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  1. Blerghovic
    2012-01-03 14:44
    Haha, it's been a while young miss. I hope you've been enjoying Star Wars and the holiday season

    Truly, the controller chat was not the most riveting one we've ever had.

    I actually read some of it. It's ok, it's not actually bad, but... it's about fucking farming! Unless a cow turns super saiyan, it's never going to be a particularly exciting tale.

    Great! But beware, the weather is horrendous. If you're hoping for sunny skies, then you should reduce those hopes. Actually, you should throw those hopes into the garbage, and pay bad men to do bad things to them. Moving on to lighter topics, I am of course here for chuckles, so that's good ( ) and yes, yes you do

    Ah yeah I like history with a good teacher, but this year we're pretty much being drilled into essay-writing machines, so it's pretty dull to be honest. So is maths (I'm also good; I'm also bored - you're right, conversations formed around formulas are generally not that fun), and english I enjoy when we're studying something good... sadly, we usually aren't. And also, sometimes there's just too much bullshitting

    And somehow this all came back to Mass Effect...

    My time management (and management in general) is basically non-existent; I get almost nothing done once I'm back from school (other than tennis) and often got to bed way too late after getting absorbed by something. By most standards, that's kind of abnormal. But your sleeping patterns are so abnormal that other abnormal people seem normal to you. Boom.

    I heard 3 way, and from there I stopped paying attention (it being a conversation about your bed doesn't help matters). Now, let's see what my imagination can cook up...

    I read it again, and this is how it looks to me: "I'm planning a 3-way, if that makes you happy" - it does, it really does. T T (of happiness).

    Btw, you wouldn't happen to have MSN or Facebook would you?

    EDIT: I just got the Toradora reference on your user title thing. 'Lost my pieces' fucking gets to you man *sniffs tearily*
  2. The Chaos
    2011-12-06 14:35
    The Chaos
    hahaha did you check supernatural ? are you doing lately ? ^___^
  3. Blerghovic
    2011-11-25 03:33
    Yeah, people have pretty much said that it was DLC for MW2 released as a game. As for controllers, well maybe we should give that topic the D.Gray-Man treatment (see below).


    Haha, maybe when I have a bit more free time I'll check. At the moment I don't really the willpower to spend my precious free time reading something which I'm being told is bad (not that there's much of anything that's good out on the anime/manga front).

    Have you never been here? You should come! The love of your life lives here after all...

    And I'm totally unsurprised that you like Red vs Blue.

    Woo, history! That used to be my favourite subject, and like all of my best friends want to study history at Uni (apart from my asian friends, who do of course want to study Science/Medicine).

    Oi, don't you go confusing Jack - none of us here want the personification of this forum to be transgender. you're something of a nocturnal creature? (holy shit woman do you not sleep!?)

    Well I am pretty kind

    Well you need to get better acquainted with your bed; clearly you don't spend enough time together.
  4. Blerghovic
    2011-11-24 11:43
    I love the controllers - and despise Xbox ones. But then I grew up on playstation controls, so I suppose your childhood dictates your preference. And wow, you're no mean gamer O_O As for mw3, everyone's been dissapointed - it was a lazily produced game. They just rehashed past outing and threw in more explosions.

    True say <--- (my last words on the topic)

    NO, LEAVE ME BE DEVIL-WOMAN! I want my memories of the person who made FMA to stay undisturbed by petty farming.

    I live in London. Don't talk to me about rain And woo, progressivism - I just studied the progressive movement in History actually. And Washington University - that's Ivy League right? Damn, lv23 (I really need a name to call you) is smart. What do you study there?

    Who said AS was a girl huh? Are you saying that only girls would be hurt by such an accusation? Well, guess what, GUYS HAVE FEELINGS TOO (and you've just hurt AS, so hah).

