they'll use to have her go there unless something bad goes down or it's somehow part of her recovery. Hopefully they address it a bit.
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2014-08-25 18:43
    Dann of Thursday
    There unfortunately aren't many in the way of such shops near me, though I do come across them while traveling occasionally. I might be thinking of the stories as they were originally since all these stories were originally published online then put into novel form where the author expanded and rewrote some sections. It'd certainly do a lot to getting people's interest I think and there's a lot of potential to perhaps do something of an adventure story here than some of the more heavy handed stuff you see elsewhere. I'm not especially confident myself since they seem to be going with using this next movie to introduce several heroes then go straight for the JL. I was a bit miffed, but at this point I can't say I care as much anymore. I have been a bit bummed with that Ant-Man movie since despite being leery about the whole set-up and focus on Scott Lang it sounded like it could be at least fun before Wright left. If I watch anything at all it'll probably be catching up if I can on what I've missed.

    That's certainly possible. It was sort demonstrated in that chapter where she went out with Alice, but this reinforces it even more. I'd imagine someone taking her out shopping would be an epic adventure fraught with danger for her. Right now, I'm thinking this is more of a cameo and that we may potentially see more of her pending the results of this whole thing. The change in perspective alone would be worth it as well as a chance for some flashbacks detailing her meeting him and such. True, all that's left is to see how he'll lose.

    It makes the most sense so perhaps the last one might be a history of the conflict with the Grimms since we haven't gotten all that much info on them. They also don't even seem that dangerous compared to some of the other threats unless there's some source out there. Perhaps she doesn't even know what it can really do herself, but we'll see. Apparently it's already in production and all, though I don't know if I'd expect to see anything of it this year not that it wouldn't be welcome. There's that game coming out from Platinum Games as well, which could perhaps entice more viewers. I hope it doesn't come too fast as bad as it sounds since it could make the gradual rebuilding she'll have to do all the more meaningful. I think it's more that there's not much explanation regarding the ability and how it's possible whereas with metal bending we had that bit from the Guru about how metal is simply earth refined thus making it possible if one can discover the way. There's definitely some touch being special in some fashion though with the specialties. We'll see how he does and perhaps uses this to grow or not. It's more that she's a random character just now being named and getting lines and there's reasoning for doing what she did even if she's still is a member. Not enough to go on quite yet, but something to keep an eye on. Well, given the chaos in the region I'd presume they'd try to do something to help sort it out unless disasters start striking other parts of the world.

    Yeah, still so little to go on with that one. Oh I hope not, that whole thing was a pain. Yes, the former is definitely preferable and they've never really done anything like that with their games aside from some facebook stuff I think. Ah, agreed on that completely since I got tired of them in 3 without needing to see more of their family history. It apparently deals with the Kenways as well and serves as some bridge to the future, though I'm not sure if it matters at this point since I'm not sure they know what they're doing with that aspect. Yeah, I'm pretty satisfied with news as well for the most part beyond waiting on those holdouts like FFXV. They're also working on a new Guilty Gear as well so maybe that takes priority unless they have separate teams working on each. True, can't really see what they could really bring unless they go wild with it all. Ah, wasn't aware they were still doing updates for that. No idea what sort of conclusion will come from this so it'll be interesting to see. I wonder if they have some sort of apocalypse in mind to close off everything. It's definitely getting silly at this point since I don't think anything has even been talked about from their end since it was announced. No complaints either thus far and I do find it hilarious they have English and British as options for some reason.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2014-08-24 10:11
    Dann of Thursday
    I sometimes forget just how many shops and whatnot are present at these. I could have sworn this whole arc ended on some kind of cliffhanger in the novels, but not sure how they'll go with that since there were also a lot of other stories including one that focused on Asuna. It'd definitely be a good way to go with it and could perhaps pop up as a background storyline later on or something. It is always neat to see him summon something truly insane to show just how useful an ability talking to sea creatures is. Hmm, I'd say Wonder Woman could also fit in with that given her background and such, but Aquaman too has that quality that sets him apart. Reading on it apparently he is a major character for the whole show so maybe they'll parallel his growth with Gordan's or something like that. That's the biggest thing I suppose.

