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  1. Narona
    2008-08-23 03:46
    Koshimizu is a very nice person
  2. Narona
    2008-08-23 03:40
    Did it. I hope she will have the time to translate it though >o<
  3. Narona
    2008-08-23 03:35
    I will ask her the full interview
  4. Narona
    2008-08-23 03:31
    I don't have it, Koshimizu gave me only that part ^^. I'm sorry.
  5. Dann of Thursday
    2008-08-22 22:59
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, maybe. I wonder why there was no talk at all concerning C.C.. Or is there no point now given the condition she is in? Something about 19 just seemed very bad to me with the way Lelouch spoke of C.C.. C.C. did seem very worried about him and wanted to help him. I'm not sure if that comes from her duty under the belief she is a slave or because she does care about him.

    I suppose they'll eventually address things concerning Lelouch's whole promise about making her smile and such (if that promise even matters anymore with the C.C. he knew gone) and the whole thing with the band aid though I can't see how they could address something as small as a band aid.

    And now I worry that Charles may end up giving his Code to Lelouch, which would be horribly ironic since it is exactly what C.C. did not want for him.

    I worry now since C.C. is back with the Order with no possible way of interacting with Lelouch now. Even more I worry that she'll talk with Kallen and inadvertantly support Kallen's feelings for Lelouch. And then they talked about how she should smile as she die which seems like an omen.
  6. Dann of Thursday
    2008-08-22 22:46
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, I think we're at the point where good things should start happening for Lelouch.

    Well, she didn't really do anything or recieve any development until episode 15 where they suddenly gave her origins, seemed to confirm she had feelings of some sort for Lelouch and had her memories erased all in one go. I didn't think on it before, but it seemed rather rushed. I don't get what she is supposed to do though.

    Sort of with 15 I guess. Can't really think of many times though. It doesn't really matter though. Koshimizu posted some info. Fukuyama said he doesn't think Kallen will be a LI for Lelouch, but the main storywriter seems to reject his statement. It think he may have confirmed LXK.
  7. Dann of Thursday
    2008-08-21 10:15
    Dann of Thursday
    I find killing her off to be pointless now, especially after Lelouch made such a big deal of preventing her from it. I'm sure they would do it to get her out of Kallen's way though. I also doubt she'll get her memories back. Lelouch lost C.C.. C.C. died. Lelouch doesn't get back the things he loses. They stay gone. I think they've made a very concious effort to make sure that the only person by his side in the end is Kallen. I think that such a thing is incredibly cheap of course. I do think she'll remain mortal though in any case.

    It was the King stained with blood. I think we could possibly say it foreshadowing of the blood lying in Lelouch's path as he lost Nunnally and then Rolo soon after this.

    I know he has, but there were those moments where he went from being all dark to positive and it was weird. They have made an effort to screw with him just like Lelouch. He may still have some chance to be saved in the end.

    So happy you wouldn't believe it since it would be one of those few times when I was right. I wouldn't really say much about it though since I have fully earned the right for several people to berate me for all my worrying. Of course, if it doesn't happen at all then that just validates all my fears and I really have no need to stop with all this. With only 6 episodes left, C.C.'s whole relationship with Lelouch erased entirely, and so much time spent on Kallen it is evidence that LXK is the canon ending. I don't quite see the point of doing things like that whole "I'll make you smile" bit as well as having that band aid appear on that paticular finger, but it likely all means nothing.

    When I think about it though, to me Kallen is only going to be the winner simply because she is the only one left. If Shirley or C.C. were still around, Lelouch would certainly not go with her. So then, why does it have to be Kallen? I can't understand what can be illustrated with such a thing. I understood Shirley to some degree and I certainly understood C.C. since episode 15 essentially validated a lot of the reasons I liked the couple in the first place. I suppose the best to hope for would be an open ending in that regard.

    I find it funny that in some way, C.C. becoming so uninvolved could be viewed as her detaching herself from everyone so dying can be easier. I think she had a hard time doing such a thing with Lelouch, even at the end when she sent him away with that sorrowful look on her face. 15 could have been the point where C.C. actually decided to start living. In fact, that is what she did. And then they had to go and take her memories away.

