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  1. Liddo-kun
    2013-02-27 21:40
    Hi. UP AME IUP report is finished. ",)
  2. Liddo-kun
    2013-02-27 05:32
    Sorry for being late in my reporting about UP AME. Everything went as planned, I got pics and already resized them.

    But I suddenly got sick with high fever yesterday. Up to today, I still can't sit for very long and had to lay down in bed.
  3. King Lycan
    2013-02-25 17:39
    King Lycan
    Thanks Godlike
  4. FlavoryFantasy
    2013-02-20 11:49
    Godlike do you have the original image from that sig of yours? It's fantastic looking.
  5. Liddo-kun
    2013-02-19 09:27
    Oh no, I not having any problems here at all! Even my family is cool with it Though I try my best to keep them from the ecchi stuff D:
    Good to hear that. Having people around who understand our hobby is a blessing. One of my cosplayer friends is being called names at her school. But she just ignores them.

    Most of my online friends are from here. Just one other person is from YT.
    Hmm. I'm quite sure you easily gained friends here. Being a graphic designer sure has it's good points in an anime forum. ",)

    Speaking of which, I will be needing your help soon regarding a simple thing about graphics. Only if you're not busy of course. Will send a pm later.

    You could try to ask an admin about making your own thread here! I think many people would like it and it would be easier for you to manage your reports and so on. Definitely worth thinking about, right!?
    Thanks. That a nice suggestion. Though I think my reporting isn't really on the level yet to have a thread of it's own. I'm not a pro photgrapher after all. Also, my cash is not limitless - so updating such a thread (assuming permission to create it is granted by the admins here) would not be on a regular basis.

    Oh wow, you can definitely tell that by having two conventions on 1 day o,O
    It's kinda funny to see that though, it means you'll have to choose between one of them. They would do their best to attract you, right? That could mean more cute girls/maids!

    Which one are you going for then? And why did you choose for that one?
    Actually, it would be three separate anime conventions in Feb 23. Visual Music Carnival 2 is the third one. On where to go, have no choice really, there's people I've already promised to be inlcuded in the report (Anjeline, Aimee and Bea), so UP AME is the destination. Please just wait a little longer, I intend to have a report up at the Animesuki cosplay thread by Feb.25.
  6. NoemiChan
    2013-02-19 09:15
    Same here.. the rep system has its good side...

    The only good side of it being gone is too much FREEDOM.... You could complain and criticize posts without being attack from behind, lolsss...

    The only thing I'm worried is if returns back the way it was.. I'll be bombarded...
  7. NoemiChan
    2013-02-19 09:03
    Got tried of posting? Me too.... I may end up trolling but I still trying to say more that fool around....
  8. NoemiChan
    2013-02-19 08:50
    Wait a minute... You were gone? I didn't noticed you being gone.. How many months was it? Last year? Welcome back!!!!
  9. Liddo-kun
    2013-02-13 23:38
    A little update: My friend Yuki-chan (maid cosplayer) is asking if I would go to Nihongo Fiesta, will be held at Skydome. Unfortunately, it's the same day as UP AME. This clearly shows something I haven't mentioned before about Philippine anime cons - there appears to be an unspoken rivalry between large sponsors. They sometimes schedule their event on the same day as another group.
  10. Liddo-kun
    2013-02-11 22:09
    Well the country is known by 2 names actually: Holland and The Netherlands. When we talk about the people here we call them: "Dutch" people. The language here is also called: Dutch.
    Thanks. That's more addition to my knowledge on other countries.
    There was a time that it was my hobby to browse through wiki about Englands wars at sea. And I've read that the Dutch fleet was a match for the English fleet for sometime.

    Did you really think of me as an Indonesian? What made you think that? I guess I do look like one, haha
    Actually, I got confused because you have a black and white, manga looking avatar like Obelisk ze Tormentor. He's my friend from India / Indonesia, and I sort of assumed you're also from one of those countries. Sorry, got it mixed up.

    Wow, you have quite a lot of foreign friends! How did you meet them?
    Warning this will be a bit long.

    Chaos (not the same person as The Chaos here on Animesuki) - met her on youtube. During the Higurashi era, invited her to our Galaxy Angel forum, and also joined her german forum - thankfully, some of them speak english. An all around nice person, and one of the people who helped me learn how to make animated gifs. Showed me her house during the winter, it's as beautiful as some Christmas pics I see on greeting cards. She's my friend for almost 6 years now, still in contact up to this day.

    hikari (Thailand) - also met her on youtube. She has knowledge on kanji, and can translate manga to a certain degree. She's addicted to collecting nendoroids XD. Like Chaos, she's a friend for more than 6 years, and still in contact up to this day.

    Chiibi (U.S) - part time translator. We met here a few years ago.

    TBO (U.K) - met him in an american forum, a close friend as well. You see the link under my sig? It's Galaxy Angels II forum, the place where my convention reports are archived. It's the forum that we managed as admin for some years - although it's dead now. He's the tech expert of our group, and is the one who fixes when things go wrong at the forum. A little sad that I've lost contact with him already. One of the things I can't forget is what he said when he went to France as a tourist, and french treated him not so nice. I guess it's just TBO's bad luck at that time, another friend who went to France said the french are nice.

    Shatoyarn (Canada) - the owner of Galaxy Angel Forums, met her also at an american forum. We became friends, and I'm admin at her forum up to this day. We were very active from 2007-2010, then the forum activity fell into decline at 2011. And today the place is dead. The place is still useful to archive my convention pics though. ",)

    Don't worry about that good sir. Yes, anime is also kinda considered weird here, but it's not that much of a big deal. They don't really care, haha. You could say we (anime-lovers) aren't seen as adults when we talk about anime. All my close friends are very cool with it though, most of them also watch anime themselves! ;D
    At least you seem not to be having some problems with being an anime fan there. Thanks for the offer, I'll pm / post message if I need help with some things. ",)

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