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fanart-fan :D

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  1. loltan
    2008-10-18 11:37
    It's from Toaru Kagaku no Choudenjibou. The girl featured is Misaka Mikoto.
  2. Deathkillz
    2008-10-11 17:59
    Ria from a series called World Destruction
  3. Narona
    2008-10-03 14:48
    Hi again! Yes the ending was very frustrating, especially for Clu Clu fans. I just hope Lelouch survived, but highly doubt it. I mean, the blood, Nunally screaming and the was all pretty dramatic. Fit for a good ending.
    But is Lelouch in the World of C? I think I read that somewhere, although I thought the World of C is C.C.'s memories...I could be wrong though, CG is so confusing

    No "if" he really died, he just died. C.C. can't talk to the dead people. We thought that because she was talking with marianne, but marianne was in fact not dead.

    That's not really confusing about romance, because even if we didn't see it, during the two months timeskip, they had the time to say all they wanted to say to each other. And I am sure that lelouch didn't want to leave without knowing the truth (the truth = she loves him very much)

    Will there be an OVA or special? Hopefully>.< I wanna know C.C.'s name goddamnit!!(sorry for the swearing)

    I doubt it but one can hope. We might learn her nname in some extra materials, like in the future interviews.
  4. Asmodeus
    2008-10-03 08:35
    I think both^^ And you?¿?
  5. Asmodeus
    2008-10-03 08:16
    The 3rd season of Higurashi is due on five OVAs starting next year sometime.I Can't say when because they pushed it back recently. The main threads might have better information.

    And I can't wait for Umineko too...I want to see now
    And Hellsing is so good too^^
  6. Narona
    2008-10-02 20:11
    Sorry for the very late reply Miss Avira ^^"

    I like it, but I hate it as the same time. The part about ougi and villetta was perfect . I really loved how villetta looks calm and happy. That's the best part of the ending if you ask me

    But the ambiguous ending about lelouch and c.c. sucks. Seriously.......... I don't understand the meaning of the Turn 15 if lelouch is dead........................ I don't understand at all... That's why I guess that he is still alive....

    I think that Li is still alive. He doesn't appear on that marriage pic, but Ougi and Villetta marriage happened not so long after the ending (villetta's belly was still flat). But in the scene when we can see Villetta late in her pregnancy, we can see Li's knightmare on the TV, and this is months later after the marriage. So I guess that Li's still alive.

    C.C.'s real name.............. And what happened to the promise in 15, and the one in 24? I don't understand.................. Leaving c.c.'s story unfinished is frustrating....
  7. Asmodeus
    2008-10-02 11:10
    Thanks for accept my friends request^^
  8. Asmodeus
    2008-10-02 10:49
    And thanks for the answer^^
  9. Asmodeus
    2008-10-02 10:26
    Yeah^^ That's the most beautiful Legend that I heard in all my life...
    Is a legend yes...But I want to go Germany and see the cliff on she was dead...
    Is a excellent story¡¡¡ I'm happy because you know it^^
  10. Asmodeus
    2008-10-01 15:35
    Hi I'm Asmodeus or asmo-chan¡¡Nice to meet you^^How are you?¿?
    I see you are from Germany¡¡ Good
    Do you know something about Lorelei's legend?¿ (a friend tells to me the Lorelei's story...and she's from germany)

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