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  1. Ridwan
    2012-09-06 03:31
    Originally Posted by LeoXiao View Post
    It's for the TL. Wikipedia doesn't have very good information on many of the figures of the period, which especially in the case of Japan is problematic because there were a lot of people did various things that may have been important within Japan itself but weren't too famous elsewhere.

    The leftist scholar Takahashi Kamekichi, for instance, has no wiki article despite having come up with the very interesting idea of petty imperialism.
    I didn't hear about this TL before. Where is it ?

    EDIT : Oh and one more thing. I intended to inform you of this thread somedays ago but it was also the day the site crashed. It just got back now.

    EDIT #2 : I've posted about it in the thread, too.
  2. Ridwan
    2012-09-04 05:33
    A certain Chinese enthusiast would love to tell you that the place isn't welcoming to anyone not Western-centric anglophone 13 years-old or anyone of equivalent mentality. He likes to stretch afar his assumption or at least being hyperbolic sometimes, but in this case he's at least 70% correct.

    There was a time when India was regarded as terra incognita that no one cares before Flocculencio appeared. And I think nowadays it's only marginally better for it, especially since our resident Malayalee-S'porean frequents the site rarely these days. There are a few resident Indians in tom tom club to my knowledge, but they seem to not well inter-connected among themselves. But at least it's still better then Indonesia's case :<
  3. Ridwan
    2012-08-24 10:50
    I have to admit this, but can't yet to do in the thread since the discussion is currently running. But still, I hope we can get people to give more attention onto less mainstream, more obscure topics. Instead of topics that have been done to death like WW2, ACW, general western history, Cold War from major players' perspective, Rome, Ancient Greece, you name it. There are other stuff that simply deserves more love like Chinese history, Japanese history, Indian, South East Asian, Muslim World's, Latin American, African.....

    And please, don't try to elaborate why this is the case. I'm very well aware of why.

    Sorry for the rant.
  4. Ridwan
    2012-08-24 03:05
    I'm a fan of theology and just fancy syncretism in general. It probably started from my fascination from hearing in history classes here, which always repeated historical record of Indonesian tendencies to adapt new religion into the established local culture and spiritual conscience. The prospect of alternative (socio-politico-)religious movements and theology resulting from general historical divergence only fueled my enthusiasm for it. Which is why I'm weak when it comes to TLs like Jonathan's "Male Rising" or King of Malta's "Rise of Tengri"
  5. Ridwan
    2012-08-23 21:52
    I'm wondering whether this kind of topic interests you :

    Originally Posted by Aegir View Post
    Let's have a new topic. Any interest in alternate religions/sects, alternate conversions and the resultant cultures, or OTL small/extinct religions that you'd like to them being more successful ?)
  6. Ridwan
    2012-08-10 01:01
    Btw have you checked the recent link I've posted ?
  7. Ridwan
    2012-08-10 00:09
    Leo, you should've posted your last post in my visitor page so I will get a notice of it.

    I think it's okay to post it in the local AH thread. Though if you want, you can always post the thread exclusively for the TL in Fan Creation, and then link it to the AH thread.
  8. Ridwan
  9. LeoXiao
    2012-08-04 13:16
    One thing I've been wondering about is, if one were to make a TL and post it here, where would be the best place to put it?

    Good luck with your research. There are plenty of TL's I'd love to write but I'm simply not knowledgeable enough for all the details.
  10. Ridwan
    2012-08-04 13:13
    All right.

    For the time being, I'm currently looking for a time to start researching to do some Indonesia-centered TL. It will take time so don't expect anything from me soon.

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