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There will be no miracle

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  1. Xellos
    2009-07-13 12:25
    Ten characters.
  2. RWBladewing
    2009-07-13 10:21
    If you're still considering BlazBlue, which version are you thinking of getting? I have PS3 and (assuming you even have the system, I actually don't know) I strongly recommend that one since the 360 control pad is unresponsive and terrible for fighting games (found this out the hard way with SF4). The PS3 pad really hurt my fingers the first day though but I got used to it pretty fast, doesn't do anything to them now. I'd like to play against you at some point too; I'm not even introducing my "friends" to this game, I'm tired of playing people who are just terrible and don't even bother to try or who are arrogant bastards that cry and make excuses when they lose. On that note I'm actually almost looking forward to that furry's bbq event I mentioned the other day, there's supposedly going to be a lot of people there and hopefully there will be some non-furries that actually share my interests.
  3. RWBladewing
    2009-07-12 16:23
    I've given up even bothering in the WoW thread anymore. No idea how people could possibly be that dense. I guess me complaining is the only thing they're interested in since that tends to generate pages of discussion but when I try to make a joke nobody gets it or cares. lol.

    Edit: However, the comments about my gnome thing on ytmnd itself are fucking hilarious. That was what I was hoping for.
  4. RWBladewing
    2009-07-11 16:25
    Yeah, can't help you there as I've never used them. You could try pre-ordering from both and then trying to cancel whichever would come second, though that may not work so close to release. Not to mention it's a pretty expensive figure to be risking that. Also I see Toyslogic failing to cancel pre-orders too, they'd probably say they canceled it and then send it to you and charge you for it.
  5. RWBladewing
    2009-07-11 11:11
    Yeah, you know, now that you mention it - I gave it a 5 which, looking at the ratings, implies Average. It definitely isn't that. I'm changing my rating to reflect that. Not sure if you saw but I replied to your BlazBlue comment on MAL as well. The story is getting better as I go through it with more characters though. Far more coherent than one particular series at least. I dread all the "Noel is so moe" posts that must be infesting the game's thread.

    And that guy in the figures thread sure is an optimist. His situation sounds a lot like mine but a couple of apologies won't be enough to convince me, especially apologies made 2 weeks after the fact and not even explaining what caused the problem. I guess that's kinda bad for you that someone else reported the same thing though. I actually looked around for that figure and didn't see anywhere that was still taking orders unfortunately.
  6. RWBladewing
    2009-07-11 09:35
    Kohaku is one of the maids from Tsukihime. Also a playable character in Melty Blood. I don't know too much of the story but from what I've gathered she's completely batshit insane and also likes cosplay. Magical Girl Amber is her magical girl "transformation" (Kohaku = amber). In Melty Blood she basically fights as this persona (the figure's costume is way more elaborate though, in game she basically just has a hood over her kimono) and gets help from her experiments that she creates in the basement of the house (hence why she is holding a bunch of syringes if you look closely). One of her ultimate attacks is ripping off her kimono revealing a China dress which is her "Mr. Chin" cosplay (yes, Mr., and no, I don't understand either) and delivering a huge martial arts combo. Basically she fights with the powers she imagines she has, which is pretty funny considering the actually insanely powerful characters that make up the rest of the roster lol. My favorite character in the series by far.

    Regios. lol

    -Savaris can just punch the goat out of Nina and yet somehow nobody could get it out of "The fuckin' Din Dee" without turning him into an invalid?

    - Ultra-powered Savaris 1-shotted by Layfon's normal HB before the Katana even fuses with it. LOL. So why did anyone even care about the stupid goat since apparently it doesn't even do anything.

    - On that note - looks like Team Savaris is blasting off again! I actually expected to see the little twinkle in the sky as he disappeared. And then later - "Oh yeah, he left but he'll probably come back eventually" Wtf?


    - Surf's up dude!

    - "Hey guys Layfon just killed that thing, let's 1-shot the other one now like we could have done a long time ago instead of pointlessly dragging out this random fight against this random monster that will never be explained."

    - On that note, how did the rest of the HB randomly manage to get outside? One minute they are complaining that they can't go help because of the endless supply of random lolIgnasus wolfmen and then the next they are randomly out there. The wolfmen just got bored and left?

    - Why did the random giant energy cannon actually kill the final boss? Pretty damn anti-climactic for something like that to deliver the final blow. Then again the final boss was some random monster that was not even part of the plot until the third last episode so who gives a fuck anyway?

    -"Thanks for saving everyone Fon-Fon but the director decided my totally 1-dimensional personality is a jealous little bitch so here's a swift kick in your fucking shins you bastard." Yeah it was funny but come on.

    - Absolutely NOTHING resolved. NOTHING. Absolutely everything was exactly the same as it was at the beginning, the whole damn series may as well have not even happened.
  7. RWBladewing
    2009-07-10 17:16
    I highly recommend you cancel your Toyslogic preorder and try to get your figure somewhere else. I just got an email saying they couldn't get any more of the Kyou alarm clocks and they canceled my order. This AFTER they sent me an email saying it had shipped and actually CHARGED me for it. Yeah, they gave me a refund, but that is still unbelievably retarded. Oh and I got another email saying my Tomoyo wallscroll had been delayed. Since I ordered 3 and they all had the same release date I figure the other 2 aren't far behind. Looking back I don't think I have EVER gotten anything I preordered from them. I am pretty much seething with anger right now. Order somewhere else if you ever want to see your figure.
  8. RWBladewing
    2009-07-09 06:55
    You're fast. Bastard.
  9. RWBladewing
    2009-07-09 06:45
    Not even a comment huh? You just don't understand its brilliance.
  10. RWBladewing
    2009-07-08 11:38
    Of course you were desensitized. That arc is obviously so amazing that after seeing it nothing else could ever compare.

    Played the Black Temple WoW TCG Raid deck yesterday. I played the bosses and my friends wiped to Teron Gorefiend because they couldn't kill construct cards fast enough. lol

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