    Neither will I. Indeed, the chapter gives the impression she wasn't all that mad she lost either, but it will be something to watch for in how Hisako improves. The fact she considers what she reads shameless also drives home just how sheltered she is and it looks like she may be doing this for Souma in exchange for the last volume, which could also be a way to elicit her help later on. Oh man, something like that could completely break his concentration if it were to be revealed in the course of the Shokugeki.

    Yes, especially since they hadn't given us the info before and it also seems likely to feed into future events. Curious what the next ones will be though I'd imagine something about the various countries might be in store. That definitely seems a possibility and perhaps there's a flaw there that can be exploited by the students. Yeah, I'm not sure exactly what the advantages would be either, but then we haven't exactly been told what dust clothing bestows in that area. I remember it being a bit annoying, but that midseason finale was a pretty decent place to stop at I thought. Yeah, no one in the main cast died at least at least though it was hard watching her be so down. It's actually what I'd hoped season one would do with her losing access to her bending before Aang just gave it back and seems rooted in some of the same areas of her self-confidence and place in the world. I was a bit annoyed with it since there wasn't much in the way of foreshadowing or explanation regarding lavabending unlike other instances in the past like metalbending. Granted I've seen someone point out that lavabending doesn't use the same kind of motions regular bending does, but seems to have something in common with waterbending which Bolin has shown instances of integrating with his style. Hopefully he gets more to do since it didn't feel like he had much focus, though it didn't bother me too much since Bolin did need some time on him. Me neither, but I definitely think they're still around. That captain who rescued Tonraq is incredibly suspicious to me for one. It was a beautiful scene and helped not make things quite so depressing.

    Hopefully yes, though we don't know much about what sort of systems will be in place for that one. Sort of like a minigame that way, which could be fun. Hell they could probably spin it into one of those mobile games that integrate with the main game, though actually having it in the game itself would be preferable. Yeah, it definitely looks like a compelling one at that, though 4 actually was alright if not the strongest on the storytelling front. That Rogue game has an interesting premise as well I thought with being an Assassin turned Templar for the main character. Yeah, and hopefully we'll get some announcements on what might be brought unless they want to surprise us. It'd certainly do a lot to bring up a bit of confidence in the title and make up a bit for all the silence. It could even be a way to perhaps introduce new races if they wanted as well. That and Old Republic not exactly being a runaway success last I checked along with this other project seeming to make up for it. True, they can up the insanity however they want now after this sort of twist. I don't get it either really since it's understandable that there will be bugs since that's one of the points of a beta. Even a video sort of going over the system would be nice. Yeah, it always has this weird uncanny look when you combine it with that and I've been hoping for a while they might improve on that aspect. True, the community can usually be relied upon in respects like that.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2014-08-22 18:38
    Dann of Thursday
    Each has its time and place to shine. I'll have to try that then since there are some other series not in print anymore I wouldn't mind tracking down. I know and it felt rather jarring after the first part. As long as the novels I'd assume since I think there is one final arc to this series after the one going now with some side stories as well to delve into. Well, I think the story was that there wasn't really one Red Hood but just some guy they dressed up to throw police off so it could work. He's usually the one being the most reasonable at least in all these conflicts. I've thought that's largely turned out well even if I honestly think the Thor movies are the weakest, though there are some specific reasons for that. Hard to tell thus far really, though I am curious how much contact he'll have with Gordan. True, that is what is often done in cases like these.


    We've already got a few celebrities joining from the looks of the things and perhaps this is that business he had to take care of he mentioned to Souma. Oh, it'll be great I'm sure. Yes, it's actually a bit sad since it kind of comes across that Hisako is the closest thing she had to a friend. The fact she reads shojo is also hilarious to me. Also, Subaru's whole imagination thing is pretty creepy honestly.

