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  1. RWBladewing
    2009-12-03 15:58
    So who are you nominating for ISML 2010? Here's my nominees:

    Maria Creepy Mode (Umineko)
    That one purple haired girl in that one banner that nobody knows the identity of (this forum)
    Kyou (Saki)
    Princess Theradras (WoW)
    Chandra (Magic the Gathering)
    Marcus Fenix (Gears of War)
    My mom
    Your mom

  2. RWBladewing
    2009-12-01 23:07
    I'd say that's highly likely though I think he has a bit of an invincibility complex too. People are fucking stupid and tend to fall for his blatantly obvious sucking up bullshit, and he's thus far managed to avoid any major conflicts. His time will come soon enough though.

    It was a close game up until the 4th quarter, when the Bills pulled a complete role reversal and started dominating instead of getting stomped. We actually left when they were only up by 3 as there were only 2 minutes or so left and it's impossible to get out of there if you wait till the end of the game. Then they scored 2 touchdowns before we'd even left the parking lot. And their first score of the game was a 30-yard run by the QB, heh.

    Edit: On another note, I think I have ruined my sister's opinion of her new boyfriend. He was sitting nearby when she mentioned to me that some celebrity I don't give a rat's ass about plays WoW, and he chimed in that Mr. T does too. Didn't really think anything of it since there's commercials for him but then he mentioned the grenades which prompted me to ask if he actually played. His response was "I tried it for a little while a long time ago but I didn't like ToC." I didn't even get to finish saying that ToC was the most recent instance before he realized what he'd said and started backpedaling, haha. Fairly positive he shot me a wink as he did so, so I think he actually still plays. My sister looked pretty visibly shocked, heh... Whoops.
  3. RWBladewing
    2009-11-30 11:22
    Pretty interesting game yesterday. I was expecting the Bills to blow it in the 4th quarter but they went and did the complete opposite. While Fitzpatrick isn't good by any means it's nice to at least have a quarterback who can throw a pass longer than 2 yards and can actually run it in when the situation calls for it.

    There was a particularly vocal Miami fan a few rows in front of me who'd stand up and start high-fiving people whenever they made a play. The drunk women sitting directly in front of me decided to start throwing shit at him. They missed of course and hit a particularly large and angry-looking guy right in the back of the head. And when he turned around my worthless drunkass brother decided to take "credit" for it. Just a shame the guy wasn't really as angry as he looked, I'd have seriously loved to watch him beat the shit out of that useless piece of trash. I'd probably have even paid him to do it.
  4. IchiKyo
    2009-11-27 17:51
    Happy Birthday!
  5. RWBladewing
    2009-11-19 20:51
    Nah trust me, I got it. I'll just be like, "Hey, the only reason he's missing raids is because he's out killing people or trying to score with little girls, are you seriously gonna hold that against him? No, I thought not. Plus, at 60 years old, he doesn't have all that much time left to get legendaries, so give this axe to him, or else." And they'll be like "Fuck I am convinced". Yep.
  6. RWBladewing
    2009-11-19 18:35
    You seem to have forgotten what I said about putting in a good word for you.
  7. RWBladewing
    2009-11-19 08:21
    It's so much more interactive too. On warrior the majority of the time is just spent auto-attacking. There's so few abilities, they all have long cooldowns, and they are all really expensive, especially if you have an ongoing talent active. If I roll another warrior I think I'll put at least as many points into willpower as strength.

    Oh, and, maybe it's just me but it sure seems like my warrior takes just as much damage as my mage, only difference is higher hp.
  8. RWBladewing
    2009-11-19 07:46
    I finally got fed up with my warrior and rerolled mage. The difference is huge even as early as the Ostagar stuff. Those fights in the wilds with like 6-8 Darkspawn were a legitimate challenge for my warrior, Alistair died in one or two of them and my guy would have too if I hadn't spammed health potions. On my mage a single Cone of Cold + Fireblast kills all of them. I screwed up the talents of my other party members on my warrior too. I completely don't regret starting over at all.
  9. RWBladewing
    2009-11-16 15:39
    Could be. Considering it happens far more often than not, it would make sense for it to be a bug ingrained in either my console or my game. I have not encountered a high dragon yet nor do I even know what one is. You're either a lot further than me or took a different route. After Redcliffe I went into the castle and decided not to kill the kid or his mom and to get help from the mages instead and finished their tower as the most recent thing I've done. Man the solo section there was a BITCH as a warrior. I died a billion times in one room in particular. If they get lucky AI RNG deciding what attacks to use there is basically nothing you can do
  10. RWBladewing
    2009-11-16 11:24
    I like how the party characaters' voices in Dragon Age seem to constantly come up at totally nonsensical times. It's pretty hilarious hearing my guy say "greetings!" when I open a crate or "damn it! my spell was interrupted!" when I try to interact with a location on the map. Slightly less entertaining when he said "no way!" when I tried to use a healing item, prompting me to immediately waste a second one thinking he refused to use the first.

    Also LOL at that guy on the Spike Flail forums who thought people would welcome him back after he randomly abandoned everyone without a word.

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