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  1. Kana Futayo
    2009-02-28 03:45
    Kana Futayo
    It's easy to get if you're playing a lot of hours per day.
    I haven't been playing by a lot of hours lately so maybe that's why I only get 5x a few times.
  2. Kana Futayo
    2009-02-27 08:18
    Kana Futayo
    If you know the musics. Check this out.
  3. Kana Futayo
    2009-02-27 08:08
    Kana Futayo
    The cowboy bebop style is the best!
  4. Kana Futayo
    2009-02-27 07:30
    Kana Futayo
    Well, if you can provide the videos then I can make one.
  5. Kana Futayo
    2009-02-27 07:19
    Kana Futayo
    No kidding. My arms hurts from all the working lately. Good thing we'll have a day-off tomorrow and on sunday.

    By the way, you can unlock Shantotto (Hero) after Shade Impulse 1 and Gabranth (Villain) after Shade Impulse 2.
  6. Kana Futayo
    2009-02-26 09:19
    Kana Futayo
    Okay, nighty-night! I thought we're at opposite timelines. Looks like the gap isn't that far, or maybe not. D:

    And that's quite a task you gonna leave me with. But oh well, I'll do what I can.
  7. Kana Futayo
    2009-02-26 09:12
    Kana Futayo
    I think there are five play plans you can set up. It's located at the player date setup menu below the museum menu.

    Select the second option which is below the character name and select either 3 or 4. I usually use the 4th option (blue chocobo).

    You'll notice the chocobo below the customize menu. Since I'm using a blue chocobo, I only see carrots there and the required fights to get it. Exp bonuses comes out with 1.2x, 1.5x, 2x, 3x and 5x. 3x and 5x are really hard to obtain.
  8. Kana Futayo
    2009-02-26 08:57
    Kana Futayo
    Are you always set on your special day every time you level? And also that you can upgrade your exp increase at the PP calendar section. PP, AP, Gil gain are also included there.

    A maxed up exp gain from the calendar and a bonus 5x exp from chocobo gives you a 10x exp bonus! And don't forgot to finish your opponent with a ex-burst for added exp.

    Tidus and Zidane do have alt. forms, only that there's a change in color of their costumes. Most of the entire casts are like that too.
  9. Kana Futayo
    2009-02-26 08:44
    Kana Futayo
    Nice! Have you been doing the Exdeath leveling trick? Have you unlock any of the Villains?

    Eeeww, I really hate Bartz' alternate costume because of the colors. D:
    The only alternate costumes I like is Garland, Golbeza, Cloud (Advent Children look), Zidane and Gabranth.
  10. Kana Futayo
    2009-02-26 08:23
    Kana Futayo
    Sorry, I had a headache myself just to review all the instructions there.

    I loved the OST too especially Cosmos and The Messenger.

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