    Didn't realize were even getting them, but it was definitely interesting. I'm wondering if Cinder might be an example of someone putting Dust into their own body. The bit about clothes is also very intriguing and I half wonder if we may have already seen examples such as perhaps Ruby's cloak. I think I started watching a bit before the first season finale and followed from there, though the often erratic scheduling made it hard to watch episodes at times. And damn, was that finale dark in a lot ways! Some rather brutal deaths and an honestly depressing ending in some respects. Let me know what you think when you get around to watching it.

    Yes, nothing to worry about for now.

    Yes, it would have been a perfect opportunity and I wonder if Inquisition was meant to take the idea and expand on it more. Yes, it looks like an interesting story and an expansion of what was done in the first game to a degree, though I have no idea if I'll ever play it myself. Certainly not this year at any rate as I'm trying to budget down as much as I can. That's definitely be something to see given the potential for destruction. Either would be appreciated, but I find myself most wanting to simply see a gameplay demo that isn't some in-progress thing, but something perhaps akin to this Mordor demo. Maybe they'll eventually expand to letting you travel the whole world. On dragons. Though that feels like it could head to MMO route, which I prefer to avoid. I wonder how many ideas they have saved up for expansions or if they just come up with each one one at a time. That's certainly what I'm hoping. True, it's seems straightforward enough that they might release it a week or two before release. That has been something of a tendency I haven't cared for either and don't quite get.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2014-08-21 18:38
    Dann of Thursday
    It's nature as a more serial show definitely worked as a good introduction that definitely made me invested in seeing what CC had to offer. I imagine it'll remain in such a state for the time being as well. Yeah, DVD I can find for 40 or the Blu-ray for 60, which I think is due to it having been put out by Bandai and not being reprinted. As well as not reduce one of its leads to a damsel in distress, but have them remain actively part of what's going on. True, and the way he structured the original story left a wide time gap that could be filled in with side stories which were represented in the anime. It feels hard to tell at times though I've noticed I don't see quite so many of the mainstays I'm used to as often. Something more to check on then in any case. I was thinking they might do something with that whole origin in the Killing Joke, but it may be better if they don't even do that and leave it something of an unknown. He's definitely one of the premiere examples of it. Yeah, the environment would be something hard to replicate without a lot of sets and Atlantis and what it brings is one of the coolest thing about Aquaman. Warner/DC is apparently working on a movie though so hopefully something comes of that. And if he does I wouldn't expect much of it until near the end of the show when they start really forming into what they'll become. Curious how time is going to work and if we'll see Bruce growing as a sort of background plot.

    True, but having some dude chowing down on Eren's leg feels a bit over the top even for this. It's one of those random mysteries about Eren's powers and the events of how he got them. And I suppose either we'll have his father show up and explain or Eren will remember it all.

    The bits about the judges is rather interesting as well and it'd really be something of Souma's dad shows up as a judge, which I imagine would push Souma even harder. There's also a not about what happened with Hisako, though it isn't much it seems.

    Yeah, and there does need to be a bit of breathing room between all these to forward the plot. Aang did benefit from having a relatively straightforward goal that allowed for a lot to happen as opposed to what was done with Korra, though I've always found it weird to think that whole show happened in a year.

    It'd definitely be a good opportunity to go into all those organizations and further the history as well.

    Hopefully if this system goes over well they could introduce something in a similar sort of way to something like Mass Effect. Will do. They've definitely done a generally good job not just showing everything though at times I'd wish they'd show more. Looks pretty good thus far and with a better look at the Nemesis system. Didn't realize there were mounts as well. I've definitely got enough to cover that time span. Maybe a look at what the boss fight with a summon like that might actually be like? It's definitely got that feel for it and part of it is definitely that they didn't go with quite the same route they did with ME. I suppose it depends on how many loose ends get tied up as well as what new ones they decide to create.

