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  1. Narona
    2008-09-11 06:52
    The cover for OST2 is too beautifull. I feel so sad since I have the feeling I will never see CxL happens.

    I try to not be sad, but it's too hard this time, I can't help it
  2. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-11 06:10
    Dann of Thursday
    That could be it or perhaps they feel something needs explaining. Either way, that interview with Ami and going over Lelouch's reactions (such as the way he had his eyes closed during the kiss) seem to give evidence of what is likely to happen. Those gum lines are still an issue as well. I have to wonder what the point of certain things like the band aid were though. I worry that since Lelouch seems to have a death wish that C.C. will save him now, but at the cost of her life or something. Honestly, that interview doesn't really leave much room for anyone other than Kallen to end up with Lelouch given the nature of it and Taniguchi's comments as to explaining the scene to Ami. He wants them to be together I think and the interview provides ample evidence.

    I can't really tell if Lelouch is asleep or just closing his eyes though. And I worry that she is only around because she is popular considering she really doesn't do anything anymore with the only meaningful thing I could see her doing being dying while saving Lelouch. Some thought the images related to them were simply to show how they were partners and such and that the images meant nothing. That link doesn't work, but are you serious?
  3. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-10 22:06
    Dann of Thursday
    How do interviews work anyway? I'd think they would need to get permission or something.

    I think it's by the main artist who did the first season ending images. I think it's a nice image though and I can't recall many times of seeing C.C. asleep with such a peaceful expression. I don't get why they keep putting these images out though.
  4. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-10 21:02
    Dann of Thursday
    Possible I guess, but why exactly? Was there nothing interesting to talk about with her? And I do find that they didn't talk at all odd as well.

    Thank you. It's nice pic overall, though I wonder if it indicates anything. I wonder why Lelouch's eyes are closed.
  5. Kusaja
    2008-09-10 20:53
    Very entertaining, in fact.

    Code Geass (R2) may not be the best show ever, and if I had to rate it I would be a little harsh, but it's definitely one of my favorites, based on entertainment value alone.

    And btw...seems you changed your avatar to Emperor Lelouch and his fabulous hat.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-10 19:26
    Dann of Thursday
    Yes, I saw the pic. It really is way too small to see anything. Too bad since I would have liked to know what their lines were and if they hint to anything.

    I know, but the entire situation feels very bad for C.C. fans. It seems pointless for Taniguchi to spend all this time developing Kallen's feelings for Lelouch to simply end it like that. I'm afraid it is clear that they are going to continue on with her feelings. How? That line for 24 is likely hers as she asks him more about what he thinks of her. I assume he will seriously tell her he loves her and her gum line will come up. C.C.'s feelings have never been clear nor confirmed and in light of Kallen's development they do no matter at all. I actually think they have simply dropped her feelings or will. They'll likely have C.C. leave without ever revealing her feelings so Kallen can be happy. That's the only way it could go because there isn't any chance Lelouch and C.C. could ever be together.

    Damn, there goes the only hope I had. The fact they gave Kallen the time of day and had nothing at all on C.C. shows just how unimportant she is.
  7. Narona
    2008-09-10 18:13
    TBH, Not so busy actually. I just forgot -_____-

    Don't mind to ask me another scene if this one is not good.
  8. Narona
    2008-09-10 18:00
    I forgot -____________-" I'm so sorry.

    Here, I made 3 different GIFs. However, there are a lot of colors in this scene, so it's hard to fit the 50KB limit. So I can't use the full scene :/

    If you want another scene, just tell me.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-10 14:13
    Dann of Thursday
    And there isn't likely to be one scene regarding Lelouch and C.C. in terms of romance. They have made it clear that they are comitting to Kallen.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2008-09-10 08:40
    Dann of Thursday
    No, it's a standard thing with me and I do it with pretty much everything.

    Oh, I know the idea is way too convenient and that is why it is unlikely to happen at all. Nunnally will probably be stained even if there are those who don't want that for her.

    Well, he is the type who would be willing to kill a friend on the battlefield if needed given how serious both Lelouch and Suzaku are about this whole thing. I think that she is prefectly willing to kill him since she clearly does not like him at all. The battle will be in 24 so it could end with one of them dead or something happening to interrupt the battle. I think you may be right about Gino and Anya since I really don't think they would want to help Schneizal, but also not help Lelouch.

    Given that it is the most important one for her then I think that pretty much rules out anything with C.C. involved. If it's that important, then she will say it to Lelouch. The line is weird, but I think it probably indicates that Lelouch was going to tell her that he loves her. I can't think they would pick a line like that if it were being said to C.C. in an argument. Too bad about us not getting Lelouch and Suzaku's lines. Those might have been helpful.

    Given that she reveals what Taniguchi told her, that does seem to be what was going on which is really very bizarre and even somewhat sad, which makes me think her chances have gotten even better. I don't know about the line, but maybe she is scared to hear him saying he loves her now that she has gone against him. Which of course means that Lelouch is saying he loves her. And I think revealing Lelouch's thoughts would have been giving too much away though the lack of silence is telling enough.

    1. Yes, I don't think Lelouch would want her to die even if it was with him. He'll find some way to save her I think or maybe they'll both be thought dead or something. Jeremiah will probably use it at some point after the battle and I would think we would get to see Nunnally up and walking around with her eyes open.
    2. I wonder if enough of those could end things though or maybe it has some secret weapon.
    3. Probably, though I am convinced it will be to Lelouch and that the line indicates he loves her.
    4. She might try that thing where she checks to see if he is lying and then realizes something. Why else make her a human lie detector?
    5. Perhaps, but he may simply want to make sure Nunnally will live and be happy before ridding the world of himself.
    6. Eh, it would be nice though it would just be way more simple to just have her die which makes me think it is likely.
    Not sure what could possibly bring up the Geass answers though since there isn't anything in this that hints towards Geass being involved.

    Possibly, but it sort of seems like he won't be involved much.

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