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  1. RWBladewing
    2009-12-28 15:41
    You were right, the end of Umineko was kind of disappointing. They completely cut out the resolution of the "game world" of that episode which included Battler wandering around the island for a day and finding Maria's corpse "randomly" thrown into the dining room (the last time you ever see her in the anime is walking to her test and later Kinzo mentions she passed, without that part from the game there's no way to know what really happened to her). The end of episode 25 was also completely changed. The part where Ange is on the island just faded out but in the game it's very heavily implied that she died there.
  2. RWBladewing
    2009-12-27 13:08
    So, remember the other day when you were mentioning your card was compromised, and I related a story of how that happened to me over the summer? Well, looks like I actually had a more recent story to share all along. Seems they got mine around the exact same time they got yours except nobody at the bank bothered to tell me this time. Trying to figure out where this would have happened. Did you buy anything from J-list, Toyslogic, CDJapan, or Animecastle around mid-December? Do you get gas at Noco? Unlike last time there's no one place standing out that I don't usually order from and I've obviously ordered a ton of stuff from these places already with no problems. I've done a full spyware scan of my system and there is nothing. Can only guess one of these sites has been compromised somehow.
  3. RWBladewing
  4. RWBladewing
    2009-12-20 09:25
    I'm fairly surprised other people are reading and agreeing with what I posted but yeah, I think it's the likeliest outcome. If it were up to me I'd actually have booted him immediately after he started using her phone number for "social" purposes when no permission was given to do so. That's beyond the realm of online attention-fishing and borders on stalking. People like that creep me the hell out even when it has nothing to do with me whatsoever and the involved parties are complete strangers to me. You guys seem to have actually found 2 female players who don't want any drama and to have someone else come in and immediately start forcing it on them is horrible.

    And yeah, he'll eventually "snap" just like you said. It's pretty obvious that he actually believes his own pathetic excuses and isn't gonna stop. Once he gets tired of his little cycle he'll go into some idiotic tirade about how his friend is a terrible person for suddenly not responding to him anymore and how he "thought they had a great friendship but obviously he was wrong", at which point he's pretty likely to become a lot scarier by sending random angry tells, etc. Seems like there's still some people who think this isn't that big a problem as long as she doesn't really pay any attention to it but I've seen how these things end up, all ties should be cut with this guy before he can take it any further.
  5. RWBladewing
    2009-12-13 18:09
    This dungeon finder is actually stupid as hell when you don't do random. I keep getting groups that already have bosses killed, and then when I finally get a fresh one, someone declines the invite and it cancels the ENTIRE group and puts me back at the beginning of the queue.
  6. RWBladewing
    2009-12-12 10:25
    Seems like no matter what Blizzard does someone always finds a way to spoil it with their retardation. The 3rd random group I did, the idiot warrior who joined as tank decided to change his role to dps after getting into the instance (while wearing a shield), prompting the healer to leave immediately. I obviously followed suit and then was subsequently locked out of lfg for the next 15 minutes. Fuck morons.
  7. RWBladewing
    2009-12-08 19:45
    How did the proposed ToGC#2 yesterday go, if at all? I didn't even see that post until today, I'd probably have tried to get in if I'd known. Was probably my one chance to show people I at least know how to play and I missed it, haha, fuck me.
  8. RWBladewing
    2009-12-07 17:35
    If you say so. Btw, has to be the most hilarious thread I have ever seen. This wall o' text probably took days if not weeks to write and maybe 2 people at maximum have read a single word. And the funniest part is he keeps posting it like someone is actually waiting for the next chapter.

    I have to keep telling myself that I can still like Code Geass and its fans have nothing to do with the actual series itself...
  9. RWBladewing
    2009-12-07 14:18
    You could probably have guessed from my complete lack of logging in lately but I think I'm gonna temporarily quit WoW again, at least until the guild starts doing alt ICC runs. My gear's already good enough for it and I don't see a point in wasting any more time trying to improve it further when I'm just gonna end up getting carried anyway.

    Hopefully Cataclysm is released within a reasonable amount of time, then maybe my "lack of hardmode experience" won't prevent me from getting into a non-scrub guild. With any luck said future guild doesn't disband after the first tier of content like in wrath or randomly implement an arbitrary change in loot policy that completely fucks me over like in tbc.

    I do kinda wonder if you'll ever actually get another hunter in SF though. Just kinda noticing a pattern that the self-proclaimed douchebag really seems to do quite a bit to maintain that title. Granted a lot of the hunter apps I've read have been pretty subpar but I've seen instances where he wants to immediately deny based on a single contested word in a response or someone not thinking/playing exactly the same as him. He even bitches at alt hunters for not marking Anub'arak scarabs that die in 2 seconds in regular ToC, seriously, come on. Do you even have another raiding hunter on the roster at all (besides Ngata who I rarely saw log in)?
  10. RWBladewing
    2009-12-03 17:04
    Nah, not really, she doesn't actually really even care that he plays it (and is eagerly awaiting Diablo 3 too apparently) heh. Just that it still has that "nerdy" stigma attached for some people and it seemed she had previously thought he was the epitome of her definition of cool. It's actually really funny, this isn't the first time she has dated someone who ended up being a gamer. The last guy made her play Gears of War and Mortal Kombat against him, lol.

    Edit: Also, had an employee walk out in the middle of work today. Said employee happened to be my uncle and dad/boss' brother-in-law. Left a less-than friendly resignation email too. Boy, it'll be awkward this xmas. Not really sure what he thinks he's gonna do now since he really has no qualifications whatsoever and doesn't have as much money as ME, let alone enough to retire.

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