    I really hope they finish whatever bugs are happening so we have more than enough time to play around with it. I'm expecting at least a month before release so October is my guess. I'd imagine they'd keep around the basic ones since they'd be the easiest to do.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2014-08-21 00:22
    Dann of Thursday
    Yeah, though I'm not sure it was ever meant to since I got the impression it was designed to sell toys moreso than even the original, though that's a guess on my part. Looked into it and it seems they did in the past but apparently let their rights to it slip so no idea on it now. That's a pretty good deal, especially compared to some of the prices I've seen online. That as well as having a better villain and a bit of a different approach with the sort of police work Kirito is doing here. I suppose part of it was wishing the author had gone with a more ensemble cast since I often found myself wishing we'd get some episodes devoted to characters like Klein who seemed to have really interesting stories going on in their own right. Very true, though it is going to be sad whenever we start losing some of the real veterans, though that's more on the Japanese side. I've never actually seen that series myself or really know anything about it. Given what they've done so far from what I've seen that does seem to be the case at least. I do hope they don't try to put a Joker origin in there given how his origin has usually been connected to when Batman was starting out, unless they want to throw in a quick nod or something. I don't know if I'd go with that so much as he's simply rather flexible in where he can be applied as well as being relatively simple compared to other super heroes. They actually had a pilot for a series with him, but it didn't do well I guess. I do agree though as he really isn't the joke he's often made out to be. That it's much more grounded in general really works to its favor.

    It almost feels like it would be going into over the top territory, but yes we'll have to see. I was just wondering after going over some past chapters and seeing that part where he was said to have remembered something about his dad and then gotten all sad.

    Spoilers up for next Shokugeki and it really is a nice one that deals with some of the things we've been hoping about if going over others a bit lighter.

    It's definitely a great way to demonstrate what everyone is capable of and perhaps see more new tricks from the main characters. Well, they did end Book Two of the original with Aang pretty much dying then getting brought back so they could go the traumatic route like that. If they can manage that well anyway. Yes, it'd be a shame. Indeed, seeing how an Airbender can come to that conclusion would be very interesting to see given what we've seen of them before.

    Maybe it'll have a general history of the Inquisition itself in there since I can't recall offhand if it came up in the first volume.

    It's usually just that you get something and that's it so it'll be nice to see actual effects of your efforts perhaps positively affect the world. Alright, I was worried that might make it a bit weird going from one to the other. That could definitely be the case and would probably be a really smart decision if they have enough with just the Lycans. I can't recall having seen a full world map yet for the game, but I'd imagine it'd be pretty damn big considering. Yes, being able to take them down can be empowering and help relieve tension. Haven't they? I could have sworn the last few trailers have featured a lot of the same, but perhaps I'll have to look again. What they've shown looks close, but I'm not entirely convinced that meant at all the rest of the game was close. I don't see why they wouldn't at this point. True, it's probably inevitable and perhaps they'll use it to lead into wherever they're going next with all this. Oh, well I guess that works as well.

    Well, this isn't all of it and some might be connected within others such as hardening characters like Alistair since that felt like something fairly important with him. Given just how deep some of this seems to go I can't see why they'd gloss over some of that unless it absolutely did not pertain to the game in any way. I thought I saw something that looked like a sort of creation screen for the lead, so perhaps it is.
  8. Dann of Thursday
    2014-08-19 17:40
    Dann of Thursday
    Found this:

    Surprised to see the second volume so soon, but nice to see nonetheless.

