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Kogetsu Shirogane Kogetsu Shirogane is offline

Desu desu!

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  1. Kirito
    2014-12-25 01:26
    Yo Shirogane. I'm stopping by just to wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope that it's a safe and happy one. I accept your apology for kidnapping Alice but... the ClariS fanatic in me still want to slap you one.

    Oh yes. When are you going to write a new chapter for your Magical Girl story. I want to see Ame again!
  2. Dr. Casey
    2014-08-01 22:12
    Dr. Casey
    Thanks, Kogetsu Avatar makes the post. *quickly eats riceball before it changes into a doughnut or a sandwich*
  3. Triple_R
    2014-06-28 19:32
    That giant onigiri will work great! Just make sure you mail it to me directly. If it gets into the hands of 4Kids, it might turn into something else...
  4. Libros
    2014-03-17 06:03
    Happy birthday, Kogetsu [*o*].
  5. Kirito
    2013-12-24 22:56
    Hey, Kogetsu. As a PMMM - PPPL fan and supporter I came to wish you a happy and safe Christmas. I hope you're having a good one dude.

    Oh yes. Are Hasuka and Ami having a sweet Christmas date? Come on. You can tell me
  6. Triple_R
  7. Coldlight
    2013-08-20 07:23
    What kind of horrible person rejects birthday greetings?

    Thank you! I'm starting to feel like a horrible person for missing a greeting when it was your turn.
    Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
  8. Kirito
    2013-05-15 20:01
    Yo Shirogane! I'm just writing to you letting you know that I've finally saw the update for the latest episode of your project. Not that you care, but I've been trying to figure out how to write my review to you. There were some plus and minuses I have come to notice, but... need at least a bit of time before I can convey that to you in an acceptable matter. I'm still trying to catch up with Triple R's stuff a bit since I've missed quite a bit. I will say this: expect a review from me later tonight or sometime tomorrow.

    if I'm bothering you I do humbly apologize, but needed to get this off my chest.
  9. TreacherousFox
    2013-03-28 19:43
    Indeed! Super Robot Taisen is one of the greatest things invented by humankind since toilet paper!
  10. synaesthetic
    2013-03-28 15:14
    Wow that was a long while ago.

    What I meant by "non-branching branch" was that you had options, but they didn't seem to actually cause the story to branch. You'd go with A, B or C, but either one you chose the story would continue on in a linear path.

    Since I do game design as well as writing (currently rather occupied with a large project), it's important that if you're going to have branching dialogue options, that each branch leads to a different place--even if the goal isn't actually "different" (like, you still have to talk to certain people regardless, or defeat a certain enemy, though this sort of thing doesn't really occur in VNs) make the different choices "feel" different.

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