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Insane Fangirl

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  1. Ichigo&Rukia
    2008-09-01 06:01
    And then she can marry Ulqui-san
  2. dec4rhapsody
    2008-08-31 23:55
    I've got FREYA-ed by the latest episode...
  3. blue skies
    2008-08-31 22:12
    blue skies
    Writer's block has actually never been a big problem for me, surprisingly. It may be all the creative writing courses, but if I'm given a topic, I can write about it for ages. It's the editing I hate. Photography is hard; I definitely don't have any natural aptitude for it, but I've gotten better. You should see if you can take a class at some point when you're in college, just for fun. They really do help, and there was virtually no homework in my class.

    I absolutely love violin music. It amazes me when I see people who can express themselves and the music so beautifully through the instrument they play. Is it something you eventually learn, or does it just come naturally to some people? Don't downplay yourself to me girlie, anyone who can play violin and piano is talented in my book xD. And the money your parents spent will be put to good use when you make a career of this someday.
  4. blue skies
    2008-08-31 21:52
    blue skies
    So a career in music, huh? Wow. That's just wonderful!! How long have you been playing violin? I've heard it's pretty difficult. And piano too?? Sounds like you're pretty talented to me. Music producer would be a pretty awesome job. Then again, you'd be with so many other people in an orchestra it'd be hard to get stage fright too badly. But yes, it does suck xD.

    I'm a journalism major, so I'll probably be writing for some lame newspaper (I hope) when I graduate, prying into everyone's personal business and then writing about it xD. I would love to do my own pictures too--I've taken a few photography courses, so have a little photojournalism experience. Hoping the job market isn't too grim in the next few years, lol.
  5. blue skies
    2008-08-31 16:21
    blue skies
    Oh, I remember high school. I spent the whole four years waiting to graduate xD. College can suck just as bad, but the good thing is it's not as repetitive and you don't get as much homework. And you have more time, which for me is usually spent trying to get papers done on time and being late for work. I desperately wanted to take a year off before going, but well... things didn't work out the way I wanted, lol. Any idea what you want to do when you graduate?
  6. blue skies
    2008-08-31 16:04
    blue skies
    Oh, you have school tomorrow? That sucks. Tomorrow's Labor Day here, so I get an extra long weekend. And I only have two classes on Tuesday, so that'll be nice.

    Yeah, I'll probably have to practice a bit before I can make an avvie I consider acceptable xD. It's not rocket science, but it's gonna take a while.
  7. Ichigo&Rukia
    2008-08-31 14:49
    She needs a tough love and someone to make her stronger. Even if he won't hug her to comfort her, he'll help her to get stronger better than anyone
  8. blue skies
    2008-08-31 12:38
    blue skies
    It's every bit as lovely. You did a great job on it; it's bittersweet and beautiful at the same time.

    I'm going to finally figure out GIMP and make my own avatar or something. I downloaded it about a month ago and swore I was going to learn how to use it, but life just got in the way. I think I'll make that my goal for tomorrow xD.
  9. blue skies
    2008-08-31 11:37
    blue skies
    Hello there darling~

    I love your new sig .
  10. Ichigo&Rukia
    2008-08-31 03:27
    I know. But they have interesting relationship. All these looks they throw at each other, it's just different..

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