    I always liked the idea of a game that had you in charge of an army and had the rank and file soldiers looking up to you and whatnot. Gives more of a face to it all in a sense even if the faces are generic to a degree. Definitely, in general they really do give you the best bang for your buck. I'll with that route then, though aren't several of the characters aged up in the show? Maybe it won't be that weird. It'd definitely be a lot more interesting if there were several kinds of half-breeds like vampires or aquatic based things. Ah, I didn't think of that and it would make sense. Hopefully it all lives up to the potential scale and things you could do. Now that's a surprise and a welcome one at that. I'm liking the general look and idea, though I'm also quite confused with what's going on beyond the start, which isn't exactly a bad thing. The general length in comparison to a movie or something can kind of wear down after a while. Maybe? I know it's been really big over in these parts for quite some time, but I feel like there haven't been too many of those beyond RE that have been big. I'm not sure either really. I can't say I'm too confident about them and I really hope that they don't go and show another repeat trailer with only a few seconds of new stuff thrown in. That might just irritate me more. Hopefully so and if they throw in some gains for the War Table and thus connect it to the single player as you suggested, then it could work. Maybe they could update with new missions now and then as well. Yeah, I rather wish it'd been more of a single player direction than what they went with. I'm rather curious as to if there will be weird timeline stuff going on since that was a major event in their history to have changed, right?

    Oh, also someone uploaded some images from the Keep Beta:

    Looks like they really did go full into it with things like sidequests and such.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2014-08-19 17:23
    Dann of Thursday
    Sorry, internet was down all of yesterday.

    It really was a great show. I liked New Century as well, though more for the whole tournament than the plot, which Chaotic Century ran circles around. Really wish there had been some sort collection of those series put out and I don't know who even had the rights anymore. Agreed, though it's always possible there were other factors like what happened with Code Geass R2. I tend to only go for complete collections and even then only with shows I really like. I hope that one gets licensed again since it's really pricey online for just a movie. I've been looking in on it as well and the set-up is at least rather interesting and isn't irritating me as much as that second half did. I thought the first half had problems too, though a lot of that has to do with seeing wasted potential. Yeah, it's sort of a shame that I don't hear her or some other the other veterans as much these days. I'm a bit curious if these OVAs are strictly prequel or will go into any of the plotlines from the movies or series, though hopefully they don't rehash anything. It reminds me a bit of that Gotham Central comic a few years back which focused on Gordan and the police force and how they deal with things in that city. It'd be really nice if that was the case, though Fox has always been weird with what they keep on for a long amount of time I feel. I'm also rather interested in that Flash series as he's one of my favorites and thought the pilot was alright. It does have all those unfortunate trademarks of drama that seem inherent in any superhero show the CW airs.

    It'd be nice if one of them would just go on some long speech about their reasons just to make things easier on everyone. Maybe they have some of whatever was injected in Eren and will turn Reiss into a Titan and have him eat Eren that way? Also, do you think Eren may have eaten his dad? True, what we saw indicated several limits if he even can do it. Yeah, we seem to be focusing largely on them, which makes sense I think. Hope we get another look at what's going on with Eren and Historia soon though.

    True, at this point it would probably fit more to enter into the tournament and whatnot with us likely going back to this sort of thing when things go to hell at the end of the season. Yes, we really do have no idea what the end goal is here aside from some indications of perhaps vying for power or something. I guess they could always end it on a big death like him, though I'd be a bit surprised if they went that route. They've definitely still been hitting snags in that areas I think as well as oddly timing their humor at points I think. True, and I think since we had one mole people might be seeing them everywhere or expecting a big twist. Yes, unless it's covered in the comics or something it'd definitely depend on what's going on in her mind and it'd be a bad move not to give some time to that. Indeed, it's a very intriguing idea and in some ways I'm surprised they never delved into it before. Perhaps Laghima as well potentially? Here's where the quote originated from as well as another from Laghima, which seems to give further insight into Zaheer's views:
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2014-08-17 23:27
    Dann of Thursday
    Huh, so someone who apparently has leaked Korra info before put out an excerpt from a journal by the founder of the Red Lotus that is very interesting if true. Might even give a hint to Zaheer's plans for her.

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