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Goat Herder

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  1. bhl88
    2013-03-05 23:24
    I get it too XD I just hold firm to mine until I'm shown proof/calculations.

    (still believes that Berserker [Hercules] can tear apart Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, Wolks, Zwei, Chrono, Yuuno)
  2. bhl88
    2013-03-05 23:18
    You don't deserve idiots.
  3. Nanya01
    2013-03-05 22:44
    Well, idiots are always loud and annoying.
  4. Nanya01
    2013-03-05 22:43
    Gundam again?

    And, well, there's Sansker, Aki and Archon (the latter is encouraging the first two)
  5. Nanya01
    2013-02-26 16:49
    That sux. Still, can you write a basic outline?
  6. Nanya01
    2013-02-26 11:48
    This, wow... Just found this...

    Spoiler for Oh dear gods...:
  7. Kudryavka
    2013-02-25 13:43
    Hm, that is too bad to know...

    I used to think all mods here were neutral/fair. But after this and another time I was treated unfairly I am not so sure. But at least last time the mod reversed everything (but never apologized or explained what I did wrong, and kept my posts deleted).
  8. Kudryavka
    2013-02-25 13:26
    Yeah, I thought I did the right thing. But I guess I did not. Or maybe someone just doesn't like how I do things.

    And "someone" is a mod, so I don't think it was a hater member. It could have been a hater who painted the situation so I look like a bad guy though.
  9. Kudryavka
    2013-02-25 13:18
    No, I didn't get hacked. I got banned because someone interpreted my trying to clean up my own mess as me trying to make a fool of the mods. And then accused me of lying. That add up to ban.
  10. Nanya01
    2013-02-25 05:45
    Freaky nightmare was freaky.

    So, I was helping someone clean their house in my dream, found a cobweb, started to clean it, but then I somehow hit a super web, pulled on it, and I had trouble pulling it free, then the swiffer (not kidding) was YANKED from my hand, pulled into a spider web, and there were FOUR HUGE black and red spiders... And they could MOVE!

    Woke up as one jumped at me. *Shudder*

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