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Insane Fangirl

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  1. Utsukushii Hono'o
    2008-10-29 00:46
    Utsukushii Hono'o
    Why do you want to bash Ichigo! NOOOOOOOOOOO
  2. Nikusu
    2008-10-28 22:48
    Stupid is being a low level in EverQuest.
    "What's up n00b?"
    "Not much, just trying to level. I can see that's not going to happen now, right?"
    "Oh good. You know your place."
    Gave that a try. Hated the people, hated the game. Tried WoW's 2 week trial. That was fail. Played Xenimus (that's where the money is). I made a couple grand off of that but there's people who have sold gear (not even the account) for hundreds of dollars a piece. There's only like 10,000 people that play it so rare items are very rare and it takes like 5 years to get to level 60+. The PvP was AMAZING, but the graphics sucked. That's when I found Guild Wars.
  3. Nikusu
    2008-10-28 16:00
    lol I used to fish for lobster. Sell at 1k each cooked! Finally sold my account for over $350. Needed to break the addiction and it totally worked. I wasn't willing to start up again. MapleStory was like your Runescape for me. I didn't get how to play! I wanted to though. I love RPG's.
  4. Nikusu
    2008-10-28 00:08
    I couldn't get into that. I was a RuneScape girl back in the day. Obviously it sucks by today's standards, but to have such a huge map and so many professions ONLINE back then was Godly.
  5. Nikusu
    2008-10-27 23:57
    Have you ever tried Guild Wars for the PC? That was my addiction for a long time. The best thing is that it only takes whatever time you want to give it. There's no 6 hour raids that make it so you can't leave *cough* World of Warcraft *cough*. I wish .hack was online.
  6. Nikusu
    2008-10-27 23:32
    Yeah, it's much better for RPG games than shooters, but I still prefer the XBOX controller layout for all games. I'm not even sure how Vesperia would work for the PS3. RPG's aren't too bad on the PS though. I can still get full enjoyment.
  7. Nikusu
    2008-10-27 22:58
    The problem is the controllers STILL aren't coordinated well for any kind of shooters. Also, all game companies are shifting BACK to XBOX. Even the Tales series which has always been good partners with Playstation gave them the shaft. GTA almost didn't release for PS3 because the original deal fell through so Rockstar decided just to release on both. I just like the games available for the XBOX over the PS3. PS3 does have Blu-ray. That's convenient.
  8. Nikusu
    2008-10-27 22:32
    I couldn't help it! I saw "Tales" and my Tales obsession knows no bounds! The PS2 did have some solid games. Now the XBOX 360 has all the good game series (besides Halo which started with the original). Even Fallout 3 will have online content, but Bethesda dropped a big "SCREW YOU" on PS3 by saying it won't be available through their online system. The downloadable content in the future is only for the XBOX.
  9. HayashiTakara
    2008-10-27 21:46
    And that Axel Character too... *shivers*
  10. Scarlett_Rain55
    2008-10-27 16:23
    Gossip Girl is on tonight! Arent you excited?

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