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*Graphic Designer

Mr.Raw Mr.Raw is offline

So damn lazy...ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

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  1. zebra
    2012-05-11 13:37
    My worth? XD

    I never really got into One Piece. Just tried the dub for a bit ... and german dubs in free TV are horrible. Dunno, I hear so many positives things about it but I'm kinda not in the mood to start another non-ending monster.

    Atm I'm pretty much just keeping up with a few manga and trying to finisch some anime I started a while ago bit by bit.
    Only thing I'm really obsessed with is Skip Beat!. It's just so damn great. I still hate art style but the comedy makes up for it.

    You watching anything interesting?

    Unfortunately, I've been ill for like a week, so I mainly had soup. I'm glad I like soup. It helps when you are ill and can't eat anything else XD
    Did you have something tasty that you should have shared with me?
  2. milan kyuubi
    2012-05-08 12:20
    milan kyuubi
    No problem bro

    I wanted to make an avi and I decided to make one for you. I mean after all those images you rendered for me, this is the least I can do.
  3. milan kyuubi
    2012-05-08 08:42
    milan kyuubi
    Since you like hot girls Here is an avatar I made. Hope you like it.

  4. Suomi
    2012-05-07 17:08
    oooh Illu-chan likes that idea even more...hopefully it will be soon!
    I should do a sexy nekomimi siggy, come tot hink of it...
    I did do a somewhat sexy sig though, it's in my thread.
  5. Mon Cheri
    2012-05-06 08:05
    Mon Cheri
    ah fuck off man!

    Hold on, Luffy doesn't die! It's someone else.

    Wow you've been reading/watching much more than I've done lately. Started to watch no. 6 before I noticed it was a shounen-ai anime lol. But as a retired yaoi queen, I don't mind ; D

    You HAVE to watch yondemasuyo azazel-san. it's fucking halarious
  6. zebra
    2012-05-05 17:06
    Aww to bad.
    I still didn't have the time to continue. Maybe it's also just the mood, it's not like I have to watch the 200 episodes left for me in a row xD
    I'm stuck in filler so I feel meh about continuing. Maybe I just wanna finish my shorter unfinished animes first ^^
  7. Suomi
    2012-05-05 15:57
    Illu-chan likes but s/he is fully clothed, surprising for you
  8. Suomi
    2012-05-03 00:13
    fwoo, sexeh nekomimis eh? not going to complain about a bit of exposure when it's long as it's tasteful and not huge/disproportionate on the top half

    AH! Bahahahahah!
  9. Butter Fly
    2012-04-30 09:04
    Butter Fly
    Don't worry. It will be back soon :P Holland? Cool place It's windy n sunny over here. Best season throught-out the year
    Yeah, sure. Will ask you surely math problems Do you remember 9th grade sums?
    I'll check your thread soon ^.^ And congrats on coming back
    Wow. Japan would be fun. Hope you have a good time there.
    Nice!!!! I guess you're gonna be popular soon Well, good lick with the posters, I hope you impress them by your skills
    Had my language exam today, it was great Can't believe it
  10. Yukito_and_Misuzu
    2012-04-28 11:03
    lol. Just bit into yourself, aren't we.

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