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  1. Kusaja
    2008-09-11 21:45
    Marianne especially, I think, really needed more screen time so that we could get to know her current self better, instead of only her reputation, since at least there are some supplementary materials where her past has been mentioned. Kallen's brother is dead, so maybe we would have only seen him in a flashback, but her father has remained one of those unknowns we may never learn about...

    I'd hope so too, and I guess Villetta's future baby guarantees the survival of most of the Ikaruga's crew... It may be optimistic, like you said, but Lelouch and Suzaku going down in history as villains would be a little too harsh, especially if they disappear after their task is done, so at least someone needs to acknowledge their efforts.

    The only thing Schneizel's missing would be a matching hat...maybe he has one of those hidden away?

    I guess being a fansubber makes her especially vulnerable to such obsessions...I don't think there are many people out there willing to go all the way like that. Or maybe I'm underestimating the world.

    But Damocles looked just so cool in the OP, didn't it? When we had no idea at all.

    I've even been thinking that Schneizel will, at the last moment, just give up and say it's been fun, but that the game is over...and then someone proceeds to kill him anyways. Lulz may not save his neck.
  2. Narona
    2008-09-11 21:38
    I said that in the thread and no one made any other comments. Seems that the idea that she could survive doesn't please anyone
  3. Narona
    2008-09-11 21:24
    Posted in the thread

    What I find interesting is that "apparently", C.C. still plans to make lelouch her successor. And lelouch "seems" to be aware and ok with that.

    What i want to know is "if you jave to die to pass a code", the sunrise's comment I ccopied/pasted to you seem to point that she might not die......

    Hahah, ok, I won't press your further than on it.

    Apart from my mother and father, no one can force me to do something
  4. Narona
    2008-09-11 20:55
    Thanks, that was interesting. Lol, the Sunrise guy saying "I wonder" when he most likely knows. At the very least, I think this shows that she still plays a part in the plot with Lelouch. Dann has been pessimistic in convos this past week saying she's unimportant.

    At least the contract is still part of the plot, even if some c.c. haters say otherwise <_<...

    So yes. And the sentence "what to do after that?" (after fulfulling the contract), if they are talking about c.c., it means that she will be still alive after? What are your thoughts about that sentence?

    It's no fun if there's no consequences. How about I'll wear a silly avatar you pick for a week?

    If CxL doesn't happen, I will not have the heart to ask something silly to you, and even so, I'm not the kind of person to ask something like that . I'm a nice girl, a bit short-tempered, but nice
  5. Kusaja
    2008-09-11 20:48
    If 50 is too much, then how about ~30? I mean, Death Note got away with 37 episodes, no? It's the sort of thing that has to be planned in advance, obviously, but it could have happened and yes, it would have allowed us to see a little more from those KoRs before their deaths.

    We may yet get a bit of a downer for the next two episodes, but the ending should try to compensate for all that, I'd hope.

    Well, Schneizel and Lelouch were already pretty close in intellect and chess skills...we were just missing a battle of fabulous.

    Yes, that blog is sometimes good for a few laughs and bits of information...despite the author's unhealthy, serious/joking fangirlism over Schneizel. Can't argue about Damocles'd think they'd have used something other than a castle, huh?
  6. Narona
    2008-09-11 20:39
  7. Narona
    2008-09-11 20:32
    No, not inevitably crappy. But for all the fans of c.c. it will be cruel.

    Well, can I go out on a limb and predict that it happens and everyone will be shocked? No reason other than a feeling. If it turns out to be wrong, you can rag on me about it.

    Of course you can, and no i will not rag on you if you're wrong. I'm not that kind of person
  8. Narona
    2008-09-11 19:43
    Why? Because teasing us with so much epic pictures is too cruel if in the end CxL doesn't happen (and there are lonly few chances that it can happen now)
  9. Kusaja
    2008-09-11 11:46
    I agree, there were too many characters for just 25 episodes...perhaps 50 or so would have been needed, in R2 alone, to properly accommodate everything and maintain a steady pace. It almost feels like it's been that long, sometimes. Or things could just have been made simpler from the beginning. Oh well, it's still been a very fun ride and I don't regret anything.

    I'm certainly expecting a good to great ending here...which is why I hope 25 deals entirely with the aftermath of the main story. I also wish it's an optimistic end and not too tragic, as balance for all the drama that has been building up.

    I see, that's quite skillful on Narona's part. I guess the power of the hat's fabulousness attracts Code Geass fans from all over the globe, shipping wars aside. But if anything, whatever Suzaku and Lelouch say, #0 should be given to the club with the least amount of members, shortly before it's erased...or if the numbers are too high and break the system.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-11 08:26
    Dann of Thursday
    I saw some idea about Lelouch having God erase the enemies of the world or something to that effect which would kill them. It could bring Geass back into the plot though I worry how such a thing would end for C.C. and Lelouch though.

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