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  1. aeriolewinters
    2012-01-25 01:36
    Well someone put a reference on Kira's poor performance in the eternal (It was me, yes, but I just put it as a reference to how inconsistent Kira's character is) in relation to his relationship with Lacus.
  2. Akiyoshi
    2012-01-24 21:54
    If Signum is stupid enough to fall for that she deserves to be killed. I think a skilled swordswoman can see such a lame trick a mile away xDU.

    When we get to see Arnage actually obliterating a Battleship by herself then we can comment on that. If anything she can anhilate a small town like we see when she and Veyron faced Marty and Dego and there's also chance of subduing her for the trio taking into consideration that we also know that Arnage is not good at cross range(totally owned by Marty with mere punches, he didn't even make her bleed and still was totally at his mercy), difficult? yes, high-risked? absolutely, impossible? i don't think so.

    Aside of the discussion Arnage seems to be the less effective of the hucks despite having the bigger guns among them.

    About Cypha VS. Fate, i just wish luck to Cypha trying to outrun Fate when she wasn't even able to match Signum's speed, even Deville twiched an eye at the black lightning xD!
  3. aeriolewinters
    2012-01-24 18:21
    The distance they go to defend Kira/Lacus. While that claim gives credence that Kira loves Lacus more, it also cheapens their relationship tenfold. I'm quite mad at this because like i said in the thread, it spits on all three of them.
  4. aeriolewinters
    2012-01-24 18:17
    God, they've sunk so low now, claiming that Kira loved neither.
  5. Darkbeat
    2012-01-24 15:06
    Wow. I uh...yeah. Rep is serious business.

    I'll try and avoid the Gundam AGE forums just in case someone takes a disliking to my one bar.
  6. Akiyoshi
    2012-01-24 15:06
    You can't guarantee that, Cypha "making" Signum hit her again i don't think Signum would be stupid enough to fall for Cypha's gloating after seeing what resulted from her first attempt.

    Even if Arnage reacts that doesen't mean she's automatically invincible and even if Signum is too reckles or hot headed to think clearly, Teana isn't and probably she'll device a good strategy to keep the Machine-gunned red-head busy. Agito's fire can be cancelled but not her explosions as the fight with Tohma shows sho the little fiery unison now have a weapon to use that if it can't outright defeat Arnage at lest will be plenty usefull in reducing her combat capability by being pressed in the need to dodge or defend herself as also having her aim obstaculized. Teana would suggest Signum and Agito to remain de-unisoned to provide Arnage with multiple targets to hit and thus make her work more difficult. Also, even if Arnage can cause far more damage, i wonder if she's willing to do it with very valuable targets around. Again, if Isis joins the battle, Arnage will be screwed because her aiming will be totally scrambled allowing the aformentioned trio chances to escape or even devise a counter attack.

    By the way, i think upgrade Fate is more than enough match for both Cypha and Arnage, swordfighting doesn't team up well with crazy machine guns after all xDU. They can't negate her magic which mean they'll be suited as targets for Fate to open a can of whoopass on them with the vast arsenal of lightning spells at her dispossal xD
  7. Darkbeat
    2012-01-24 14:48
    Seriously. Some of the current airing anime forums are cesspits. The bad spelling and incoherent ranting should really set off warning lights to stay away, but somehow I still manage to find myself bored enough to check.
  8. Darkbeat
    2012-01-24 14:13
    Of course, Heaven forbid you might actually enjoy the anime series! It wouldn't be so much of a problem if it weren't the same people raining on the parade over and over again.

    It's easily the worst forum here on Animesuki and that's saying something.
  9. Darkbeat
    2012-01-24 13:58
    I've left that forum several times in the past, but for some reason keep going back. It's kind of like the kid who keeps sticking his finger into the electrical socket, expecting something different to happen the next time.
  10. Akiyoshi
    2012-01-24 13:50
    Yep, and Agito didn't have any chance to figure out how to make her strategy since she got blasted by Cypha after Signum kicked the bucket. Withoput signum doing that Agito will be fine and well to assist their master into not getting slaughtered xD. there's no proff that Cypha can destroye the second sword in one hit like you make it to appear, i'll buy that she will probably be invulnerable to it but as we see her swordfight skills pale in comparission to signum's so as long as Signum have a realiable tool to parry Cypha she'll be able to hold her off until Fate comes to her rescue. Arnage only managed to take care of Tohma because she took the chance to approach him with her sleep gas before the boy starts moving. With Agito and Teana around such chance will be lost, Signum will probably join them since probably she sees herself as a burden to Fate in her fight with Cypha. Sure, Arnage have the advantage of a Divider but now will be challenged with three moving targets and the rise of a mindless EC-Juggernaut. If the fight goes long enough Isis will awake and then Arnage will truly be in trouble.

    Cypha was only indestructible to Signum at the time but not to Fate. So if Signum avoid going for Cypha's bones(you know, the thing that actually destroyed Laevatein on first place) she at least be able to hold her back, she didn't even need to "win". Cypha won more likely because Signum didn't have a relaible sword to fight with.

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