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Metal Gear!?

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  1. incorrupts
    2009-03-31 15:53
    Lol, you do not know that she likes Kagino more than Kalulu? She just does not show it.
    I suppose she would die from over-joy.
  2. incorrupts
    2009-03-31 15:43
    It's alright, no need to thanks. God forbid, if we take 5 mins of our time, to help a comrade in need. 8D

    Yeah, i hope so. {for the first part, not the second. 8D}
  3. incorrupts
    2009-03-31 15:30
    Sorry about that, if anything comes up though, i will let you know. 8)

    Well, to be honest and from what i can deduce, is that there is gonna be a nice-warm meeting between old classmates. Something along the lines, "Lelouch, Shirley and Rolo {<--possibly they are gonna mention him too, since he was mentioned in Turn 7} would want us to light fireworks for them, so let us enjoy it twice, once for us, once for them and the good moments we had with everyone" <--- then plays "Shiawase Neiro"
    Makes sense huh? 8D
    Except that Gino would be like "kay guys but..who was Shirley?"
    Kallen: "You idiot, the girl that had the hots for Lelouch, an orange-green haired with green eyes. Jesus, what is he doing here anyway?"
    Gino: "Ah girl, i love it when you're sassy!"
    Kallen: "..whatever." OR "tsundere blush" <---depends on what they want to show. hahahaha.
    Oh well, i was serious till the Shiawase Neiro part, makes sense. 8)
  4. incorrupts
    2009-03-31 15:08
    Nope, not even one. CCxL and Suzaku/Lelouch is ALL over the place though, if you want. 8D
    You have to tell your gf you are sorry, or, you could get her hooked up into the most popular pairing of Geass, and problem is solved. 8D

    Well, lol. It is highly unlikely that it will not be romantic, otherwise, pretty much the development of the show, when it comes to Kallen, just flies away. Do not get me wrong, just because there might be Kagino interaction, i am not gonna be one of the ridiculous people that are like "NON-canon, BLEH this is MEH". Not at all.
    But, i suppose, there need to be something, that comes directly, from the show, in terms, they should not present something that "happened/happens" during a time-skip or something like this. If you get me? 8D
    Anyway, i am really open-minded {i want to believe at least 8D} so whatever they give me, i shall accept and try to enjoy it.

    And btw, i do think that Kallen might have a deja-vu, to like episode 9 of R2, the topping scene. Not like, reminiscing it or anything, but it was obvious, that Lelouch's wish back then, what he told her, to come back in Ahsford with him, he obviously wanted her, to be there with him and her friends, for the fireworks thingie, like the Asfhord gang told him back in Turn 7. She might have a line, concerning that. In my mind, it does make sense, than any silly-interaction that might actually take place. |DD;
  5. incorrupts
    2009-03-31 14:30
    I see, i told you, Halcyon Days were the days back then. 8D

    Hmm, let me check on LJ, and i will get back at you in a few minutes alright? //btw, i do like Gino and Kallen as a picture couple btw, i think they look nice. But just that. |D; {though, i would LOL so much, if there is interaction in the last PD. God, the wank-lol it will take place then. I actually wish there is gonna be interaction. |D;}
  6. incorrupts
    2009-03-31 14:04
    Haha, did someone say that GxK is canon back then? Are you sure? I do not remember anything like this, but i do recall that hooray and the trumpets after the Turn 22. 8D
    Well, past is past, and present is present. We have all been mistaken, one way or the other, especially when it came to Geass-romance. |D;

    I do not even remember if if was that Kalulu-ish back then, i might have been more or less. //i am scared to look back in that thread again. 8D
    But you get to appreciate something, after you've seen all the aspects. Beauty of this pairing, after series end, one can appreciate it, way more.
  7. incorrupts
    2009-03-31 07:49
    I deleted it my comment on the Kallen thread, since it might be off topic, so i will take it here, copy paste about what you said:

    I can find a million persons from fictional series, that do remind me of Kallen. |D;
    But it was kind of different with Lyle.
    [SPOILER="just in case for spoiler"]He had a romantic relationship quite some time and he experienced full love feelings about her. Compared to Kallen, who never had the chance to embark on a relationship. However, even with this fundamental difference {some people would say}, there is another one, that Lelouch changed Kallen's life from the roots again and yadda yadda.
    You ask me, it makes a lot more sense for Kallen, than Lyle. Especially the way Kallen's character was developed from the beginning. Lyle's change of heart felt a bit too rushed for my tastes i suppose.
  8. incorrupts
    2009-03-09 23:09
    Suppose you have a point. It all comes down, to how content one stayed with this. I mean, we all were satisfied with the outcome i guess, it just varied on the satisfying-meter.
    For a few people it was enough, for some others, there might have been needed an extra point {the two lines you said} without this meaning, you were let-down of course. 8)
  9. incorrupts
    2009-03-09 22:59
    "(She probably knew, just didn't want to believe it)"

    Kind of the whole point, when it came to her mama's situation. Just not like, "do not want to believe", it was more of, easier for Kallen, things to stay the way they were kinda. Well, i guess at some point, you have to fight back. 8D
    And anyway, usually this is how it happens, crucial moment \ flash! = moment of clarity. I did not mind how the whole thing with Zero\Suzu = realization happened, mostly because Suzaku was repeating "we have to do this, we have to" and well, Kallen knew something was fishy about all of it. Maybe they could have elaborated a bit more, maybe not.
    Oh well. XD
  10. incorrupts
    2009-03-09 17:06
    Well, it was kind of different with her mother. More complex, in terms of Kallen's emotions towards her mother and the whole weakness-thing. We are kind comparing different things, but i suppose you have a semi-point there.
    Anyway, let's see if the ZR dvd version, will enlighten some things. 8)

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