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  1. Dr. Casey
    2012-01-28 01:48
    Dr. Casey
    Wait, there's going to be a Nanoha season 4? Is it a Vivid or Force anime?
  2. relentlessflame
    2012-01-25 14:26
    Oh ---- okay now I know what you're talking about, sorry. Yes, that post just said:

    ... that's the discussion that lead to the creation of the Crossover thread in the first place, guys. >.>
    And so I moved the whole tangent above that post to the Crossover thread, which made your post redundant (since it was now in the right thread). The post after was basically just a direct response to your comment.

    Sorry for the confusion.
  3. relentlessflame
    2012-01-25 14:11
    Sorry -- to General Discussion for Season 4 (I thought I said that in the comment, but it was late so maybe I forgot).
  4. Kuroi Hadou
    2012-01-25 13:06
    Kuroi Hadou
    Ugh... and you wonder why I disagree with those guys almost on principle.
  5. Kuroi Hadou
    2012-01-25 11:39
    Kuroi Hadou
    I'm guessing the incident never got resolved?
  6. aeriolewinters
    2012-01-25 01:54
    it's sad that they misunderstand us because of me and Eidolon having Fllay-related signatures (yes, Eidolon's Esther Blanchett avatar was the basis for Esther Albionne). We were trying to tell them that Fukuda and Morosawa robbed them of a proper development. Also, as I said, saying that Kira loved neither is like punching him in the guts.
  7. aeriolewinters
    2012-01-25 01:45
    and likely, It's just him being scared of the Kira/Lacus fans so he created a reason wherein the Lacus fans would win, by saying that Kira loved neither during SEED, it gives them an assurance that Lacus is Kira's one and only.
  8. aeriolewinters
    2012-01-25 01:39
    that and Kusa-san's ugh...OFFICIAL STATEMENT WORD OF GOD bullshit.
  9. aeriolewinters
    2012-01-25 01:36
    Well someone put a reference on Kira's poor performance in the eternal (It was me, yes, but I just put it as a reference to how inconsistent Kira's character is) in relation to his relationship with Lacus.
  10. Akiyoshi
    2012-01-24 21:54
    If Signum is stupid enough to fall for that she deserves to be killed. I think a skilled swordswoman can see such a lame trick a mile away xDU.

    When we get to see Arnage actually obliterating a Battleship by herself then we can comment on that. If anything she can anhilate a small town like we see when she and Veyron faced Marty and Dego and there's also chance of subduing her for the trio taking into consideration that we also know that Arnage is not good at cross range(totally owned by Marty with mere punches, he didn't even make her bleed and still was totally at his mercy), difficult? yes, high-risked? absolutely, impossible? i don't think so.

    Aside of the discussion Arnage seems to be the less effective of the hucks despite having the bigger guns among them.

    About Cypha VS. Fate, i just wish luck to Cypha trying to outrun Fate when she wasn't even able to match Signum's speed, even Deville twiched an eye at the black lightning xD!

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