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  1. HegemonKhan
    2009-10-24 23:15
    "Clare had a hard time killing Yoma at the beginning of the manga. If the Org cared, they could have left Clare in training until she was skilled enough to easily kill any Yoma." -Awakened

    it's kinda weird... because....

    clare did quite well against the yoma in her final test as a trainee (and showed a lot of intelligence, using her hair and the wounded other claymore as decoys). in fact, all the other trainees (except the one that clare saved) were killed (though maybe they weren't actually killed by the yoma...).

    as a trainee, clare (well, goaded by that same claymore, that clare will save in the final test) also starts using a claymore sword well before the yoma inside her has made her strong enough, and severs-dislocates her shoulder, lol. only to smash it against the wall back into it's socket... (clare was-is no normal human, trainee, or claymore).

    though maybe the normal yomas she faces as a claymore in the first few chapters, are more powerful than the one she faced as a trainee, or maybe not...

    another possibility is.... clare just gets ANGRY at the yoma and uses more yoki than she needs to...

    for example:

    the yoma-brother who is about to kill raki, pleads for clare to have mercy....

    i think this reminded clare of how priscilla begged for mercy from teresa....

    and clare got-gets all peeved and used more yoki than she needed to, to kill the yoma...

    clare certainly seems to be at her limit against the super normal yoma in the cathedral in rabona. And clare did actually have to use all that yoki to kill it, which resulted in her awakening, however, raki somehow "pulled her back", causing clare to become a Half Awaken, and much much much more powerful. in fact, we next see clare (NOT the flashback with teresa) making miria's mouth drop in awe at having killed all 4 yomas in town.
  2. Awakened
    2009-10-24 21:37
    I agree that their training made them stronger, but they are strong because of their training, not because of any other factor.
    Galatea and Irene suppress their yoki, but they did improve in comparison to the ghost.
    Claymore's usualy do not live long enouph to live up to their potential.

    Most low rank Claymore get killed by low rank Yomas. If Raki can train so that he can kill a Yoma, then any Claymore should be able to easily kill a yoma with the proper training.

    Clare had a hard time killing Yoma at the beginning of the manga. If the Org cared, they could have left Clare in training until she was skilled enough to easily kill any Yoma.

    Inspire of all the training Uma is still weak compare to the rest of the ghost. This tels me that something beyond her control is preventing her from catching up to the rest of the ghost.
    1) She did not partially awaken.
    2) She doe not have the quality/quantity of yoki to continue improving.
  3. HegemonKhan
    2009-10-24 19:24
    the 4 Half Awakens (Miria rank 6, deneve rank 15, helen rank 22, clare rank 47) with their 7 year time gap of training (without the training, they are weaker), ARE more powerful than:

    galatea rank 3, miata rank 4 (but has the "damage dealing" power of a rank 1), audrey rank 3, and rachel rank 5

    as for the 3 non-Half Awaken ghosts (cynthia, tabatha, and yuma) :

    yuma (rank 40) defeats a rank 14 claymore with ease, making this paraphrasing comment about herself, miria, and clare:

    "I've gotten so much more powerful through this training with no yoki release-use, that this rank 14 claymore's sword movement seems to be practically not moving to me. If i've become this powerful as a rank 40, I can't imagine just how powerful clare and miria, whom are the most powerful of us ghosts, have become.... especially Clare.... especially should she ever nearly awaken like she did against rigardo........"
  4. Gangsta Spanksta
    2009-10-24 01:45
    Gangsta Spanksta
    Hey, I haven't said hi in awhile. So what'cha been up to lately?
  5. HegemonKhan
    2009-10-12 22:32
    i finally got my map pics up.

    if interested, you can take a look at them on my public profile or on my claymore social group called Claymore Fanclub
  6. chibamonster
    2009-09-24 18:12
    Thanks Awakened! I have actually been looking into Google Sketchup a bit recently. It is a really good idea. A lot of professionals use it because it saves time and is so much easier. I am still working on my story, mostly on planning, not so much on drawing at the moment which is a little silly now that I say that. But yes, I am still puttering away at it.
  7. wolfrider122
    2009-07-21 16:59
    hi hi hi. random peeps.
  8. dream-seeker
    2009-07-10 15:39
    That's a fun name for a group "Clare, our lady of solitude". lol Sounds about right. Hey what are the benefits joining a group?
  9. dream-seeker
    2009-07-10 14:42
  10. dream-seeker
    2009-07-09 23:30
    I realized I only had Gangsta as a friend. Can I add you to my list?

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