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fanart-fan :D

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  1. Narona
    2008-09-22 10:40
    C.C. is still immortal for now so don't worry

    I loved the cluclu moment too ^^
  2. Avira
    2008-09-22 09:21
    well I suppose C.C. won't die...isn't she still immortal??
    *sigh* things are getting so complecated
    Oh well, as long as C.C. gets some nice screen-time and dear Lulu I'll be satisfied!
    But that Clu Clu moment was so...*.*...until Kallen ruined it, that is.
    Currently waiting for subs though; I want to understand the stuff they're blabbering about! :P
  3. Narona
    2008-09-22 07:08
    Hello Miss Avira !

    What are your thoughts about the episode 24?

    I really hope for a good again, at least that c.c. will survive ^^
  4. Avira
    2008-09-02 14:05
    sure you can!
    won't be on much's being a b**ch...*sigh*
  5. Narona
    2008-09-02 06:44
    Hi Avira!

    You fellow C.C. supporer, can I send you a friend request?
  6. Avira
    2008-08-03 03:25
    Well I think that if she knew that Lelouch is Zero(she dosn't know, right??) she would support him, like Shirley was going to do. Besides, she is a person on TV that tells the people what's really happening and such. People believe her(look at her popularity in Ashford) and that could come in handy.
    Or she finds something out and gets mind-wiped/killed for it.....
  7. darthfury78
    2008-08-02 11:50
    With Milly doing some serious news reporting, it looks like she is moving up in the ranks rather quickly. I wonder if she'll follow in the footsteps of Diethard? That would be interesting if she follows Zero and his rebellion to overtrow Britainnia. It might become a story that would be very hard for her to resist, if it ever happens.

    This might be the only way to keep Milly Ashford in the storyline. But if her previous role as the former Student Council President is any indication, she is going to become one hell of a news reporter. If Diethard decides to leave Lelouch, Milly would quickly replace him. I know. I know. Crazy speculation. But it might happen. She might even suspect that Lelouch is Zero, as far back as season one. Milly knows Lelouch more than she lets on. She prefers to keep it to herself.

    It would be interesting to how well Milly would do as Lelouch's Chief Media Strategest.
  8. Avira
    2008-07-29 04:37
    more couldn't hurt:P
  9. Bennyswan
    2008-07-28 22:53
    sorry for eavesdropping but....
    To say that C.C doesn't have a high fan count is just plain crazy! Especially with episode 16.... shes so adorable without her memories.
  10. Avira
    2008-07-25 11:24
    it's obvious if you look at the polls^^
    It not like she's unpopular...

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