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  1. Dann of Thursday
    2008-08-19 18:32
    Dann of Thursday
    Hello there. I can't quite recall ever speaking with you in the past before at all, but I wanted to thank you for that little highlighted list you did concerning the Korean Spoilers. Not sure why exactly, but thank you nonetheless. I have to say I also find it odd that out of the spoilers, the one that was most incorrect was the Ring spoiler. I too can understand mistaking the band aid for a ring, but everything else was just so weird given how correct the rest all were. The only other one that made a large error was the timing of Ougi and Viletta meeting again.
  2. Narona
    2008-08-19 18:03
    The revelation of Taniguchi's thoughts was sure something. I think the foundation was good enough (Okouchi's script) and that's why Code Geass is still compelling to watch, but I have to wonder if the execution could have been better in Taniguchi's original planning.

    It annoys me a lot. If C.C.'s story was screwed because of it, I will feel really betrayed. The kallen fans (I don't talk about this forum, even if it seems to be the same) that I know seem to don't care about... because till now Kallen did well in R2 , but I'm sure they will be the first to be angry if in the end they dislike the ending and kallen's subplot.

    Lelouch got over his depression rather quickly. It makes all that discussion on the forums about how much he needed to be comforted to live seem very exaggerated in hindsight. I mean, there was even a rumor started from another site about Kallen conceiving a child just so Lelouch has something to live for. I had to facepalm at Lelouch in Ep. 19 before Rollo rescued him because he was about let himself die while breaking that promise of his with C.C. Well, he wasn't very good at these things anyway. He was the guy who was about to refrain himself and ditch all his responsibilities at one point before Kallen slapped him and Rollo brought him back to Ashford for him to realize he has a reason to live. Before he went into that sadden mode due to Nunnally, one of the things on his 'to do' list was that he wanted to fix all his friends' memories (Ep. 3 when he was with Shirley). I had to also facepalm at him when I saw he was about to refrain himself.

    His primary reason to live right now is to drag Charles down with him and he's alone right now. Since it's implied he will become Emperor from the spoilers and likely attempt to reform Britannia, he must have discovered another reason while in the World of C.

    I will not say that I am happy, mainly because he said that he has lost everything (I laughed when someone tried to argue something about kallen even if lelouch didn't talk about her at all... but whatever). He seems determined to................ die with Charles. So, he's still broken imo, but he wants to do something good before... you know what.

    Looking the the Korean blog spoilers (tracking list), they only had 3 parts wrong. I think we did see that Lelouch did feel responsible for the memories, but still not those words, hm.

    Yeah I know.... but this spoiler about "that line" is at the end... after the spoiler about Ougi who happened in turn 19. So maybe in turn 20.... Well, one still hopes...

    "On the topic for romance, I'm favoring the subplot being unresolved at the end of the series, but I hope you'll get something nice for C.C. and get to even the playing field. I was hoping those words would eventually be said to see the contrasting reactions between the two sides. We already saw the reaction to Lelouch's words in Ep. 19. The one I picked was heavily an underdog (Shirley) and although I knew that from the start, I liked it anyway. It looks like it has become tougher to discuss this topic on the forums now since Kalulu fans seem superiorly confident after Ep. 19. "

    I don't have the same opinion as the kallens fans about Turn 19, but I don't feel like wanting to argue about it with them. About Lelouch, he didn't talk about C.C. or Kallen in Turn 19. JHe said he has lost everything

    Nunnaly > sister
    Rolo > Brother
    Shirley > ? I think "Lover"

    So I think he loved Shirley.
  3. Narona
    2008-08-08 19:37
    "I didn't see this image yet. That's a lovely picture of the two. Do we have confirmation that it's part of the original 18 artworks?"

    A better version was posted in the image thread, go check it . No, no confirmation, but as far as we know, Clamp only did 18 pictures for Taniguchi, as requested for R2.

    "It sounded like Schneizel would be taking over Britannia from this:

    Charles' title is one from Britannia and since he has been disqualified, I didn't feel the title Emperor for Lelouch would be coming from here."

    I know what you mean. But since Charles will not be around anymore, Lelouch could try to be the next emperor of the world (that means fighting schneizel).

    Or, I can't explain it, but maybe a lot of Britannians will want Lelouch to become the next emperor and will call him like that.

    I think Lelouch will gain new powers as well. Speaking of the world of C and Ragnarok, I'm pretty curious why Toudou is lifting off into that place with buildings that look like they came from the world of C in the OP. A place where Ragnarok resides? The Korean spoilers did imply that Charles wanted to use it to destroy the old world and create a new one. That would be something that needs to be stopped to preserve the human world. But could Charles have something else in mind since he's trying to do something even V.V. didn't have in mind?

    I think that Ragnarok exists only in the World of C, but Charles (or another person) will try to bring it up in the world we know. Ragnarok was used once. I said that because in episode 17, they said they are trying to "reactivate" the ragnarok, and not "activate".

    I don't know what charles' whereabouts are, but he has not the same wish as V.V..

    I think it's related to Marianne. Charles wants to resurrect her, maybe?

    I wonder what's Schneizel's agenda is too. Does he want to use Ragnarok himself?

    I don't know, but Schneizel doesn't know what Charles is trying to do. To be fair, no one know the real charles. <_<
  4. Narona
    2008-08-08 00:38
    "Mister. "

    Well, so you're a boy

    "The other picture could be Rollo. One for Kallen and one for Rollo?"

    No, only Kallen I think, since we know what the 17th picture is:

    "Lots of new spoilers but it was all centered on Charles, Lelouch, Suzaku, Rollo, and slightly Marianne + Schneizel. I guess we'll just have to wait and see the episodes for C.C., Kallen, Anya, Gino, etc. I think the only spoilers left to be given are the keywords for Episode 21 and 22? Plus summaries of the character pages for the others."

    Yep, now we need only the keywords . All these spoilers are pretty interesting. I think the ending will be good after all

    "Newtype makes the stage sound like Japan instead of him primarily staying in the world of gods or elsewhere (neutral zone/place of his memories). If it is, Lelouch could be the one to restore stability there after Freya. Although it looks like he's using his real name to the world, I'm curious why "Emperor" was chosen."

    Charles is not the Emperor anymore since he left this world to go in the World of C. Maybe Lelouch took charles' place after all

    "Everything after Episode 22 is not likely to come easily with Schneizel still in play. The world is still in conflict and force is needed. There's also that bloody black king chess piece that remains ambiguous."

    I'm more interested about the Ragnarok and the world of C. Lelouch seems to know a lot about the world above the human beings (I think it's the world of C) now. Maybe he gained new powers. We will see
  5. Narona
    2008-08-06 18:19
    Hiiii Mister (or Miss) Ring!

    "Not to butt into this masochistic-like conversation , but this part interests me:"

    I'm not masochistic _. I'm just short tempered sometimes XD

    "It seems to be nitpicking.

    While it doesn't explain everything, it's pretty specific already. An overview of them: "

    I agree with you. The Kspoilers are pretty accurate, minus the spoiler about C.C., that's why I think something will happen again between C.C. and Lelouch and make the spoiler being accurate in the end.

    "And you could be on to something about those ending pictures in the spoilers thread. There are suppose to be 18 but there are only 16 so far. "

    I don't see how they could have forgot Kallen, so I think I'm right

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