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  1. RWBladewing
    2009-10-09 06:36
    lol wow, that idiot prot pally who applied to the guild is the same idiot rogue who applied the other day with the single paragraph app. And now he applied as the rogue AGAIN with the same terrible grammar, gear, and experience. Hilarious.

    Edit: Wow they totally screwed up a serious moment in Umineko ep 15 with silly sound effects and animation. Was brutal reading it in the game but it's almost like a road runner cartoon in the anime lol.
  2. RWBladewing
    2009-10-08 17:45
    I seriously want to reach through the monitor and smack some of these people.
  3. RWBladewing
    2009-10-08 06:44
    It's even worse when you compare it to how incredibly awesome the warrior set looks. Sometimes I wonder if hunter T8 somehow wasn't done in time for Ulduar and they replaced it with what was going to be T10. T8 actually looks appropriate to drop from an ice-cold steel citadel and is even named Scourgestalker.

    The DK set looks pretty terrible too though. Very generic, ugly colors, and the shoulders look exactly the same as the T9 ones.
  4. RWBladewing
    2009-09-22 10:46
    Who is that in your avatar on the guild forums? She looks a bit too old for you.
  5. RWBladewing
    2009-09-19 16:50
    I had a similar issue and then I realized Japanese was already installed by default. Have you tried to change settings to that without trying to install anything?
  6. RWBladewing
    2009-09-19 10:29
    Went into Regional and Language Settings under the Control Panel and changed text language for non-unicode programs to Japanese. There's a sticky with more details at the top of the Games subforum.
  7. Xellos
    2009-09-19 10:07
    ten characters
  8. RWBladewing
    2009-09-19 09:39
    I actually finally got the game just yesterday. I think only eps 1-3 are translated fully but that should last me a decent amount of time. I don't really think I've spoiled too much for myself apart from new characters and maybe possible events that I've seen in people's sigs. I really wish people wouldn't do that shit and I think the forum should actually be even stricter with its spoiler policy. For example I remember no less than 2 avatars of Lelouch being stabbed the DAY the sub of that episode came out.
  9. RWBladewing
    2009-09-18 06:37
    That's that stupid furry (the fox in his name is his love interest, would get along well with a member of this board with that in his name). If you notice I tend to be rather abrasive when talking with him, both because of that and because it annoys me to see someone playing the same class as me being so terrible. That and, he started that conversation while I was playing Shuffle by complaining to me about how a lv 43 died while running him through RFC. He was also mad that he died as well, that 50 copper repair cost is huge when you have a [terrible] lv 80 main.

    His character name is Essthompson on Ravenholdt, you can armory him and lol at his spellpower trinket and his lowbie blue leather gear. I can see why he's burnt out on heroics though, running the daily for a week for that whopping 28 badges is seriously excessive. Oh and he doesn't like ToC because the Black Knight is really hard. loooooooool
  10. RWBladewing
    2009-09-17 21:21
    Check out this amazing conversation I had earlier:

    CrimsonFox1984 (10:08:39 PM): And I guess I do enjoy the +108 Stamina I get from LW.
    RWBladewing (10:08:47 PM): inscription gives you nothing except the shoulder enchant
    RWBladewing (10:08:59 PM): speaking of which get rid of the 108 stamina, there is an attack power one
    CrimsonFox1984 (10:09:32 PM): Isn't attack power going away as a stat anyway?
    RWBladewing (10:09:55 PM): not until the next expansion by which point all those enchants will be obsolete anyway
    RWBladewing (10:10:11 PM): and they wouldn't just delete your enchant, they'd change it to give you agi or whatever
    CrimsonFox1984 (10:10:22 PM): Hm
    CrimsonFox1984 (10:10:49 PM): I dunno, I've been leveling alts anyway, since I was burned out on running heroics every day.
    RWBladewing (10:10:49 PM): you don't gem or enchant for stamina as a hunter ever unless you arena and one gem to make your meta work
    RWBladewing (10:12:37 PM): if you were running heroics everyday why don't you have any badge gear?
    RWBladewing (10:12:46 PM): or did you stop before they put conquest badges in heroics?
    CrimsonFox1984 (10:13:12 PM): I have like, 28 or so conquest badges.

    RWBladewing (10:16:20 PM): your second trinket is a mage item btw, get rid of that
    RWBladewing (10:17:02 PM): spellpower doesn't do anything for hunters and 52 crit isn't worth a slot by itself
    CrimsonFox1984 (10:17:20 PM): Yeah, I know, I just haven't seen anything better drop or anything.
    RWBladewing (10:17:32 PM): there's greens in borean tundra that are better...
    RWBladewing (10:17:53 PM): like, all of them that don't say spellpower

    Yeah, some people just truly suck...

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