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  1. Last Sinner
    2011-10-18 19:50
    Last Sinner
    No, I'm grateful you have. Always nice to talk it over.

    Neighbours Club - I did check the staffing for both. No person worked on both titles. Plus Neightbours Club is AIC while Denpa is Shaft. It's probably mere coincidence.

    Fate/Zero - My issue with Fate/Stay Night's adaptation - and this also reflects how my learned Type-Moon friends feel - is that it didn't accurately represent what happens in the game. They concede FSN was a harder adaptation because you would have to cover all three arcs in order for it to truly make sense. They only focused on Saber's arc in the end, yet still not accurately. The significance of Archer was lost since they barely touched Rin's arc - although the Unlimited Blade Works rectifies that somewhat. Heaven's Feel could never have been covered in anime. Sakura may look bonkers already in FSN. Fate/Zero Episode 1 touches on it. In the Heaven's Feel route, Sakura goes insane big-time thanks to the hell she continued to have inflicted on her, then corrupts Rider, Saber and Berserker into evil versions to fight for her. Rider somehow breaks the contract and is liberated. The final fight in that route ends up being Shirou + Rin + Lancer + Rider vs Evil Sakura + Dark Saber + Dark Berserker. The stuff that happens in that route is pretty graphic and twisted from what my friends tell me.

    As for Fate/Zero, don't get me wrong. It's #2 on my list because I do quite like it. But seriously, Episode 1 is a trial. You have to admit a good proportion of people who dug FSN are going to find the complete opposite of content and style on offer in Fate/Zero challenging. Fate/Stay Night sold in the anime version for completely different reasons. I just hope Fate/Zero will show people anime is not all about girls. I do like female characters very much but it's gotten to the point most animators and writers can't do males properly anymore. I honestly feel Fate/Zero is the last stand for males in modern anime to a fair degree.

    Chihayafuru - Chihaya is the type of spunky female I love. Honestly, I admire the way she has never let her older sister taint her perspective and that her peers have never made her cave in either. The girl has a lot of will and spirit. We are talking about someone who suddenly had to re-evaluate what she wants in life and have her sister tell her she thinks nothing of her at all. It comes down to what people want/like from characters in the end. Truth be told, I like my characters imperfect and to irritate some people. I like the fact Chihaya's been driving Taichi insane, that Taichi was a whiny brat then dropped a pair and that Wataya is a loner. They have issues and motivations I can identify with and appreciate. This is the one overall package I haven't had major issues with out of the 23 series I've tried this season. It's not perfect but I find it quite fascinating.
  2. urca
    2011-10-18 02:37
    i see,fate\ series has some good reputation,i should try it one day
    thanks .
  3. urca
    2011-10-17 16:27
    excuse me but whats the anime in your personal pic?
    thanks in advance .
  4. Archon_Wing
    2011-10-17 13:49
    Yea, for f/sn I'm pretty much anime-only. I find Visual Novels to be a pretty tedious medium and just dislike the format. I've only finished one VN ever-- and that was G Senjou no Maou which was really good.

    And yes, burn in hell DEEN, etc...
  5. Pocari_Sweat
    2011-10-17 11:06
    Lmao. Dude, Triple R linked me this AMV Hell Video and I was in stitches after it.
  6. Archon_Wing
    2011-10-17 05:23
    Ah, ok... =p

    About those subforums; Gundam is filled with angry people who are always mad the latest gundam doesn't fit their ideal versions; Nanoha is filled with people who argue the most asinine of details, but it also hurts that the franchise has crashed and burned with 2 god awful mangas and people just talk about that. >.> I thought Nanoha StrikerS was a bit poor, but those mangas... -_-

    Haruhi, as with any Kyoani forum tends to have very defensive people but really bad. They'll defend everything about the series, for it is god (Even Endless Eight.) >.>

    It's kinda lulzy, but it's best not to get mod-owned too much.
  7. Reckoner
    2011-10-17 04:06

    As you may already know, I'm kind of a hater. People on this site think I don't enjoy anime, let alone life, but perhaps I can set the record straight and say this is definitely not the case . My inability to be anything but frank has earned me quite the reputation with certain users, so hopefully you are not someone who takes offense too easily. I will most likely, and most certainly step on one of your sacred cows. If you cannot take a little rough dialog it is highly suggested that you do not have prolong exposure to me. I will inevitably get on your nerves, and obviously that would not be good.

    Anyways, no need to be overly formal. If you wish to break the ice then you are welcomed to say what you will. I never take anything too seriously, and lack of bull shit is definitely appreciated . If you disagree with me, I could care less. You hate my favorite anime of all time NGE? Cool. So does Demisoda. Surely we hope to have some likes and dislikes in common, otherwise why am I even going to talk to you? But in the end, what I like to see in people is a willing to speak their mind and form a consistent and logical viewpoint. So long as you have that, there is absolutely no problem. Oh and welcome to the hater group.

    Mushishi was indeed a very good show. One thing I always appreciated about it was how it appeared practically philosophical in nature. Very few animes were able to invoke such a sense of calm in me, and for that I consider it a very special thing to behold.

    I see you have an Illya avvie. Are you particularly a F/S N fan or just on the Fate/Zero bandwagon? I personally found DEEN's adaptions of F/S N to be extremely horrible and a huge blemish on what really should be a much better story (Having played the VN).
  8. Archon_Wing
    2011-10-17 04:01
    MAL is like....

    I'm not sure how to describe it, but it's like this black hole of rage that sucks up fanboyism. It'll implode some day, because they're so obsessed with ratings and "my anime is better than yours hurr" Outside of fanclubs, and random cool people's profiles, I avoid it. Even 4 chan seems less offensive in some areas.

    But avoid the Nanoha, Gundam, and Haruhi subforums. Only experienced trolls may enter.
  9. Pocari_Sweat
    2011-10-17 03:49
    If you want some more contacts:

    Demi is another good person talk to. Former staff of ISML that ragequit because some of the other staff were apparently "retarded". Tastes are a bit different because he seems to be big on shonens and action (including fantasy - non jrpg), but he's logical and sensible. His favourite anime is Great Teacher Onizuka which I think you can relate to.

    0utf0xZer0 is another great person talk to, though he's been quite busy lately. A big moe fan, but actually has standards, and has sensible reasons for liking said moe series/characters. In other words, he is in no way a "newfag moeblob" lover. I initially got contact with him via Triple_R and ef.

    Gurdian Enzo is another person. He and I probably share tastes the most in that we both like dramas, but those of the subtle type (and less melodramatic type). Stuff like Makoto Shinkai films (5cm/s, Place Promised), True Tears, Wandering Son, Cross Game and Usagi Drop. Funny enough though, he really loved Anohana which is odd because he didn't like Clannad/After Story much.
  10. Archon_Wing
    2011-10-17 03:17
    Demisoda... eh. Unfortunately, he must have told you many lies about me, given the fact that he'd rather watch crappy sc2 preliminaries over good anime and the fact that he named himself after a beverage. You have my condolences for having to deal with him. And my posts are not funny. I am being completely serious.

    Nah. Welcome to our group; people with obviously superior anime tastes.

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