    And I am of course here to brighten your morning (and here we're using morning very literally, Miss 3:33 AM), so you're welcome the way, what does this mean: m(._.)m

    You need a better bed. That is all
  5. Blerghovic
    2011-11-23 17:35
    Haha, why are you so against playing them? They're goddam amazing - and yes, a box set was just released. As for PC gaming, I'm not a console fanboy or anything, it's just that I was never that into FPS games and I never had a gaming PC, so I just stuck to what I knew - which was good old playstation

    Yeah... Anyway, we should probably leave it there Hating on a manga I used to love just makes me feel worse. Well, at least the anime was never ruined like the manga I suppose.

    A farming manga: the pinnacle of storytelling! Yeah, no - it was just never going to be good.

    You live in the capital? Is it nice there? And yeah, are you talking about the Penn State scandal? No my brother was nowhere near that - he plays basketball at Rollins College ( basketball runs in the blood in my family ). What about you, what college do you go to? (I actually know a fair few from when we were screening colleges for my brother - unfortunately I also had to help him write half of his essays and do a peer thingimajig for Dartmouth... that was so long)

    If you're watching this AS, I just want to let you know that I mean no offence Yeah, it's not like I just assumed you were ugly since this was an anime forum (goodbye stereotypes), but I didn't expect you to actually be really pretty. Bravo miss

    ...Yeah, I'm just quite unobservant... *facepalm*

    By the way, this was a strangely early post from you - how come?
  6. Blerghovic
    2011-11-21 15:32
    That was my assumption

    Yeah, my cousin lent it to me, and now it's on my list to play. And if you're gonna play a ps3 game, then goddammit play MGS4 - that's my favourite game of this generation. And I've never actually done PC gaming; some of my friends rave about it, but I never got into it.

    D.Gray-Man, you make me so sad I remember watching Lenalee battle the Level 3 whilst Tikki killed Allen thinking 'damn this is awesome'. Now? It takes me effort to actually remember anything about the past 20 chapters.

    That sounds... swell.

    A Levels are like the English equivalent of SATs, except more specific and better. Incidentally, do you go to college in Florida? (that's where my brother goes)

    You're strangely pretty for a person on AS. And I seriously cannot believe that it took me so long to notice that it was a picture of you.
  7. Blerghovic
    2011-11-20 10:16
    It's fine it's fine - when you get busy it's very easy for AS to slip your mind.

    Yeah, I'm trying to get it done before '2' comes out - in fact, not just FF, but Skyward Sword, Uncharted 2, Arkham City and Skyrim. I've got a ridiculously huge backlog of ridiculously good games. Still, I'm almost finished at least.

    Yeah, that's the thing. If it didn't exist, I wouldn't really mind - whereas before, I actually enjoyed it so much.

    Really!? I knew that the first chapter was him in a farming school, but I assumed that something would happen eventually.

    And yeah - I assumed you lived in America, what with you being in 'college' (am I correct?). And a Sixth Form is where English students do their A Levels - which they need for University. It's 2 years (16-18) - there's the lowdown

    And by the way, is your profile picture a picture of yourself?
  8. The Chaos
    2011-11-18 07:09
    The Chaos
    the sixth season not that great ..but yeah check it
  9. Blerghovic
    2011-11-06 09:54
    New D.Gray-Man chapter doesn't exactly blow you away.
  10. Blerghovic
    2011-11-02 10:35
    Well I've been through a battle with FF13 - I was 24 hours in when my ps3 broke, and after that I couldn't muster up the will to play it until a year later (especially since the first 10 hours or so are by far the worst), and now after another 2 month break I'm 30 hours in (though about 5 hours of that is me pausing and going off somewhere).

    Haha, well tahnks And don't remind me about fucking Alma. Goddamn, that arc was both dull and incomprehensible - I didn't know what was going on, and even if I did, I'd still hate it. That was when I began to skip chapters.

    Haha, well what's so bad about it? (not doubting you, just surprised since FMA was crafted so well)

    In my defence, there is a 7 hour time difference. You generally post a bit before I'm about to wake up. And I'm still in Sixth Form, so I can't exactly go out and part on the weekends

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