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  1. escimo
    2009-03-31 05:34
    There are some at deviantart. Get most of my c4d:s from Planet Renders.
    Requires registering though.
  2. escimo
    2009-03-31 05:19
    My current is a c4d one actually and quite overenginered to be honest. I can give you the PSD once I get home. You'd probably get more out of it than my babbling. Actually I have PSDs for most of my sigs so if there are some that interest you I can give them as well.
  3. kayos
    2009-03-28 23:39
    Nice work, got my vote.
  4. Daniel E.
    2009-03-28 15:22
    Daniel E.
    Oh, don't let it get to you Cierra. I am sure people like your thread.

    Sometimes things are slow and sometimes people just doesn't feel like posting.
  5. Daniel E.
    2009-03-28 04:33
    Daniel E.
    You can draw the hand in a different piece of paper and just "paste it" on top while you scan it. No real need to alter the original.


    Oh, and as curious as it may sound, I was only able to recover the interest by starting a new trace........ a new ecchi trace.

    Still planning on finishing yours first, but starting something new and different from the usual moe stuff I do has been quite refreshing.
  6. Daniel E.
    2009-03-28 04:12
    Daniel E.
    Hello there Cierra!

    Here I am with a bit of an odd request.

    In the Valky drawing that you gave me, her left hand is a little bit lacking in details. As it is, I was wondering if it would be at all possible for you to re-draw her left hand. I can somehow change a few lines here and there, but re-drawing a hand is a little bit out of my reach with my level of skill.
  7. Evil Rick
    2009-03-25 11:24
    Evil Rick
    Hello there!

    Just wanted to tell you that voting phase 1 at the artists alike and from afar contest just started, don't forget to vote
  8. escimo
    2009-03-24 08:21
    Don't mind Eps~ he's crazy.
    You get yourself fixed. OK?

    Edit: Oh, a poem.
  9. escimo
    2009-03-24 07:48
    Now I managed to get a bit lost in that train of thought.
    Well... That's nothing new.
  10. escimo
    2009-03-24 06:35
    Eh... Thanks or something for this Toradora turn down.
    I'm sort of taken at the moment anyway.
    Was merely referring to the fact that I seem to be the exception confirming the rule about tolerance for alcohol.

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    Lunatic witch? scared of blood? <3 everythin around japan? That's me!
    I love readin books of any kind but what i really love doin is drawin ofc!Video game Addict!
    Advertising (college atm to finish my studies on graph designing and psychology)
    PC Configuration
    Wish I knew! Blame me!
    Currently Watching
    i'll type them down when i'm not bored
    same with currently watching...
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    Thanks to KiNa for this lovely signature =3


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