  8. Dann of Thursday
    2008-08-20 11:13
    Dann of Thursday
    Meh, I am not expecting much. I'd love for C.C. to actually have some time onscreen that actually was meaningful, but I don't think they plan on doing such a thing. Losing her memory and everything doesn't serve much purpose and makes her quite useless. I wouldn't be surprised if they just killed her off in the end.

    They've been all over the place with him this season. First he's all dark, then he's nice, then he's dark, then he's a bit conflicted, and now he seems to be very dark. I wish they would make up their minds. If he talked to anyone, I would guess Euphemia. Perhaps Nunnally and his father as well. We only have so much time though so I think that if anyone talks with the dead it will be Lelouch.

    Tell me about it. We know less about her than the majority of the characters and I would love to see what she really was like rather than just hearing about it from other people. 21 is supposed to be the truth of what happened with the attack on her and I hope the truth isn't devastating or something. The whole thing with the "gods" has been confusing me for a while as well. In fact, we need an explanation on where all these ruins came from and what the origins of Geass actually are. Unless that got dropped.

    It was 5 years then? Damn, I truly have to wonder how much the show deviated from their original intentions and what would be different if they had done them. I think I'll always be curious and afraid of that knowledge. I somewhat hope they can at least be somewhat satisfied with what they were able to get out.
  9. Dann of Thursday
    2008-08-20 00:00
    Dann of Thursday
    Well, the one Koshimizu posted was clearly a note that went something like "make it seem like if anything goes wrong C.C. will grab Lelouch and run". It was obviously a note rather than a line. Meh, I doubt it will happen at all now. Not sure why they didn't put it in, but it might simply mean nothing at all. I'm not sure why the Marianne line was left out though the line was quite curious as well as the fact that I am quite sure they didn't have a VA for Marianne yet.

    I guess so. I have to wonder if Suzaku finally snapped though.

    Considering that 21 will feature the truth about Marianne and her assassination, I think this would be a good opportunity for us to finally hear Marianne. She hasn't spoken one word in this entire series and I think it's about time she did. And I think it would really do Lelouch some good to have a talk with her. If anyone can cheer him up, it would be his mother. I could also see Nunnally (with her eyes open and standing up), Euphemia, and Shirley there as well. Hell, maybe even Mao could show up. Not sure what he could do though since he might still be crazy.

    Well, I just feel quite sad for Taniguchi and Okouchi. This was their idea that they came up with and they were unable to truly express that idea the way they wanted. Something about that really doesn't sit right with me. And I fear that his distaste for this R2 may somehow make it not as good for some reason, though I hope he did try his best. This is the price you pay for having a high profile series I guess.
  10. Dann of Thursday
    2008-08-19 20:54
    Dann of Thursday
    Yes, since the general opinion was that the person in question is going off storyboards. Mistakes are bound to be made that way.

    I suppose it is still possible that we'll see him say such a thing to her. I've been wondering whether the line may have been a note on the storyboards. This wouldn't be the first time a line was omitted before. For example, back in season one when C.C. and Suzaku came in contact in 22 there was a small scene of Marianne. On the storyboards, there is a line of her saying that she did not want to be immortal. This was kept out of the show though despite being written there and it later showed up in the DS game. Koshimizu was the one who I first read this info from. The whole "please stay with me" line could simply be another example of this. It makes sense that he would say such a thing after what happened anyway since he had just hurt her. So I don't really think the line will happen.

    And it was recently confirmed that Schneizal has given Suzaku the order to kill Charles, so that one is now taken care of. This also may confirm who Suzaku's enemy is.

    Something needs to happen for Lelouch to actually want to not die with Charles like he plans to do right now. I'd really rather not have it be anything Kallen does though. I'm thinking it will be something with the World of C. Maybe he is able to speak with his mother. Maybe he even gets to speak with Euphemia and Nunnally too. That could certainly give him some reason to keep going. Because Lelouch needs to make C.C. smile like he said he would and as far as I know, they still have a contract.

    I still find myself upset over Taniguchi's thoughts about R2. I have to wonder what exactly was changed. Could this be the explanation for C.C.'s decreased role or some of the other things.

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