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  1. blue skies
    2008-09-19 09:06
    blue skies
    Oh that sucks. You can just watch the episodes here without downloading them if you want (I know downloading takes up lots of space, and it's a pain):

    Yay for e-love!! SZS is the shit. I don't think I've ever lol'd so hard at an anime before. Nozomu is all sorts of silly-awesome. <3

    Which comment was it again?

    The one about being a het female, so no. idk why, but it made me lol. Some people are so narrow-minded.

    And I feel stupid for not knowing, but who's that in your avatar?
  2. Scarlett_Rain55
    2008-09-19 00:50
    Me too! Though I don't think I'd like Orihime with short hair. Look what happened to Sakura Haruno and Lenalee!

    I can just feel a scene like that happening in the future! She'd get a lot of cool points!
  3. Scarlett_Rain55
    2008-09-18 22:31
    Wouldn't it be cool if Orihime got a cool scene like this?
  4. blue skies
    2008-09-18 21:48
    blue skies
    OH YESS. Just wait, it gets better after another two or three episodes when teh gay starts xD. I love Miharu soo much. But I'm so mad at the anime right now... I just can't take it seriously anymore, lol. It's almost over anyway. And chapter 51 of the manga just came out and I'm fighting the urge to read it, but I'm terrified of the content D:

    I just started Zetsubou Sensei the other day. One word: love. I love you.

    Your comment in the Orihime hate thread made me lol too. Sooo true.
  5. Scarlett_Rain55
    2008-09-16 22:57
    Ulquiorra would abuse her!

    And we're always online at the same time. How cool. <3
  6. Scarlett_Rain55
    2008-09-16 22:46
    Well I just want what Orihime wants! If she wants another man, then I will root for that couple! But Ichigo and Orihime would make a nice couple though.
  7. Scarlett_Rain55
    2008-09-16 10:11
    Why are you so passionate for IchiRuki? I don't get it.
  8. Scarlett_Rain55
    2008-09-16 00:42
    But he's so cute! That's the only thing that matters duh!

    J/k, yeah I guess you do have good reasons for hating him though. I however don't have very good reasons for loving him.
  9. BleachOD
    2008-09-16 00:36
    Yeah why? I really want to know....

    I have found some shoujo's that are okay but I find the best romances are in the Seinens followed by the Josei.

    What are you reading and why don't you like the shoujo couples?
  10. Scarlett_Rain55
    2008-09-16 00:31
    Why do you hate Ichigo so much? He's so hot.

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