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  1. Gangsta Spanksta
    2010-12-31 21:27
    Gangsta Spanksta
    Happy New Year Sleepy one
  2. Arturro
    2010-12-24 09:10
    May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness. Merry Christmas!
  3. An4rchy99
    2010-09-05 07:52
    Hello Sleepy. I was hoping to see you around some postings. I liked some of the theories you put up. Hope you put some more creative ideas and give some nice feed back in the Claymore 107. - cheers
  4. Arkham
    2010-01-01 13:59
    Happy New Year Sleepy!
  5. Galatea33
    2009-12-31 04:57
    Sleepy Happy New Year ! Wish you for an even more blessed year ahead
  6. Arturro
    2009-12-25 15:43
    Merry Christmas Sleepy!
  7. Gangsta Spanksta
    2009-12-24 23:49
    Gangsta Spanksta
    merry christmas Sleepy.
  8. Galatea33
    2009-12-03 01:44
    alright, I hope everything's good.
    And wish you all the best, Sleepy
  9. Galatea33
    2009-11-19 15:11
    Hi Sleepy wow you made great posts
  10. HegemonKhan
    2009-11-08 14:23
    my response to Solace's post:

    don't forget that rafaela tried to revive her dead sister luciela, but again failed horribly, and we got them becoming half merged (and eventually they became the Destroyer).

    Also, take note that Rafaela knows about the Destroyer, and by having Rafaela's mind in her head, Clare was able to relay Rafaela's knowledge of the Destroyer to Deneve and Helen. possibly rafaela, and now clare, knows of the Destroyer's weakness or how to kill the Destroyer

    Again, also take note that Rafaela knows about the soul link (as she herself had tried it, long ago), and she even comments to Clare (within Clare's head) about Alicia and Beth as they fought against Riful and Dauf, amazed that Beth could also move around while maintaining the soul link.

    i see a bunch of pieces being added up here.... which results in....

    Clare succeeds where rafaela had failed with the soul link and the revival, and brings teresa back to life or fully merges and awakens with teresa making the twin goddess of love.

    also for what it is worth.... look at the connections between clare and rafaela...

    Clare <-> Teresa <-> Rafaela
    Clare <-------------> Rafaela
    Clare <-> Irene <---> Rafaela

    Clare <-> Destroyer <-> Rafaela
    Clare <-> Rubel <-> Rafaela

    also, both clare and rafaela had "bonds of love", clare+teresa and rafaela+luciela

    also, you could say that, teresa is already merged with clare.... they jsut need to awaken into their "goddess" form

    last possibilities:

    1. is that, clare did seem to be "born", including being naked (often a symbol of birth or rebirth or purity or cleansing), out of the destroyer's massive tentacled body...

    possibly clare has some of the Destroyer's power (a new "power-up") ...

    as well as whatever Rafaela brings as well to clare....


    possibly clare and the destroyer ARE soul linked or connected in some way ....

    possibly ... their life force's are joined-connected... maybe clare might die if-when the destroyer dies....

    2. don't forget that Clare is not only a Half Awaken, but 25% yoma and 75% human.

    while many see this as a weakness in Clare, i've always been under the impression that....

    by being 75% human and 25% yoma (compared to normal claymores who are 50% human and 50% yoma), Clare is able to resist the yoma inside her better then anyone/everyone else

    possibly allowing Clare to be able to fully awaken while remaining a claymore-human all on her own, unlike alicia who needs beth and the soul link, or unlike the abyssal ones whom became "yomas" or monsters (non-claymore-human).


    possibly being able to control even her twin goddess of love awakened form, should this happen, whereas rafaela was unable to control her "goddess" form and instead became the Destroyer. Rafaela knew that she was being destroyed-erased by the Destroyer, and this is probably why she transfered her mind into clare's head. So, that rafaela's knowledge, memories, experience, and emotions wouldn't be lost forever. This possibly includes the knowledge of how to kill the Destroyer, as well.

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