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U Mad?

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  1. Meatrose
    2009-12-05 20:11
    No problem whatsoever mate, I've got your back. ^^
  2. SonOfHeaven
    2009-10-25 23:20
    I forgot to ask about one thing in your fanfic. Was the guy she made cry at the beginning just an random/unknown person?
  3. bladeofdarkness
    2009-10-22 15:33
    really good fic
    cant think of any suggestoins
  4. Full Metal Coast
    2009-10-21 00:36
    Full Metal Coast
    im right behind you with the idea of spreading more Kalulu love on the CG boards.
  5. Nobodyman9
    2009-10-20 23:13
    Hmm, well I could go on, but as you said perhaps it's better that we just end this now. We both have our own opinions on the matter so if we continued it would basically be just like two brick walls yelling at each other. So yeah, whatever happens happens.

    Be careful out there.
  6. Nobodyman9
    2009-10-20 22:36
    Well, I'll admit my memory is a bit hazy, but I've only been a member of this forum since about midway through R2. Perhaps the "crackdown" went down because things have settled a bit. If they were targeting the CG forum in it's prime they'd be handing out infractions left and right.

    You say the mod "hates" this one person. Perhaps, in the mod's professional opinion, he believes the person to be a troublemaker and an instigator, thus it's only natural that a mod would be wary towards that person.
  7. Nobodyman9
    2009-10-20 22:11
    Well, if that's how you feel than I guess there's nothing I can do to change your mind. Outside of that one instance where he gave you infraction for supposedly talking with sky, I think he had every reason to give out those infractions/bans.

    So you believe you can pick up on vibes and intentions? I suppose this means you think he has it out for Kalulus. I wonder exactly what it is he says or how he acts or what he has done to give you this impression.
  8. bladeofdarkness
    2009-09-20 18:42
    i tried making you a sig
    its not much, but its the most i can do with my skills
    hope you like it
  9. bladeofdarkness
    2009-09-19 04:24
    sky gave me that fic too
    why is it that everyone assumes that just because i like the concept of suzakuXkallen POST zero-requiem
    i want to read fics that portray them both as manic-depressive people who'd be better off sliting their own wrists
    and whos entire relationship is centered around abuse and violence

    how much would you like a violent depressive kalulu fic ?

    10x 4 the thought, but thats just way to depressive for me
  10. CC
    2009-09-07 07:15
    lmao, nice avatar

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