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  1. tenken627
    2008-07-15 02:49
    I remember hearing from a friend at one animecon there was a guy dressed up as Godzilla and all his friends dressed up as buildings that Godzilla started smashing.

    Maybe you should grab a whole bunch of people to dress up as yomas, start whacking all of them with your sword, and then turn around and start *glaring* at the security guards if they cause any trouble for you.
  2. Cyclone
    2008-07-14 17:50
    Haha, chiba!
    I can totally see me causing a scene like that too (unintentionally). No matter, if I get the right kind of plastic, it may still do the trick My hope though is that if I glare at them with enough "killing intent" then they wont try to take it from and all will be well.

    and thanks for the compliment, NobodyMan.
  3. chibamonster
    2008-07-13 23:08
    When you mentioned that they do not like you bringing metal swords to cosplay conventions the first thing I thought was that you had brought one before and made them nervous with it.

    Cosplay Security Wolf Briagde (CSWB) Commander: Sir, we do not allow metal swords at this convention. Put your weapon on the ground and step away from it!
    Cyclone: The sword is the soul of a warrior. I will give you my soul only in exchange for yours *eyes glow*.
    CSWB Commander: *backs up and draws gun* Get E-SWAT down here now! Look we do not want any trouble!
    CSWB Lieutenant: But we just allowed those girls in with metal replica's!
    CSWB Commander: Idiot! Their swords were not real! Look at this guy!
    CSWB E-SWAT: Just put the sword down and no one has to get hurt!
    Cyclone: You can have my sword... if you can pry it out of my cold dead fingers...

    Narutard Sasuke: Wow! It actually looks like that guy with the sword is cutting off those guys arms while they try to shoot him! That's great!
    Narutard Sakura: Is the sword guy on fire? How did he do that?
    Narutard Sasuke: Man we have a long way to go...
  4. NobodyMan
    2008-07-09 01:34
    Cyclone, You're a pretty cool guy. ye say what you think and doesn't afraid of anything. Am I doin' it rite? Man, I'm in a crazy mood right now I guess. See you around, partner.

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