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  1. Ancient Soul
    2009-01-20 08:20
    Ancient Soul
    Great <avatar> for our cult (of Galatea) @Cyclone.
    ...congratulation for your appointment as <Governor> (of Acolytes)
  2. chibamonster
    2009-01-07 22:47
    New recommendation here. Mahoutsukai Kurohime, or just Kurohime. At first it seems like a monster of the month gimmick manga, like Rosario Vampire. "Oh no! Another monster, well, I'll just take off Moka's rosario and it will work because it ALWAYS works." It seems that way for the first while except it actually has character development towards the end of the first arc! I'm a sucker for character and plot development. When characters/plot resets at the end of every arc I get really bored (like when Bleach decided to replay the Soul Society arc in Hueco Mundo). Stories can really catch me off guard when the mood suddenly changes and things become very interesting, like trigun when Monev the Gail wandered into the story. I am not going to say Kurohime is one of my top favorites, but it was definitely a surprising read. There are definitely some interesting twists off of standard shonen psychology. That and I like the dragons...
  3. williamaugustus
    2009-01-03 17:49
    Happy New Year!!!
  4. chibamonster
    2008-12-07 02:52
    Lol, the first time I saw fairy tail it was during the chapter where Phantom Guild is attacking Fairy Tail with their Phantom MK 2. I looked at maybe 3 pages and said, "lame" and didn't look at it again until I was really desperate for manga to read which was several arcs later. I was really skeptical after reading the first chapter, but the thing that got me was in chapter 2 when they get to the guild and the fight starts, the master appears as a giant, steps on Natsu, shrinks to a migit, jumps up to the second floor and face plants into the guard rail, tells them how they are all failing, and then tells them to do whatever they want. I love that he burns the letter, throws it on the ground, and natsu eats it. That opening scene shows so much about the characters, like gray standing naked in front of new member lucy and then asking for her underwear.

    I have started to get one of my claymore crushes on Erza now, where the little fan boy in me cheers whenever she does something cool like fight in a maids outfit with a sword between her toes or goes Unlimited Blade Works on someone. I love badass chicks it seems. I also like that while Fairy Tail is funny, each character really has some deep seeded sadness in their past which makes them more interesting to me as they are not just slapstick stick figures. I also like how the unexpected happens so often (like Natsu and Gazelle not being able to get out of Fairy Tail from Fried's curse). Sometimes I read the raws too and the way the characters talk is hilarious, especially the stellar spirits. It will be a hilarious anime some day.

    I will start One Piece one of these days. I am always a little hesitant to jump into a brand new series, but once I get hooked I burn through it pretty quick. I read the pilot chapter 0, which may or may not be like the actual series. I'll see what happens.
  5. chibamonster
    2008-08-15 03:48
    Yeah, I liked it. Even if I wasn't staying up till the wee hours of the morning obsessively reading (okay, well just a little bit) I still wanted to know what happened. I was amazed that the artist worked so hard on it, and then I realized it was the same guy who did DEATHNOTE so it made a bit more sense to me. A part of me was hoping that something would really happen at some point, like Shindo destroying Touya, or them actually winning a big match. It seemed the matches that were won were usually the ones that were skipped over more. But really the ending ultimately fit the story perfectly as it was more about the journey than the destination. In reality there was no final destination, just the quest for the God Hand, which may or may not even be achievable no matter how many life times are lived.

    It was surprising to me how many characters were introduced and then left in the wake of Hikaru's progress, like his middle school friends, the other kids from insei and so on. Really they never came back in most cases which really is how life is as we grow, which was an interesting thing to explore in a story. It was also interesting how Go was addressed as a really obscure game that most people didn't even know about, even within the story world. Very interesting and unique story world.
  6. chibamonster
    2008-08-14 13:20
    So I read Hikaru no go. It was certainly something very different and had a real down to earth feel about it despite the supernatural sai that appeared. Too bad I still don't understand much about go so I didn't really know who was better at any given moment. Oh well. On to my next recommendations.
  7. NobodyMan
    2008-08-06 22:58
    Your right Valduran. That's how it should be done. I still need some work it seems.

    But yeah, anyone who likes Galatea can't be all bad. So Cyclone is awesome in my book.
  8. Valduran
    2008-08-05 23:07
    lol @ NobodyMan
    Cyclone is a pretty cool guy, eh worships Galatea and doesn't afraid of anything.

    (That's how you do it )
  9. Ryuken
    2008-07-27 09:58
    Of course. Accepted without a hing of a doubt.
  10. Cyclone
    2008-07-16 00:07
    Putting aside the difficulty in convincing my friends or co-workers to go cosplaying - and as youma at that - they might not appriciate being clubbed over the head too much.

    Speaking of that though, some of the samples for the plastic I wanted arrived today. I'm building Raki's sword first. Got some samples of Wonderflex, Fosshape, and some Friendly Plastic, so I'm going to start experimenting soon to see what will work best. I still want to try out some Styrene - the stuff sounds kinda cool. Got most of the materials I need already - but looks like I might need an iron for the Fosshape...

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