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  1. Chocolate Pocky
    2009-10-09 22:21
    Chocolate Pocky
    It isnt :P just1 school?! Your school's the only 1 u've gone to? wow!How long is ur school year? My brother is younger,5. my lil kindergartener haha. do u have any siblings?
  2. Sumigirl
    2009-10-09 14:40
    hey. i gotz a new friend yesterday! yay. i don't think fye has any pandors hearts and it doesn't air on cable i con't think...
  3. Chocolate Pocky
    2009-10-08 23:11
    Chocolate Pocky
    Righ,right? Nope no breaks yet! I'm kinda glad tho, cuz if i get a break,my bro will to and i'd have to hang with him all day. which would suck.haha, does ur school give u guys lots of breaks or no?
  4. Katsu Koneko
    2009-10-08 20:03
    Katsu Koneko
    Yes it should be a deadly sin. xD I do it everyday -shot-
  5. Sumigirl
    2009-10-08 16:00
    hey! i want 2 get more friends but it seems peplz don't check or they ignore friend requests. meanies. so wats up? im just doin' wat i do best... surfin' the net. hee hee.
  6. Chocolate Pocky
    2009-10-07 16:34
    Chocolate Pocky
    It is big. that class does sound good for sleeping! I want to refuse learning french and german,they just don't sound interesting. If high schools dont have japanese or add it as a language class, i'll be majorly sad. thats the language i want to learn most.
  7. Chocolate Pocky
    2009-10-06 07:28
    Chocolate Pocky
    wow that is pretty small,compared to my school. My school has like 580+ freshmen and alot more seniors,juniors and sophmores. the distrit is making a bigger school for the high school and that'll be ready in the summer. you have latin? wat's that like? my school doesnt provide many language classes only spainish,french and german2. I wish it had japanese...
  8. Sumigirl
    2009-10-06 06:57
    Hiya! im fine. thanks 4 being my friend. haven't been on the computer since thur. wats up?
  9. Beatoriche
    2009-10-06 03:32
    I'm fine. Get well soon, though
  10. Katsu Koneko
    2009-10-05 20:50
    Katsu Koneko
    =w= Doing homework... well procrastinating on homework...

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    people have a lot of questions to ask me, but they never really want to know the answer. *evil grin*
    not tellin'
    Acting, cheerleading, dancing, doing karate, writing, running track
    high school junior
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    Eh? Er....I have Windows XP......if that's what you mean :)
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    Avatar: Beatrice the Golden Witch; Sig: Ange and Battler Ushiromiya (All from Umineko)
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    Umineko no Naku Koro ni (second)
    Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (third place)
    (now in no important order)
    Shakugan no Shana
    Rental magica
    Kaze no Stigma
    Darker than Black
    The Big O
    Le Portrait de Petite Cossette
    Soul Eater
    Rozen Maiden
    Code Lyoko(french animation)
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