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  1. Mon Cheri
    2012-02-12 14:15
    Mon Cheri
    Well I don't know if they're even a part of society, but they definitely makes me feel better.

    True, true. But I don't want to ruin my life yet. I'm young and delicate, you know

    I agree with you, he's not the most awesome character ever, but I'm so glad he didn't turn out to be another emo ninja. I'd rather read 10 chapters of rapper guy than 10 chapters of Sasuke tragedy.
  2. Blerghovic
    2012-02-12 09:41
    Noted. And it's strange to message on AS again.
  3. Mon Cheri
    2012-02-11 08:34
    Mon Cheri
    Haha it's definitely one of the best episodes, yes. It's so sad those people actually exist.

    Well maybe I should take some time to watch it now, because this massive fucking hangover is ruining my day. Gah I'll never drink again.........

    I see what you mean, they just throw shitloads of boring people in there. Really annoying. And Naruto has become a disaster, it should have ended 9342864465 chapters ago. Same with Bleach. They don't even have the same concept anymore, it's just... bad, really bad. Therefore, I've dropped both.

    Actually, I think the rapper is one of the better characters of the series, since he brings a tiny sense of humor into the ninja world of angst, childhood trauma, absolute disaster and infinite tragedy.
  4. Mon Cheri
    2012-02-10 08:40
    Mon Cheri
    haha you're right, that's never good. Next thing you know, you look like this.

    Me too, I almost never watch anime anymore. I only read a couple of mangas. Haven't really watched Tiger & Bunny or Steins;Gate, but I remember reading good words about them. Maybe I'll watch them when I got the time. Which usually means never.

    However I look forward to Sankarea, which is coming out this spring. I've read some chapters of the manga, and it looks OK. And it has zombies in it *3*
  5. Mon Cheri
    2012-01-25 21:09
    Mon Cheri
    Ah, a star wars fan! Nice. Heard of the game, but never actually tried it.. I really don't need that on top of my skyrim addiction.

    I'm great, a bit tired of school but I promised myself I'd never repeat a year again so I'm doing my best. Sorta.
    Anyways, on previous VM's it says we haven't talked since early 2009. wow!
  6. Mon Cheri
    2012-01-21 15:14
    Mon Cheri
    oh my god Laicechan, long time no speak! How are you? : )
  7. Blerghovic
    2012-01-13 17:16
    Ok, here we go *takes deep breath*:

    I could see that from the nocturnal gaming sprees.

    Actually it's starting to make me a bit hungry, considering these dead animals actually are beaten in the kitchen.

    I lie pretty much on a daily basis to my parents. But only about small things, like my school work

    I despise Catcher in the Rye. I don't think I've ever seen such critically acclaimed unwarranted angst. Well actually critics really seem to love the angst, but the point is that it was a steaming pile of troll-fucking horseshit. Pardon my French. Reading it was already enough of a shit experience - analysing it? No. Please God, seriously, just don't do it to me.

    Haha, well I'll make sure to play some Mass Effect when I get some free time after my exams.

    Well there's the manga FMP Sigma. But it's just not as good as the anime. And I basically found out what happened through reading malformed translations from translations of chinese versions... yeah. Still, I simply don't understand why they won't leave K-ON the fuck alone and just get to work on FMP, which is so fucking good. Gah. And what are you talking about, you're one of the most angelic people I've ever (not quite) laid eyes on (incidentally, what is Sket Dance?)

    Code Geass - awesome (R1 was better than R2 though). Tiger & Bunny - can't really say how good it is, but it does look appealing. Claymore - Claire's past (well really not just hers) is oh so depressing. Darker than Black - awesome (apart from the 2nd series, where Hei spends his time babysitting a teenage girl. I still like the initial episodes though.

    And I don't really know much about those series (Beelzebub discluded) but I'll try to check them out, yet again, post-exams.

    Haha, what do you consider a 'kid'? Because really, kids are generally far less sheltered these days with the internet and all - at least in my area.

    I think the prosecution would stumble when they called you to the stands and noted that you weren't exactly childish (well, in body at least) ^^

    I may be lagging behind, but the battle is far from over.
  8. Blerghovic
    2012-01-05 08:23
    Now for the long reply...

    Apparently we can't actually get to any actual topics on MSN without getting distracted by perverted banter. And we don't move on. Who woulda thunk it?

    You have issues. However, they amuse me greatly, so I'm ok with it.

    I think we've derided the idea of basing a tale around farming enough for now. No use beating a dead horse... or maybe a dead cow would be more appropriate...

    It would take money I don't have, and a very gullible family: "Hey guys, don't mind me, I've just decided I want to visit Washington for a short while. Because it's pretty. See ya!". And here in London, our (rare) snow becomes a gritty, salty thing quite quickly (they salt the fuck out of the snow; it used to make me so sad... TT).

    Sometimes, an author's just trying to make a story work, not trying to send several deep philoshophical messages in each and every scene in the book. Let's just enjoy the story people, instead of over-analysing the font used.

    I know not what this S7 CE, but I assume it's nerdy. And I sadly I don't know Mass Effect well enough to ship. I'm sure you'll tear me a new one for that.

    Oh God moe. It's because people are too busy making moe shit that things like FMP never get continued. And I have to say that good Shounen appeal to the manchild inside of me. But still, some things are just dumb. The Haganai manga was alright, but for some reason the anime was just empty. Amtosphereless. I've heard of Tiger & Bunny recently, but I'm not getting into anything new since I have exams in a week. Actually, what are your anime/manga favourites? (and your sleeping habits are crazy woman, how do you live!?)

    Laice:1 0:Subtlety.

    Also: 'I hadn't done that since I was little' - dammit Laice, do you think I'm some sort of pedo?

    The confession was alright, but it was actually the scene you talked about that made me cringe a little. Also, the scene where they're in the river - and Taiga's duel in the classroom - were a bit too melodramatic for my tastes. Still, I did enjoy the series overall, and the relationship developed pretty well. The first OP was pretty damn infectious, but of course my manliness did not fully appreciate it.

    This was a long reply.
  9. Blerghovic
    2012-01-05 07:39
    Well you know what they say, always leave them wanting more...
  10. Blerghovic
    2012-01-04 11:14
    One thing: the segmented nature of our conversations is beginning to amuse me. Also, '' is me, not some random pedo.

    Dammit, why aren't the people running these servers considering the plight of the insomniac!

    Imagine a badly executed farming story...

    Ah, what a shame. Still, I'll give you a call if I end up in Washington via some bizzare twist of fate. And that's just wrong - you can't play tennis in the snow :frustated: Mild sun is the best, and yes you are weird (I mean that in the nicest possible way; I'm saying you're your own person).

    I like English and I like writing, but I hate trying to find meaning in things that are basically meaningless, or just waxing poetic for the sake of it. Sadly, you spend the majority of your time doing just that in class. Gah.

    I know you want this...

    Ah naps, you gotta love them. And yes, I get overly obsessive about things that absorb me too - particularly in the case of books. And manga too, though that's increasingly rare in the age of moe. Oh btw, I read the 'Haganai' manga (what's out so far), and it was moderately amusing. Then I checked out the anime, and I hated that for some reason. And woman you go to bed at 4:30 on a regular basis. What was I gonna call you, standard?

    Don't toy with me woman, this is serio-mmm... moisturising...

    Lost my pieces is not obscure, it's amazing! The breakdown basically punches you in the heart. Ah man, Toradora was good (well, there were some overly melodramatic scenes after Taiga's sleepy/unconscious confession, but still).

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